Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Immigration Reformists Have No Compassion for The Next Wave of Undocumented or US Taxpayers

In response:

Another undocumented victim/self-server who will sell out for this reform so HIS life and HIS family may be better. 

What about the next wave of people will have to go through even more stringent reform requirements and may die crossing the border?   Where is your compassion for them?

How about the American taxpayers who will suffer skyrocketing border security costs, losses of jobs, over-crowded hospital emergency rooms/accompanying health care costs,  and unfair demographic changes to their home towns?

This is a home-country poverty issue that is created by the US elite and the undocumenteds' home country elite.  All designed to keep laborers coming (and dying) and sending the bills to US taxpayers.

Dreamers, the undocumented and everyone else involved needs to address what is the right thing to do to end this problem, not perpetuate and exacerbate it. 

This is about the US and home-country governments profitizing poverty and "border security".   
Your selling out is no different than your home country government selling you out and the US government selling US taxpayers out. 

The elite are using drug war strategies on illegal immigration, and God knows how well that has played out in the last 40+ years.

I am sorry for the suffering of all involved.  We need to unite to end this nightmare once and for all.  This reform kicks the can down the road again. 

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