Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What We Are Not

We are not a country and government for the people and by the people.

We are a country and government for the 1% and by the 1%.

The corporate rich who own and run our country own and run “our” politicians.  These politicians have forgotten how to represent “we the people”.  This 1%’s plutocracy makes representing the people and representing their masters' greed two mutually exclusive traits.  It is not possible to do both no matter what they say.  
These plutocrats are the ones who start the wars and cause the financial meltdowns which only they profit from. They control and profit from our health care, our livelihoods, our laws, our taxes, our wages, our environment, our land, our water, our food supply, our educational  system, our elections, our media,  jobs, our police, our military, our relationships with other countries,  and our kids' and grand kids’ futures.

We the people know all this.  The question is:  when will we the people take to the streets and (peacefully) overthrow these tyrants and their system of plutocracy?

The time to talk to them, listen to them, and vote for them is over.   

Saturday, June 23, 2012

President Obama's Dream Act Executive Order

President Obama's Dream Act Executive order simply muddies the already dirty waters of our systemically flawed US immigration system.

Washington administrations with their immigration propaganda come and go.  Some push for amnesty and leniency.  Others push for  militarization of the border and stricter interior enforcement. Both sides blame each other and the undocumented, but overall change is rare.   

Mexico is not only our neighbor but also a great example to study concerning the reality of our immigration status quo.

Question:  Why do we seldom if ever hear any US politicians criticize the corrupt, civil rights abusing Mexican government for the part it plays in failed US immigration?

The majority of the undocumented within the US come from Mexico.  Do you actually believe that they would come or stay here if they could make a decent living wage working at home with their families?

The truth is that not only the undocumented but US taxpayers are being used and abused by both governments.  One government exports the undocumented in order to not to have to provide for them, and another reaps the profits by tacitly accepting them as a sub class of laborers.  The 1% from both countries profits off of this scam and US taxpayers foot the bill.

Meanwhile the 1%'s greed for Mexican drug profits, oil, and one billion dollars a day in cross border trade drive this insanity while the good citizens on both sides of the border suffer.    

Until American voters wake up, none of this will really change.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

US Drug Enforcement: A Subset of the US Military Industrial Complex

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US drug enforcement is a subset of the US military industrial complex. On one hand they need to fight wars to continue to make their contract profit; on the other hand they need to make Americans believe that the "war" can be won.

There is simply too much money in drugs for the 1% of the US or Mexico to ever really change this status quo.

From time to time they will throw us a bone like the "Queen of the Pacific". Calderon will even sacrifice some 60 thousand of his own citizens to spin the truth. But beyond all of the media hype and government chicanery is the truth: selling illicit drugs and enforcing illicit drug laws are phenomenal money makers for those concerned.

Their profits influence both governments and will continue to do so until we the people stop them.