Thursday, April 25, 2013

Drones Won't Make Them Share That Peso Pie

in response:

Let me get this straight. The corrupt Mexican government refuses to provide for its own citizens thus pushing those poor people to the US to harvest our crops.

Meanwhile the mini-me of the military industrial complex, the border
security industrial complex, spends hundreds of millions or our tax dollars on drones that are ineffective at stopping these people from coming to the US?

In all the years that I worked as a US Border Patrol/Ice Agent I had the gut level feeling that our work was never really about stopping people. We were more like a semi-effective sieve that only monitored the flow.

The bi-national set-up of Mexican Illegal immigration is all about the two countries' elite profiting from the simultaneous rape of the Mexican undocumented and US tax-payers.
Mexico has the wealth and resources to provide equivalent wages and services to keep their citizens at home. It would mean that someone would have to share more of the peso pie, and US politicians would have to start telling the truth. 

We need to get to the bottom of this Gang of 8's "immigration reform" bill that "modernizes" the same scam they have been pulling for decades: profiting off of Mexican undocumented at the expense of US taxpayers' money and their quality of life.

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