Thursday, August 22, 2013

American Exceptionalists Are Just As Much Slaves As The Undocumented Are

In response:

Bravo Rev. Erick Salgado!  Finally a political candidate who has the courage to expose the US system of profitized illegal immigration for what it really is.  

But wait!  Here come all of the ignorant American exceptionalist sheep doing exactly as their own elite slave masters want them to do - blame the undocumented and crucify Mr. Salgado!

Take one example - Mexico.  Clinton's NAFTA pushed more Mexican undocumented into the US than at any other previous time in US history.

Didn't Clinton promise that NAFTA would end illegal immigration?  Must be the undocumenteds' faults, right? 

My God what will it take to wake up you up?

Tell me American exceptionalist - just what would you do if you were a small corn farmer in Mexico and your parcel of community land (the ejido system) was taken away by your corrupt government as a result of NAFTA?  Or Wal-Mart moved as a result of NAFTA and ruined your small business?   How about your corn being underbid by cheap American NAFTA corn? And those NAFTA border factories (maquiladoras) that was supposed to give you jobs but paid only $6.00 a day and/or were moved to China?

What these American exceptionalists do not realize is that they are being raped as slaves to the bi-national elite's profit for illegal immigration system just as much as the undocumented are.   

The undocumenteds' home-country poverty is intentionally created by the US and home-country elite.  That poverty pushes US illegal immigration which rewards the home-country with remittances.  That poverty gives the US elite a never-ending, expendable source of cheap laborers.  That poverty creates profitable tax-payer funded industries centered around US border security and enforcement.  That poverty creates US political agendas and amnesties designed to recreate another sub-class of peons who will get their freedom (US citizenship)  after 13 years of labor. 

Meanwhile the duped American exceptionalists keep blaming the undocumented while forking over ever increasing amounts of their tax dollars to Washington's crony border security contractors.  Those same Americans keep blaming the undocumented as they stand waiting in over crowded emergency rooms.  They keep blaming the undocumented as they see their jobs lost or underbid to undocumented laborers.  They keep blaming the undocumented as they see their hometown demographics unfairly change for the worse. 

They keep blaming the undocumented and keep voting in and believing the same politicians who insidiously allow all this insanity to continue.

All of us - US taxpayers and the undocumented - are responsible for this mess because we allow it to continue.  AND the first step to stopping this insanity is knowing who causes it - and why.

I suggest a bi-national, border-wide, peaceful protest against the bi-national elite who create and profit from the abuse of the good people on both sides of the border.  Shut their 1.25 billion dollars a day cross border trade machine down for a few days.  Bring world-wide attention to this atrocity committed by two governments upon its own good citizens.

62% of our undocumented are pushed here by the US and Mexican elite.  The Mexican undocumented would not come or stay here if they could have comparable living wages and services at home with their own families. 

The elite of both countries can afford to make the change.  The question is, will the common bi-national, hard working, decent citizenry stand up for themselves and demand it?            

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