Saturday, August 3, 2013

Everyone On The Immigration Reform Bandwagon Insidiously Sells Out Someone Else

In response:

From the article:  "The importance of legislation is that it's a permanent fix," said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum."

Right - a permanent fix for the 11.2 million who snuck through since the last two "permanent fixes" (Clinton's NAFTA and Reagan's Amnesty) failed and insidiously screwed US taxpayers.  

What about these US citizens who suffer the long term effects of overcrowded emergency rooms, job losses, and unwelcomed permanent changes to their home-town neighborhoods?  Not to mention the billions of dollars in "border security" tax dollars that they shell out to Washington's crony security and prison corporations who never quite get the done?

Everyone on board this immigration reform bandwagon insidiously sells out someone else for their own selfish and myopic greed:  the undocumented sell out their fellow countrymen and women by agreeing to a reform that will cause the deaths of many from the their own home-country's next wave of illegal immigration; the home-country and US elite sell out the undocumented for cheap labor and remittances;  the undocumented, Washington, and home-country elite sell out US taxpayers by cramming an increasingly ineffective and costly immigration reform program down their throats;   and many US taxpayers who do not take the time to educate themselves about this immigration reform scam sell out those tax payers who do by approving of reform that will ultimately will not solve the problem of illegal immigration.

When does this selling out and turning on each other in order to enhance the self serving elite's greed end? 

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