Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mexican Illegal Immigration - A Bi-national - Governmental Corruption Problem

In response:

If immigration reform is approved and all border security/income thresholds are met, the undocumented who participate will be eligible for citizenship after 13 years of labor in the US.

Meanwhile the insidious "illegal labor for remittances" system that allowed them to sneak into the US to begin with will not stop the next wave of illegal immigration into the US.

Sure it will get harder, more expensive, and more people will die in the process.  Yet they will get through because the elite who run the US and Mexican governments profit from them doing so. They profit from labor, remittances, amnesties, and US tax dollars poured down the "border security" black hole that works about as well as the 40 year long war on drugs has worked.

Mexican illegal immigration is a bi-national, governmental, corruption problem.  Until "We the People" start treating it as such, it will only get worse and not better.

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