Sunday, August 4, 2013

WWE: Washington Wrestling Entertainment

In response:

It is astonishing how many posters truly believe that there is a substantial difference between the self-serving Democratic or Republican politicians or parties who control Washington.

It is kind of like the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) on TV:  only switch the word "Washington" for "World".

Both sides work for the same oligarch entertainment company which parades as a democracy (or fair political/wrestling match).  How many of us know that they are really only here to profit and entertain for the admission price of billions of our hard-earned tax dollars?

They are trained entertainers who play life-like dramatic roles slamming and putting each other down.  How many of you know that this is all designed (as "professional" wresting is) to make you think the show is for real?

Only the most hypnotized of you must truly believe that their role playing and acting is serious or that one side or the other is actually wrestling for you and your best interests.

Earth to Washington-mania - it does not matter who is in the middle of the ring at the present "presidential" moment; they work for the same 1% boss and are tag team raping us while simultaneously destroying the most wonderful country on earth.

The saddest part is that many American voters think that their performances and shows are real. They think that only if  their star wrestler president and his or her political team are on top in the ring that they will actually win the match.

We have met the enemy Pogo; they are sitting in the auditorium seats screaming, praying and paying for their current wrestling favorite!

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