Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bend Over American Middle-Class Taxpayers!

In Response:

Bend over American Middle-Class Taxpayers! Watch as US 1% bought politicians use the undocumented to screw you out of your tax dollars and jobs! Why?

Do you know that the US and Mexican 1% share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade? Do you know that the US 1% invests more money in Mexico than anyone else? Do you know that Mexico is our second largest provider of oil?

Despite all of their security promises, profits and propaganda, the bi-national 1% will keep the undocumented labor coming and their remittances going south while US taxpayers pay through the nose.

It happened after Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and will happen if this Gang of 8's scam is passed.

Home-country poverty maintained by 1% profits is the cause of our illegal immigration. Our politicians do not address that because they profit off of the same undocumented labor and home-country economics.

Until that fact is addressed, legislation similar to this Gang (Bang) of 8 is all smoke and mirrors.

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