Friday, April 12, 2013

An Idea For A Fix From A Crusty Old Border Patrol Agent

In response:

 We might have a chance to fix this immigration nightmare if the 1% gang of 8 would tell the truth about their profiteering ties with the 1% leaders of the other countries that push their undocumented to the US.

Just take one of those countries; Mexico. The 1% there hoard so much wealth that they basically starve their own citizens into going north. Remittances are sent back to the 1% run home economy, and the American 1% get cheap laborers to pick their corporate vegetables and fill their corporate immigration prisons.

Meanwhile, the super rich of both sides of the border enjoy 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. I won't even go to illegal drug profits they share.

Meanwhile Jose the Mexican Undocumented and Joe the American born US taxpayer pay the price.

How about an idea for a fix from a crusty old border patrol agent?

Stop all financial and drug war aid to Mexico. Sanction them until they provide equivalent wages and services for their own people in Mexico. Then do the same to each of the other 1% leaders of countries who push their poor here: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, China, India, etc. down the line.

Otherwise whatever the gang of 8 comes up with will simply be just a freshly regurgitated version of Reagan's Amnesty of the 1980's or Clinton's NAFTA of the 1990's.

Hopefully we all know what those two bi-partisan immigrations fiasco fixes did to our undocumented populations.

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