Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Senator John McCain's Two Ugly Faces of Illegal Immigration

In response:

As a retired US Border Patrol Agent and someone who seriously follows the politics of illegal immigration, no one better displays the insidious nature of the abuse for profit of the undocumented and US taxpayers than John McCain. 

On one hand McCain supports Arizona's Operation Streamline which partners up with ALEC and the Corrections Corporation of America to daily ramrod groups of undocumented people through US District Courts and Immigration prisons in herds of 80+ people at a time.  All court, law enforcement, and prisons tabs ($119 per person per day to the CCA) of course are born by US taxpayers.

On the other McCain and his "Gang of 8" are pushing for immigration "reform" which offers 11.2 million undocumented a change a citizenship in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage.  US taxpayers will be soaked for some 38 billion more in crony "border security" tax dollars while continuing to suffer the consequences of over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and unwelcomed/unfair demographic changes to their hometown neighborhoods.

The "fight" for and against Illegal immigration has become another highly profitable industry maker for US contractors and their supporting politicians.  This is very similar to Washington's 40 + year long war on drugs.

As far as I am concerned John McCain's war hero status has been desecrated by his politics as noted above.

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