Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Washington Does Not Want To Solve Illegal Immigration

Washington Does Not Want To Solve Illegal Immigration

In response:

What will it take to wake Americans up to the fact that despite what Washington politicians say they simply do not want to solve illegal immigration? 

Sure ICE will throw you a car wash or meat packing plant prosecution now and then.  Yet 
Washington's cronies continue to make so much more money off of cheap labor, privatized prisons, amnesty political capital, drug wars, border militarization and Mexican trade (legal and not) that these employer cases are simply just written off as the  cost of doing business. 

Big businesses (especially AGRI, restaurant and the hotel/motel industries) will not allow common sense approaches like mandatory E-verify to pass. 

As a comparison what effect has high profile drug prosecutions had upon that trade?

There is too much profit in not only the illegal enterprises themselves but in the corporate industries that "fight the fight" for Washington to realistically consider to solve these problems.

The drug war has dragged on for over 40 years, and the amnesty approach started 27 years ago.    
We all need to start thinking outside the "common sense box" because these industries are all about profit and have nothing to do with not common sense.  

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