Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Illegal Immigration: Think About This

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Think about this: someone always profits and someone always pays from illegal immigration laws being broken AND enforced at the same time.

If you begin to understand the above then you will begin to understand why real immigration reform does not happen.   

Monday, April 29, 2013

As Of Yet - Immigration Reform Has Changed Little

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As of yet - no comments posted. It never ceases to amaze me how readers will post hundreds of comments about the undocumented in the US, yet ignore shocking stories about Mexico's journalists.

Americans view Mexico's problems as Mexico's and not theirs.

Many Americans and their politicians see no connection between these horrific examples of impunity and lawlessness in Mexico and the reasons that undocumented Mexicans sneak into the US. They also see no connection between the failed US backed Mexican drug war and the increased amount of Mexican asylum applications to the US.

Many Americans see no connection between Clinton's NAFTA and the resulting escalation of Mexican poverty which led to the largest influx of Mexican undocumented into the US ever.

Many Americans see no connection between the current Gang of 8's proposed immigration bill and Reagan's Amnesty/Clinton's NAFTA which both promised to reform the system in such a manner as to put an end to illegal immigration to the US.

Many Americans see no connection between the bi-national 1%'s greed and illegal immigration. And many Americans will complain when they realize that "immigration reform" changes little.

The Scam: Profit from "Winning" And "Losing" The Feigned Immigration Battle

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Design immigration laws for the undocumented that are made to be broken for profit while simultaneously enforced ineffectively for profit.

Brainwash the taxpaying/voting public into believing that that the government is not only committed to enforce these laws  but also is capable of effective enforcement.

Update new laws as needed and repeat the same in perpetuity.       


"illegal immigration" Causes Mouths To Start Frothing

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Our government has us brainwashed: the simple words "illegal immigration" causes our mouths to start frothing.

Meanwhile the 1%'s greed and the disparity in the global 1%'s economic wealth (which causes global poverty which pushes undocumented people here to begin with) are not in the Gang of 8's discussions.

Nor is the profit that they make off of the undocumented or the profit that they make off of US taxpayers who are left holding the bag of their insidious game

That truth is not on our American voters' radar screens.

I am not saying that we do not know something is wrong. We do. I am saying that what many Americans see as the problem is really only a symptom of the 1%'s scandalous treachery.

Here is your choice: keep frothing at the mouth or use your brains to figure out what these scammers are doing to you and our country.

Illegal Immigration lies are no different than lies about military wars, failed health care, preventable recessions, planned mortgage meltdowns, 40 year long drug wars, the exportation of jobs, profit above education, etc.      

Blaming Illegal Immigration On the Undocumented Is Like Blaming Climate Change On The Weather

Yes my fellow Americans, we are getting screwed and have been getting screwed for decades. Yet blaming "the illegals" is like blaming climate change on the weather.

On top of that, blaming "the illegals" is exactly what the real perpetrators of this crime (and their crony politicians) want you to do.

If you can't see beyond your anger, you will never see the true cause of illegal immigration.
Would the Mexican undocumented come or stay here if they could have equivalent wages and services at home?

Do you have any idea of how valuable Mexican labor is to BIG AGRI and the hotel/food industries?

Do you know that we share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico? How about that Mexico is our number two source of oil? And illegal drug profits? Don't get me started.

We as well as the undocumented are pawns in this bi-national 1%'s profit scheme. Please educate yourselves to that fact so that we are clear who to target.

Otherwise, they will keep pitching us (and we will keep buying) deals like Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and this Gang of 8's snow job that will do no more than perpetuate more of the same.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Survival Of The Fittest Undocumented

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Mexican illegal immigration is caused by the push-pull conspiracy of the bi-national 1% elite. These super-rich 1% profiteers hire politicians who make laws that rape the undocumented for their labor then rape US taxpayers for the undocumented's medical, educational, and deportation costs.

This scam has it own built in survival of the fittest component which keeps the strongest and fastest laborers coming and running while simultaneously deporting those unlucky enough to get caught.

The 1% politicians' pro and anti-immigration reform rhetoric has most Americans brainwashed into believing that our government really is sincere about "securing the border."

The rich will never allow the US/Mexican border to be so secure that undocumented laborers and the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade can not get through.

If they did Mexico's economy would implode and the bi-national 1% would lose this goose that for many decades has been laying their golden eggs.

Gang of 8: Bring Your Insidious Greed Out Of The Shadows

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Gang of 8: Bring your insidious greed out of the shadows and fess up to how your bill simultaneously screws the undocumented and American taxpayers too!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sanction Mexico Until They Take Care Of Their Own

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From above: "We want to make sure we get immigration reform right this time".

If we are going to finally get it right, we will have to drastically change the way we address the cause of Mexican illegal immigration into the US.

The reason that they come is because their home-country elite control the Mexico's vast wealth. That elite will not provide equivalent opportunities for pay and services so the Mexican poor come north.

Yet does Washington ever criticize the Mexican government for the part it plays in pushing their undocumented here?

No. These co-conspirators trade 1.25 billon dollars a day in cross border trade. Mexico is our second largest supplier of oil, and the US invests more money in Mexico than any other country.

Yet check out how former President Felipe Calderon blames Mexican drug violence on the government:

Washington won't take a real stand to fix illegal immigration because there is too much money in maintaining the decades-long status quo.

We could sanction the Mexican elite until they take care of their own. But that will mean that US taxpayers will have to stand up to the US 1% and their crony politicians too who have both profited off of this decades-long failed immigration status quo

NAFTA Exported US Jobs While Importing The Undocumented

Drones Won't Make Them Share That Peso Pie

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Let me get this straight. The corrupt Mexican government refuses to provide for its own citizens thus pushing those poor people to the US to harvest our crops.

Meanwhile the mini-me of the military industrial complex, the border
security industrial complex, spends hundreds of millions or our tax dollars on drones that are ineffective at stopping these people from coming to the US?

In all the years that I worked as a US Border Patrol/Ice Agent I had the gut level feeling that our work was never really about stopping people. We were more like a semi-effective sieve that only monitored the flow.

The bi-national set-up of Mexican Illegal immigration is all about the two countries' elite profiting from the simultaneous rape of the Mexican undocumented and US tax-payers.
Mexico has the wealth and resources to provide equivalent wages and services to keep their citizens at home. It would mean that someone would have to share more of the peso pie, and US politicians would have to start telling the truth. 

We need to get to the bottom of this Gang of 8's "immigration reform" bill that "modernizes" the same scam they have been pulling for decades: profiting off of Mexican undocumented at the expense of US taxpayers' money and their quality of life.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bring The Greed Factor Out of The Shadows

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There are heart-breaking human tragedies and injustices on all sides of this debate. Besides family separation some undocumented people horrifically die crossing the border.

It is also true that some undocumented criminals have murdered innocent US citizens while in the US.

We frequently discus the human interest side of the undocumented having to sneak into the US, but we fail to discuss the root cause of these tragedies and injustices.

The root cause of the undocumented is the greed of the few and disparity in their wealth in their home-countries. It is the gap between the "haves and have not's", or the 1%'s control of wealth over the 99%.

Just to be clear, this includes the greed of the US few who not only abuse the undocumented, but abuse US citizens too.

Mexico is our closest southern neighbor with the largest amount of undocumented people in the US. The vast majority of Mexican undocumented are good, hard working, honest people who come for a better life.

Why do they have to leave their home country? Would they leave or return home if they had equivalent wages and services at home?

The Mexican few get billions in remittances pumped back into Mexico. The US few get cheap labor and huge amounts of the tax payers' dollars pumped into their privatized immigration prisons and border security industrial complex.

I say no more illusionary immigration bills passed until the bi-national greed factor is brought out of the shadows.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thrown Under the (Immigration Bill) Bus Again

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American voters who are old enough to remember Reagan's Amnesty of the mid-1980's should be highly suspicious of this Gang of 8 asking for billions more for border security.

Do not the cronies of the Gang of 8 reap profits from this expanded border security industrial complex? AND they want to stick the Department of Defense (Drones R Us) on the border to cash in too?

Do you actually think that border security is what's on their mind when 1.25 billion dollars a day is exchanged in cross border trade with Mexico? Do you think they have any interest in Mexican oil? Have the majority of you visited a busy US port like San Diego or El Paso and witnessed the tens of thousands of cars and people who cross north on a daily basis?

The true cause of undocumented immigration is home-country poverty and their disparity of wealth. Does that ring any bells with you?

Do these Senators ever discuss how their programs life NAFTA have actually increased illegal immigration and Mexican poverty since 1994?

This decades long immigration merry-go-round has always been about the multinational elite conspiring with the US elite to cash in on undocumented labor while sending the bill to US taxpayers.

Until these leaders of ours tell the truth about their own greedy interests in immigration reform, we will be thrown under the (immigration bill) bus over and over again.



Why US Politicians Ignore The Major Cause Of Mexican illegal Immigration

There are two explanations as to why US politicians ignore the major cause of Mexican illegal immigration:  1) they profit by ignoring it, or  2)  they are brainwashed also and can't see the cause.

The Mexican undocumented who make up over 50% of the undocumented who sneak across our border do so because of the economic conditions of their home country.  

Common sense dictates that the vast majority of those Mexican undocumented would not come or stay here if they could have equivalent wages and services at home.  The majority of these people are  religious, hard working , family people who love Mexico.  They come here is to better their lives and to help feed their families at home.   They come here because the federal minimum wage in Mexico is about 65 CENTS per hour.

So why do our politicians and leaders fail to address this fact or at a minimum, refuse to discuss it? 
Dig deep into the economic relationship of the US and Mexican elite.

Dig deep into the Border Security Industrial Complex.

Dig deep into the use of undocumented labor by US mega agriculture corporations.

Are you starting to get the profit picture here?    

The Gang of 8's current immigration reform bill uses the same failed propaganda that Reagan's Amnesty of the mid 1980's use and Clinton's NAFTA of the mid 1990's used.   "We can stop illegal immigration by increased border security and tighter interior enforcement (employment eligibility verification then and E Verify now).   

The Gang of 8 is using the same method of operation (expanded in scope and cost) that failed with the other two programs.  In fact, the number of undocumented within the US actually increased after the two previous attempts to stop it.

This Gang of 8's immigration bill fits Einstein's definition of insanity perfectly : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

These Senators are either insanely stupid or insanely greedy.  You choose. 
But please ask yourselves why they ignore the home-country root poverty as the cause of our illegal immigration.  Or put another way, what is in it for them to ignore the root cause of our undocumented immigration?

Monday, April 22, 2013

How Estupido Are We, or Do You Have Amnes(ty)ia?

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Why do US taxpayers have to suffer the consequences of failed immigration enforcement?   It is common knowledge that the Mexican and US elite both profit off of people sneaking into the US.   Undocumented remittances sent back south and undocumented labor headed north both fatten the pockets of the bi-national elite.

Then the politicians of these profiteers come along and give us some version of  amnesty or this Gang of 8's regurgitation thereof.  They profit from the undocumented mess that they themselves create and US taxpayers have to suffer the consequences (overcrowded emergency rooms,  educational costs and loss of jobs to the undocumented).  Then these "leaders" of ours turn around and screw those US taxpayers even more by pushing through new legislation that awards their cronies  more border security money.  This is all done with a insincere promise to finally fix illegal immigration this time. 

How estupido are we?

I say no more deals for the bi-national profiteers or the other pawns in this game (the undocumented).  Not one red cent more until these bi-national political scammers come up with a plan that will work for the benefit of US citizen taxpayers first.

For instance, economically sanction Mexico until they clean up their act and take care of their own undocumented citizens with equivalent wages and services.   That in itself will fix or disappear over one half of our problems with the undocumented in the US.   

The Gang of 8's Bill Kicks The Illegal Immigration Can Down The Road Again

In response:

Are these two factions discussing the failure of the two most important reform legislations (Amnesty and NAFTA) which promised (and failed) to end illegal immigration? The 1994 implementation of NAFTA actually pushed several million more Mexican undocumented into the US.

Are these two factions addressing how the undocumented's home-country governments' economic relationships with the US affects their illegal immigration to the US?

Have they ever considered this critical question: would the undocumented come or stay in the US if they could receive equivalent wages and services working at home with their families?

Has either side ever criticized the Mexican government elite for the part it plays in pushing their own citizens into our country and how said elite profits from that?

US taxpayers suffer the consequences of our government's failure to adequately address illegal immigration. Those taxpayers suffer losses of jobs and unfair job competition with undocumented who work under the table. Those US taxpayers also suffer long emergency room lines and over-crowded schools.

Common sense dictates that US taxpayers pay higher medical costs because of the undocumented flooding our medical and school systems.

Finally, do these senators talk with US taxpayers who have had the population and composition of their small home towns unfairly changed because of the number of the undocumented people moving there?

This issue of undocumented immigration has been kicked down the road for decades. The Gang of 8's plan will fail too because it misses multinational greed as the cause of undocumented immigration.

The Undocumented's Home-country Elite Fail to Provide

In response:

From above: "The real reason is a total lack of trust."

All of us - common US citizens to undocumented people across the nation - should have a total lack of trust in both political sides of this debate.

We have been fooled (screwed) twice by bipartisan immigration legislation before: Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA. Both promised to put an end to illegal immigration. Both eventually increased it from some 3 million in the early 1990's to the 11 or 12 million it is now.

And these blowhards want us to pour billions more into their desire to profit off of another sub-class of laborers in the US (Registered Provision Immigrants) while fattening their "border security" corporate pockets?

US politician never address the problem of the undocumented's home-country elite failing to provide for their own. Dig deep enough into the history of the economic relationships of the US and Latin American countries and you will learn why.

Sold Short Again By US Immigration Bills

In response:

I am not suspicious of immigrants whether they are documented or not. I am suspicious of our politicians and the undocumented's home-country politicians who use the undocumented and/or legal immigration to profit at the expense of US taxpayers.

I know from my own experience that my home town of San Jacinto, CA is unrecognizable from the town that I grew up in during the 1960's. I would make an educated guess as a retired US Border Patrol Agent that the majority of the Latinos living there are undocumented.

The above scenario is common across the US today especially after the passage of NAFTA.
No one can expect American's to not be angry because of the helplessness that they feel when they literally see the faces of their hometowns changed.

I do not support American anger at the undocumented. That anger comes from not understanding the problem beyond these Americans' street corners and hospital emergency rooms.

The undocumented are a symptom of a much more insidious problem: the greed of the US and their home-country elite.

Until that problem is addressed, we will continue to be sold short by bills like this Gang of 8's and its predecessors (Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA).

The 1% Gang of 8 Are White Card Holders

In response

What a bunch of baloney! How can the gang of 8's immigration bill be bi-partisan when all of its members are 1% white card holders?

This is not similar than the failed gun control. Just substitute Latino Vote for NRA.

None of these men give one hoot about what the majority of Americans want because all that matters to them is to profit and stay in office.

Maybe the Gang of 8 should bring there true motives for immigration reform out of the shadows? Leveraging the Hispanic vote while profiting from US taxpayers at the same time!

Bi-National Greed Pushes and Pulls (The Undocumented) Here

In response

Sorry Mr. Ward, it is not fear. It is simple awareness that we can no longer trust our government's motives any more. Maybe we never could.

They lied to us about Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA putting a stop to illegal immigration. Other recent examples like the lies of the War in Iraq, the Drug War, and the Great recession of 2008 help put the icing on the cake.

Three questions: Would the undocumented from say Mexico come or stay here if that corrupt government of theirs provided equivalent wages and services?

Has not Clinton's NAFTA and the US backed Mexican War on Drugs actually increased the number of undocumented in the US?

Why doesn't the Gang of 8 question the Mexican 1%'s roll in their undocumented's coming here?

The bi-national 1% (Mexico/US) profit off of this never ending nightmare, and everyone knows who is paying the price.

Now this Gang of 8 wants billions more to do the impossible. You can not stop hungry people from sneaking into our country.

By the way, how come not one stinking US politician will address the fact that the Mexican elite refuses to provide equivalent wages and services for their own citizens in Mexico?

Until the realities that lurk beneath that fact are uncovered, US illegal immigration will never be solved.
And if we want to stop hungry people sneaking into our country we will have address to the bi-national greed that pushes and pulls them here.

The 1%'s Border Security Industrial Complex (BSIC)

The global 1% create economic conditions in their home-countries that coerce their undocumented into ignoring US laws and sneaking into our country.

The home-country 1% profit off of their undocumented leaving and having American taxpayer's footing their medical and education expenses here. They also benefit from the remittances pumped back into their home economies.

The US 1% profit from undocumented labor while simultaneously profiting from their Border Security Industrial Complex (BSIC) that they insist must perpetually expand in order to effectively keep the undocumented from sneaking into our country.

Does this remind you of the 1%'s forty-year long, trillion dollar drug war that they just can't seem to ever win?

Reagan's Amnesty of the mid-1980's, Clinton's NAFTA of the mid-1990's and the Gang of 8's immigration bill of today reveal the 1%'s devious game. Despite their pro "secure the border" propaganda, there is and always has been simply too much profit made in keeping the undocumented coming to the US for them to really ever end the problem. The 1% continues to perpetually profit off of the undocumented's labor while simultaneously amassing huge corporate profits from taxpayers funding the 1%'s BSIC.

Their BSIC needs the undocumented coming to the US just as their military industrial complex needs wars to justify their "profit above people" existences.

The Gang of 8 wants you to forget the lies of Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA
in order to insidiously pull the wool over your eyes again.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

US Assisted Economic Abuse of the Poor in El Salvador - No Diffferent Than Mexico

In Response:

This is exactly how the US 1% in conjunction with their 1% Latin American cronies push their cronies' home-country undocumented into the US.

Then politicians like the Gang of 8 (or Reagan's Amnesty/Clinton's NAFTA) come up with these convoluted immigration bills that use the very undocumented that they screwed to begin with as an excuse to screw US taxpayers even more.

Kill the bill and address the 1%'s immigration corruption.

Bend Over American Middle-Class Taxpayers!

In Response:

Bend over American Middle-Class Taxpayers! Watch as US 1% bought politicians use the undocumented to screw you out of your tax dollars and jobs! Why?

Do you know that the US and Mexican 1% share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade? Do you know that the US 1% invests more money in Mexico than anyone else? Do you know that Mexico is our second largest provider of oil?

Despite all of their security promises, profits and propaganda, the bi-national 1% will keep the undocumented labor coming and their remittances going south while US taxpayers pay through the nose.

It happened after Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and will happen if this Gang of 8's scam is passed.

Home-country poverty maintained by 1% profits is the cause of our illegal immigration. Our politicians do not address that because they profit off of the same undocumented labor and home-country economics.

Until that fact is addressed, legislation similar to this Gang (Bang) of 8 is all smoke and mirrors.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Who Does The Gang of 8's Immigration Bill Hurt the Most?

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I totally support sensible immigration reform. 

With that said, I reject the "Gang of 8's"  Border Security Economic Opportunity Immigration Modernization Act  (BSEOIMA) of 2013 because it is not sensible.  This bill will hurt US taxpayer's the most and the undocumented themselves second most.

This new 844 page Senate immigration bill is now being sent forward for approval by the House of Representatives  and President Obama.

How are US taxpayers hurt?

The 1% profiteers and corporatists who run our country have not only created but are pretending to cater to the up and coming Latino voting bloc.   Our leaders have created this group by purposely never fixing illegal immigration.  They never fixed illegal immigration because they have always profited from undocumented labor while simultaneously profiting from  the politics and their corporate border security industrial complex which they have previously said would stop illegal immigration.

It is actually brilliant what they have done to us.  They have brainwashed us into believing that they can and will stop illegal immigration (Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA) while insidiously using undocumented labor and taxpayers' border enforcement funds to fatten their cronies'  pockets. 

This illusion reeks of our forty-year long dead-end drug war.  It is not designed the 1% profiteering politicians to be won or end.  It is designed to be a perpetual mega money maker for their legal and illegal 1% industries.     

Cut through the verbiage of this new bill  and you will see that the 11 or 12 million undocumented already here will be allowed to stay and work.  That means US citizens will officially have less jobs available to them.  By the way this bill does not cover the back-breaking agricultural jobs many Americans won't do.  That entire corporate industry lies in wait with another bill that our wonderful representatives will profit from and deal with separately.

Side note:  isn't it interesting how John McCain ear marked 50 million "implementation costs" for his beloved Tucson Sector (Arizona) into this bill?  This is to continue the border crossers prosecution program and to fill his crony's Correction Corporation of America' jails.  Read about how McCain's "Operation Streamline" has already raped US taxpayers for millions.     

This bill also means that our overcrowded hospital emergency rooms and our school rooms will remain overcrowded.  And as far as all of those undocumented people who now inhabit and over-crowd some of our small towns, sorry;  they are here to stay.

Anyone who thinks that this bill will stop illegal immigration is wrong.  You can't stop hungry people and human smugglers from finding ways to sneak them into the US.   

This will cost billions of our tax dollars and they promise it is really secure the border this time!  They want us to forget the same previous lies of Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA (both of which promised to stop illegal immigration).  This new bill will use more fences, agents, drones, and the Department of Defense to make our border 90% secure.   Billions in profit for the 1%'s corporations who make drones and surveillance equipment.  

Although Latino groups and undocumented rights groups see this bill as a victory,  they will in the long run be hurt too.  First of all the undocumented will continue to have to flee their home-countries  because of the wealth disparity created by the economic deals their 1% run government makes with our 1% run government (NAFTA/CAFTA/TPP).  Remember the lesson from Clinton's NAFTA:  more Mexican undocumented flooded to the US after the passage of NAFTA than at any other previous time.

This new immigration bill creates another sub-class of immigrant laborers' visas, the so called Registered Provisional Immigrant visa (RPI).  The eleven or twelve million undocumented who entered and remained in the country prior to December 31, 2011 will be able to apply for RPI. 

Side note:  Don't forget the amount of fraud during Reagan's Amnesty.  Depending upon who you believe, estimates range from 30% to 70% of the near 3 million applicants lied on their applications.  Crooks dummied up rental receipts, school records, utility records, and employment records to "prove"  that their customers were present in the US during the qualifying dates.  INS investigators knew about this widespread fraud as did their Washington offices.  The Reagan Administration rubber stamped the fraudulent applications through.  It was more important to the Reagan Administration to look politically successful than to tell the truth.  And if you don't know, I actually was an INS criminal investigator in San Diego during the Amnesty implementation years.  I know about the overwhelming fraud from my personal experience.    

This Gang of 8's bill will act as a magnet to draw even more undocumented people into the US just as Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA did previously.  This is part of our 1%'s plan.  US corporations will always need more sub-classes of laborers to do their dirty work.    

The most significant and insidious brainstorm of the Gang of 8 is that these RPI immigrants cannot adjust to Lawfully Admitted Permanent Registered Alien Status until several goals are met by DHS.  Of course  DHS will need only 3 or 4 or many more billion dollars to implement this program.  God only knows how much they will scam us out of in order to and reach these goals.     

This bill calls for funding for the Department of Defense to be in charge of surveillance on the border.  How many drones will they need at the cost of 16.9 million each and some 4 thousand an hour to fly to reach their "Effectiveness Rage of 90% "?

What becomes of these RPI immigrants if DHS never reaches their goals?  Will RPI immigrants ever be eligible to vote in US elections as non-citizens?

The adjustment of status of this RPI class of immigrant to actual "green card" holders (Lawfully Admitted Permanent Residents) depends upon billions of US tax dollars being allotted to pump up border security profits in perpetuity.  

No one knows if this is even possible, but they will spend (and profit from) billions of tax dollars trying to reach their goal.  If the goal is not reached, they will reap the profits from the labor of the 11 or 12 million RPI legal laborers the bill creates.  

This Gang of 8's bill will act as a magnet to draw even more undocumented people into the US just as Amnesty and NAFTA did previously.         

Who has stepped up to advocate for US taxpayers?  At this point very few people have.  I think that both Democratic and Republican political groups feel and fear that any immigration reform (no matter how convoluted) is better for their political hides than no immigration reform at all.  

Yes, it is broken, but breaking it further is not the answer.

Finally, why does Washington continue to fail to address the home-county disparity of wealth as the cause of our illegal immigration?  Simple.  The 1% who run Washington as well as their home-country 1% conspirators all profit off of this undocumented laborers' merry-go-round.   For example, the Mexican 1% will continue to export their poor in exchange for billions pumped back into their country via remittances.  The US 1% will continue to lure a fresh supply of laborers while profiting from future immigration political platforms and their border security industrial complex which insatiably needs more to never to stop the problem.      


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mexico's Operation Clean-up: What's Wrong With This Picture?

In response:

How many times have we witnessed this "Operation Cleanup" song and dance type undertaking before?  Or put another way, how can you stamp out corruption in one elite bureau when the entire system of government is corrupt? Or put another way, can anyone take these guys seriously when Mexico reaps billions from illicit drug sales yearly?

Calderon's senseless US-backed war on drugs left 100,000 dead, 25,000 missing, and 240 displaced.  The Obama administration remains silent about those atrocities while Harvard University recently granted Calderon a lucrative fellowship.  Calderon is now touring crony US universities making 100K for each lecture.

If you can't see anything wrong with this picture, you are what's wrong with this picture.

Please sign our petition to Harvard:   

Earth to Gang of 8

Earth to the Gang of 8 - you cannot stop hungry people from crossing our borders.  And it is you who conspires with the 1% elite of other countries to create hungry people.   

With that said, do you the Go8 care about what American citizens think about this new bill? Do you care about how Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA screwed US taxpayers in the mid 1980's, 1990's up until now?

FYI, the Go8 doesn't. They will create a legal sub-class of some 12 million workers by giving them "Registered Provision Immigrant" visas. Meanwhile, American workers and taxpayers will pay the long-term price in losses of jobs, over-crowded emergency rooms, and over-crowded class rooms.

By the way, this bill has nothing to do with agricultural labor. That is yet another can of worms our leaders will try and address soon.

To add insult to injury this bill will create billions in funding for "border security" for years to come. Who profits from that and who pays? And why does John McCain's Tucson Sector get an additional 50 million implementation ear mark?

These knuckleheads and their cronies will fatten their pockets as they try and sell us yet another bag of lies about ending illegal immigration and securing the border.

The problem is home-country corruption combined with US economic treaties that favor the 1% rich at the expense of the home-country undocumented and US citizens here.

We need to address that truth or this can will be kicked down the road for another decade or two as did Reagan's Amnesty - Clinton's NAFTA.

Department of Defense (Da Fence?) On Our Border

Hey Gang of 8 - I notice that you are going to include your Department of Defense (or is that Department of Da Fence?) cronies on the taxpayers' payroll in this new Border Security (BS) Economic Opportunity (Slave labor) Immigration Modernization (selling hope for votes) Act?

On page 1, under B. Border Security Fund and Border Fencing Fund, you have "Surveillance and detection capabilities developed or used by the Department of Defense;

So we will have to cough up billions more for privatized security corporations building more drones, planes, and surveillance systems?

After you push all of the undocumented to entering via our coastlines, how much more money will you need to secure our Western and Eastern beaches?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boondoggle Immigration Reform of 2013

In response:

In a time of sequestration and government over-spending, how are these congressmen going to justify the billions in resources necessary to implement and enforce this fiasco?

Reagan's Amnesty program resulted in the legalization of close to 3 million undocumented people. Depending upon who you talk to, somewhere between 30% to 70% of those people obtained resident alien cards through fraud. INS investigations (now ICE) could not even begin to scratch the surface of investigating that massive boondoggle. I know this because I was an agent who worked Amnesty fraud with INS in San Diego, CA in the mid 1980's.

Crooks are going to have a field day dummying up phony utility receipts, school records, rent receipts and any other documents the government needs to prove that their "applicants" have been living in the US prior to the magic date of 12/31/11.

Mark my words. This gang of eight and/or the Obama administration will do just like the Reagan administration did about massive Amnesty fraud. Nothing.

It was and will be more important to look politically successful than to admit the ugly truth.

The Gang (Bang) of 8

In Response:

How the bi-national (Mexico/US) 1% elite profit from the use of American taxpayer's dollars to create an entire new subclass of laborers and ensure the next wave of undocumented.

Billions more allocated to more border fences, drones, agents, National Guard, checkpoints, mandatory E verify, and the complete militarization of our southern border.

Does John McCain or any of his buddies own any stock in any corporations that will rake in our tax dollars from this fiasco? His buddies at the Corrections Corporation of America will love his gang of 8's proposal for an additional $50 million increase in funding for border crossing prosecutions in McCain's beloved TUCSON sector!

It is this type of legislation that will continue to cause hungry people to sneak into the US. It happened with Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA, both of which promised to end illegal immigration but actually caused the largest influx of undocumented people into the US in our recent history (from 3 million in the early 1990's to the some 12 million we have now).

And now they create a new category of immigrant (slavery) bureaucracy: "The Registered Provision Immigrant" (RPI), whose promised pathway to citizenship depends upon billions of dollars more being pumped into Customs and Border Protection's "goal" of catching 90% of the next wave of undocumented that this bill will cause.

These guys will do anything but address the poverty of their coveted number 2 trading partner(Mexico) as the cause of illegal immigration. They won't address that because they as well as the Mexican elite profit off of that poverty.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Mexican Godzilla - Made In The USA

In response: 

Here they go again, stealing US taxpayer's money to enrich the 1% who run the US border security industrial complex with more agents, more fencing, more drones, and MORE MONEY!

The Mexican Godzilla - Made by Washington, and paid for by our tax-dollars! 

To add insult to injury they are making yet another class of immigration laborers who take good American jobs beyond agricultural work.

These profiteers will do anything but address the root cause of this never ending problem: hungry people abused by their home country 1% elite.

Do you actually think that (for example) the Mexican undocumented would come or stay here if that corrupt 1% run narco-government of theirs would provide for its own?

Our corrupt 1% corporate-run government is in cahoots with the Mexican 1% profiteers. They abuse the Mexican undocumented while US taxpayers pay the price of lost jobs, overcrowded schools, and overcrowded emergency rooms.

Remember: Reagan's Amnesty of the 1980's and Clinton's NAFTA of the 1990's were supposed to put an end to illegal immigration? Billions of dollars later and decades of increased illegal immigration, and these gang of 8 fools think we are going to buy their latest and greatest?

Monday, April 15, 2013

1986 Amnesty Fraud: Washinton Didn't Care

In response


 As Criminal INS Investigator working during Reagan's Amnesty in the 1980's, I can say that all INS Special Agents were appalled at the amount of fraud committed by unscrupulous individuals and groups who illegally took advantage of Amnesty.

Nearly 3 million people obtained permanent residency through Amnesty. Depending upon who you talk to, the amount of overall fraud in the two sub-programs (agricultural workers and 5 year residents) was put at 25% to 50% or higher

I know that the INS Western Regional office in Laguna Niguel CA was extremely understaffed and totally buried by the amount of fraud cases they had.

Despite the fact that INS Special Agents, Western Regional Offices, and our Washington DC offices knew of the fraud, we were never given the resources to investigate all of the cases and many were rubber stamped through for legalization.

It was more important to the Reagan administration that Amnesty looked "successful" than it was to tell the truth about the rampant fraud.

Fast forward to today and crooks are going to have a field day dummying up utility receipts, rental contracts, work records, schools records, etc. to "prove" they or their customers lived in the US prior to this 12/31/11 cutoff date.

The real question: will DHS and ICE allocate the proper amount of investigators to handle the load? I doubt it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Immigration Reform Deja Vu 2013?

 As a Retired US Border Patrol/ICE Agent, I totally support immigration reform. 

With that said, I am highly skeptical and mistrustful of what our politicians will do about immigration reform in 2013.  I don't believe what they say because their predecessors have lied to us before.  I don't believe what they say because they do not reveal their true motives of greed and profit which lurk behind their rhetoric of immigration reform.    

They preached to us in the mid 1980's that Reagan's amnesty would finally put an end to illegal immigration.  They promised us in the mid 1990's that the economic benefits of NAFTA would do the same.  

Were they simply wrong or did they actually lie?

Sadly, I believe they lied.  They lied just as they have lied about the our War in Iraq, our failed medical care system, our catastrophic recession of 2008, our insidious forty year-long drug war which includes the atrocities committed in Central  America in the 1980's and Calderon's (or now Pena Nieto's) senseless Mexican Drug War that rages on today.

Who pays and has paid the price of these Amnesty and NAFTA lies?  Mexican corn farmers and small business owners wiped out by NAFTA an Wal-Mart have obviously paid the price.  And the truth is American taxpayers are paying and have paid too. 

Generally Americans are compassionate about suffering people, yet many are rightfully very angry about the illegal immigration of the past twenty years.  Amnesty and NAFTA promised these taxpayers an end, but the exact opposite happened.  Illegal immigration became much worse as it increased from 3.9 million in 1993 to  some 11 or 12 million that it is today. 

Yes, American taxpayers have the right to be very angry. They are the ones who have to deal with over-crowded hospital emergency rooms and their kids being sent to over-crowded school rooms.  Some experience their jobs being lost or undercut by companies who hire undocumented workers working under the table.  They wonder why the problem never stops.  And many unfortunately incorrectly blame the undocumented as the cause of this problem. 

American taxpayers are as just as much pawns in the 1%'s elites' immigration      scheme as the undocumented are.  Unfortunately, many American voters believe the 1%'s hype and this "gang of 8".  They believe that the undocumented are the cause of this immigration mess, when in fact the undocumented are only a  symptom of a much more treacherous problem .  

Last year's political magicians pulled off the Deferred Action program instead giving real immigration reform to the Dream Act Kids.  As a result, these kids have no legal status in the US and their future is uncertain. 

Deferred Action is an immigration status similar to TPS (Temporary Protective Status).   For example, I know of a young man who works at the Ridgway Market.  He fled El Salvador  eighteen years ago.  El Salvador suffered a civil war resulting from the US led Cold War, US trained death squads, US backed regime changes, and the drug war that continues today.   All of this translates to me as the US and El Salvadoran 1% conspiring together to put politics and profit above human life.  

This young man was granted TPS eighteen years ago.  His status is in indefinite limbo  because he still has not been granted permanent residency or citizenship.   

To me TPS and deferred action are other obvious examples of our politicians taking advantage of pandering for votes through illusionary immigration promises.  It has been eighteen years or longer for some Central Americans -  how long will it be for the Deferred Action Kids?        

To reiterate:   I am very skeptical of our government's intentions about immigration reform.  I am also very mistrustful of our government's relationships with the 1% elite of the foreign countries who push their undocumented here. 

Take the US and Mexican 1% elite for example.  They both reap profit from cheap labor, remittances sent home, privatized prisons, border security,  bi-national trade, illicit drug earnings and illicit money laundering. 

Mexico is our number 3 trading partner and our second  largest source of oil.  1.25 billion dollars a day is exchanged between the US and Mexico on a daily basis.  The US invests more money in Mexico than any other country. 

The bi-national 1% enjoy a very profitable economic ties, but how does that apply to the rest of us?  Can we not see that they profit at the our own expense?    

Nowhere is the conspiracy of the US and Mexican 1% more outrageously demonstrated than the case of Drug War President Calderon and Harvard University. 

Late last year Harvard rewarded Calderon with the First Angelopoulos Global Leaders award.  Calderon now has a year's fellowship in the US.  He is speaking at US universities for $100,000 per lecture.   Why do all of these universities refuse to  acknowledge Calderon's 100,00 drug war dead?.  Does it have anything to do with the lucrative trade between the two countries' 1% elite?

The truth is that the 1% in either country do not care about what their citizens need or want.  They will stand by and profit (as in the case of Mexico) as their own citizens are forced to flee al Norte in order to feed their families.  They will stand by and watch as their own citizens are jailed in US immigration prisons and die as they cross the border.    As for the US 1% , they profit as US citizens lose jobs and see the quality of the lives diminished.      

Most insidious of all is the bi-national 1% elite standing by and profiting as tens of thousands of Mexican citizens and some US citizens are slaughtered because of Calderon's (and now Pena Nieto's) senseless US backed war on drugs.   

If the US government does not now address the issue of the 11 or 12 million undocumented people here in the US, I say those undocumented should go to ICE and put themselves into immigration proceedings.     

Peacefully gum up the system.  Overload ICE and the Immigration courts.  Force our politicians to take a stand. 

We are all part of their game until we stop playing it.



Friday, April 12, 2013

An Idea For A Fix From A Crusty Old Border Patrol Agent

In response:

 We might have a chance to fix this immigration nightmare if the 1% gang of 8 would tell the truth about their profiteering ties with the 1% leaders of the other countries that push their undocumented to the US.

Just take one of those countries; Mexico. The 1% there hoard so much wealth that they basically starve their own citizens into going north. Remittances are sent back to the 1% run home economy, and the American 1% get cheap laborers to pick their corporate vegetables and fill their corporate immigration prisons.

Meanwhile, the super rich of both sides of the border enjoy 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. I won't even go to illegal drug profits they share.

Meanwhile Jose the Mexican Undocumented and Joe the American born US taxpayer pay the price.

How about an idea for a fix from a crusty old border patrol agent?

Stop all financial and drug war aid to Mexico. Sanction them until they provide equivalent wages and services for their own people in Mexico. Then do the same to each of the other 1% leaders of countries who push their poor here: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, China, India, etc. down the line.

Otherwise whatever the gang of 8 comes up with will simply be just a freshly regurgitated version of Reagan's Amnesty of the 1980's or Clinton's NAFTA of the 1990's.

Hopefully we all know what those two bi-partisan immigrations fiasco fixes did to our undocumented populations.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Same line of BS, different decade

In response:

This is what happens when the 1% run government of one country and the 1% run government of another conspire together to use and abuse common citizens (the 99%) of both countries for profit.

The Mexican 1% exports their poor not only to avoid providing for them, but also to have their remittances pumped back into the 1% owned economy. On the other side the US 1% gain cheap labor, political propaganda, and profits from privatized prisons and border security corporations while pretending to want a fix for the problem.

Meanwhile, who beside the undocumented pay the price for this decades-long charade? It surely is not John McCain's grandchildren who will have to compete with undocumented workers for dishwashing jobs, long emergency room lines, over-crowded classrooms or over-crowded street corners.

Now this "gang of eight" will promise again what Reagan's amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA failed to do? Do you know that the largest influx of undocumented came after both of these programs failed to stop illegal immigration as promised?

Same line of BS, different decade. I used to work for the Border Patrol, and I now know it is not about stopping people from coming in. It was about making you the taxpayers believe that stopping hungry people was (or still is) the intent of those who make our laws and profit at their perpetual failures.

The Lies of Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA Morph into the Gang of 8

In Response:

American citizens and taxpayers wake up! We have heard this "border security will stop illegal immigration" hype for decades. Do you not remember Reagan's Amnesty in the 1980's and Clinton's NAFTA in the 1990's? This 2013 gang of 8 is pulling your chain too!

As long as the Mexican elite refuses to provide wages and services equal to that of the US their undocumented people will never stop coming.

Mexico has the resources to provide for their own, and we (meaning the common people in the US) have been suffering the consequences of Mexico's rich abusing their poor for decades!

Of course the US elite has profited from Mexico's poor too. It is just our middle class who has suffered the loss of jobs and over-crowded emergency and school rooms.

I say Mexico because they are our closest Latin American neighbor which "provides" over 50% of the undocumented present in the US. Plug in any other Latin American country too.

Do you think the kids of this gang of 8 will ever have to stand in line at hospital emergency rooms or compete with undocumented workers for a job flipping burgers?

You want a true fix? Sanction Mexico economically like we sanction Iran. Force the Mexican elite to provide for their own citizens and over 50% of our troubles with the undocumented in the US will disappear. Otherwise, drag this mess out for another decade or two. Drag it out just like the lies of Amnesty and NAFTA.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Good Immigration Cop, Bad Immigration Cop

In Response:

This immigration "deal" is nothing more than the old good cop bad cop routine.  The good cops make lots of nice promises then let their hardliner comrades vote to kill the bill.

Americans pay for this nonsense with their immigration enforcement tax dollars, loss of jobs, and their loss of quality of life.

The undocumented pay for this in many cases by leaving their families behind at home and in some case by losing their lives crossing the border.

Meanwhile, as far as Mexico is concerned, the fat cats on both side of the border rake in 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, oil profits, cheap labor, illegal drug profits, and remittances send back to the undocumented's' home countries.       

Need I remind you to remember all of the promises made during Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA?  Touted as the end to illegal immigration, they both increased illegal immigration to its highest levels ever.

Whatever song and dance this gang of 8 is pitching will eventually do the same.  There is simply too much money being made in maintaining the immigration status quo for these profiteers to make any substantial changes. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fat AGRI Cats Can't Have It Both Ways

In Response:

The fat AGRI cats can't have it both ways.  They want undocumented people crossing the border and harvesting their crops.  They just don't want them to have any legal status.  That would mean higher wages and normal living/working conditions.  

When I was a Border Patrol Agent in CA the undocumented had built their own shanty town just east of the large tomato farms in Carlsbad.  I would guess some 500 people lived there.  This space was not provided by the growers.  These undocumented were from Oaxaca and they lived on their own. 

In fact we found burial sites with crosses.  In one shack we found a person who had his hands tied his back and had been executed.

And as far as this newest immigration reform, please remember that Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA were both pitched to the public as the end of illegal immigration. 

Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA: The End to Illegal Immigration?

So here we go again.  Washington is getting ready to tackle illegal immigration.

Don't forget the rhetoric of Reagan's Amnesty in the mid 1980's and Clinton's NAFTA in the mid 1990's.  Both promised the end of illegal immigration.  Reagan's Amnesty contained provisions for increased border and interior enforcement which ultimately failed.  Clinton's NAFTA promised border maquiladora factories that would employ the Mexican undocumented in Mexico rather than here in the US. 

The results:  the number of US undocumented increased from some 5 million before amnesty/NAFTA to the 11-12 million that it is today.  These programs, especially NAFTA, brought on the largest influx of undocumented in US history.

These liars will never secure the Mexican border in such a manner that it will impede the daily 1.25 billion dollars in bi-national cross border trade that they profit from now.

Illegal immigration is the flip side of illegal drugs. 
That filthy corrupt bi-national coin has been flipping for over 40 years. 

Mexican Self Deportation?

In response:

Mexican self deportation would work if the corrupt profiteers who run our country would sanction the corrupt profiteers who run Mexico until they provided equivalent pay and services for their own citizens in Mexico.

1.25 billion dollars in trade crosses our common border per day. These 1% profiteers can afford to provide for their own.

Over 50% of the US undocumented are from Mexico, and they would not come or stay here if they could work and provide for their families at home.

With all that said, the bi-national elite like it the way it is: US taxpayers provide the medical and educational costs of the Mexican undocumented while said elite profits from cheap labor and billions in remittances being sent back to Mexico.

The fault in all of this ultimately lies with the same US taxpayers who hire people like John McCain (or try to hire people like Mitt Romney) who lie to them and bamboozle them.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Who are these politico profiteers trying to kid?

In response:

Our 1% owned politico profiteers will never allow the Mexican border to be "secured" in such a way that it interferes with their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.

Not to mention the billions made in fighting the "drug war" and laundering cartel profits. 

We the American taxpayers are just as much pawns in the bi-national 1%'s game as are the Mexican undocumented.

The only glaring difference - the Mexican undocumented know the truth while many American voters have not quite gotten the message.  

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mexico's Undocumented Immigration "Bomb" versus Iran's "Nuclear Bomb"

In Response:

Our government puts economic sanctions on Iran because of the threat of the possibility of a nuclear bomb, but does absolutely nothing to Mexico as a result of the undocumented  immigration "bomb" that Mexico has been dropping on the US taxpayers for decades.

The profiteers (those who act upon the Iranian government but fail to act upon the Mexican government) use insidious propaganda to keep Americans ignorant. Those "radical Muslims" and "Mexican illegal invaders" will destroy not only America but the entire world if we let them!

If you haven't learned to second guess the motives of our 1% bought government "of the people" you are part of the problem and not part of any realistic solution.

It is all about the 1%'s greed. No longer is that reality only showing up in those far away Muslim lands. It is now detonating on our southern border and right in the faces of those who choose to look.

We should end our government's participation in the Mexican Drug War and economically sanction Mexico until it properly provides for its own people. The undocumented from Mexico (who make up more than 50% of the US undocumented) would not come or stay here if that filthy corrupt government of theirs provided equivalent wages and services to their own people in Mexico.

Of course the bi-national (US/Mexico) profiteers enjoy our convoluted immigration status quo while American taxpayer and undocumented pawns pay the price.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Banks and Drug Cartels - Too Big to Jail?

In Response:

This will not happen until the majority of all politicians are disconnected from the 1%'s greed.
That disconnection will not happen until the majority of American voters (the 99%) start thinking and acting for themselves.

This bankster "to big to jail" concept is not unlike Mexican drug cartels who run Mexico and who  also are too "big to jail". The bi-national 99% suffer and die as a result of both country's corruption.

The results are the same. It is just that the Mexican 1%'s methods of control are way more obvious than the US 1%'s.

Drug War Charade

In Response:

How many US corporations profit off of our failed drug war? In forty years one trillion dollars of tax payers money has been spent fighting this charade.   Forty-five million incarcerated during the same time period. God only knows how much money went to CIA funding and US banks profiting from laundering cartel money.

The Mexican Drug war which has left over 100,000 dead is nothing more than the biggest cartel of them all (the Mexican Government) wiping out some of their competition.

Then dear old Harvard University rewards ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon with the First Angelopoulos Global Leaders award for his part played in our charade. Now Calderon is speaking at crony US Universities making $100,000 a pop all of which is supported by some Americans. Go figure.