Friday, April 19, 2013

Who Does The Gang of 8's Immigration Bill Hurt the Most?

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I totally support sensible immigration reform. 

With that said, I reject the "Gang of 8's"  Border Security Economic Opportunity Immigration Modernization Act  (BSEOIMA) of 2013 because it is not sensible.  This bill will hurt US taxpayer's the most and the undocumented themselves second most.

This new 844 page Senate immigration bill is now being sent forward for approval by the House of Representatives  and President Obama.

How are US taxpayers hurt?

The 1% profiteers and corporatists who run our country have not only created but are pretending to cater to the up and coming Latino voting bloc.   Our leaders have created this group by purposely never fixing illegal immigration.  They never fixed illegal immigration because they have always profited from undocumented labor while simultaneously profiting from  the politics and their corporate border security industrial complex which they have previously said would stop illegal immigration.

It is actually brilliant what they have done to us.  They have brainwashed us into believing that they can and will stop illegal immigration (Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA) while insidiously using undocumented labor and taxpayers' border enforcement funds to fatten their cronies'  pockets. 

This illusion reeks of our forty-year long dead-end drug war.  It is not designed the 1% profiteering politicians to be won or end.  It is designed to be a perpetual mega money maker for their legal and illegal 1% industries.     

Cut through the verbiage of this new bill  and you will see that the 11 or 12 million undocumented already here will be allowed to stay and work.  That means US citizens will officially have less jobs available to them.  By the way this bill does not cover the back-breaking agricultural jobs many Americans won't do.  That entire corporate industry lies in wait with another bill that our wonderful representatives will profit from and deal with separately.

Side note:  isn't it interesting how John McCain ear marked 50 million "implementation costs" for his beloved Tucson Sector (Arizona) into this bill?  This is to continue the border crossers prosecution program and to fill his crony's Correction Corporation of America' jails.  Read about how McCain's "Operation Streamline" has already raped US taxpayers for millions.     

This bill also means that our overcrowded hospital emergency rooms and our school rooms will remain overcrowded.  And as far as all of those undocumented people who now inhabit and over-crowd some of our small towns, sorry;  they are here to stay.

Anyone who thinks that this bill will stop illegal immigration is wrong.  You can't stop hungry people and human smugglers from finding ways to sneak them into the US.   

This will cost billions of our tax dollars and they promise it is really secure the border this time!  They want us to forget the same previous lies of Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA (both of which promised to stop illegal immigration).  This new bill will use more fences, agents, drones, and the Department of Defense to make our border 90% secure.   Billions in profit for the 1%'s corporations who make drones and surveillance equipment.  

Although Latino groups and undocumented rights groups see this bill as a victory,  they will in the long run be hurt too.  First of all the undocumented will continue to have to flee their home-countries  because of the wealth disparity created by the economic deals their 1% run government makes with our 1% run government (NAFTA/CAFTA/TPP).  Remember the lesson from Clinton's NAFTA:  more Mexican undocumented flooded to the US after the passage of NAFTA than at any other previous time.

This new immigration bill creates another sub-class of immigrant laborers' visas, the so called Registered Provisional Immigrant visa (RPI).  The eleven or twelve million undocumented who entered and remained in the country prior to December 31, 2011 will be able to apply for RPI. 

Side note:  Don't forget the amount of fraud during Reagan's Amnesty.  Depending upon who you believe, estimates range from 30% to 70% of the near 3 million applicants lied on their applications.  Crooks dummied up rental receipts, school records, utility records, and employment records to "prove"  that their customers were present in the US during the qualifying dates.  INS investigators knew about this widespread fraud as did their Washington offices.  The Reagan Administration rubber stamped the fraudulent applications through.  It was more important to the Reagan Administration to look politically successful than to tell the truth.  And if you don't know, I actually was an INS criminal investigator in San Diego during the Amnesty implementation years.  I know about the overwhelming fraud from my personal experience.    

This Gang of 8's bill will act as a magnet to draw even more undocumented people into the US just as Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA did previously.  This is part of our 1%'s plan.  US corporations will always need more sub-classes of laborers to do their dirty work.    

The most significant and insidious brainstorm of the Gang of 8 is that these RPI immigrants cannot adjust to Lawfully Admitted Permanent Registered Alien Status until several goals are met by DHS.  Of course  DHS will need only 3 or 4 or many more billion dollars to implement this program.  God only knows how much they will scam us out of in order to and reach these goals.     

This bill calls for funding for the Department of Defense to be in charge of surveillance on the border.  How many drones will they need at the cost of 16.9 million each and some 4 thousand an hour to fly to reach their "Effectiveness Rage of 90% "?

What becomes of these RPI immigrants if DHS never reaches their goals?  Will RPI immigrants ever be eligible to vote in US elections as non-citizens?

The adjustment of status of this RPI class of immigrant to actual "green card" holders (Lawfully Admitted Permanent Residents) depends upon billions of US tax dollars being allotted to pump up border security profits in perpetuity.  

No one knows if this is even possible, but they will spend (and profit from) billions of tax dollars trying to reach their goal.  If the goal is not reached, they will reap the profits from the labor of the 11 or 12 million RPI legal laborers the bill creates.  

This Gang of 8's bill will act as a magnet to draw even more undocumented people into the US just as Amnesty and NAFTA did previously.         

Who has stepped up to advocate for US taxpayers?  At this point very few people have.  I think that both Democratic and Republican political groups feel and fear that any immigration reform (no matter how convoluted) is better for their political hides than no immigration reform at all.  

Yes, it is broken, but breaking it further is not the answer.

Finally, why does Washington continue to fail to address the home-county disparity of wealth as the cause of our illegal immigration?  Simple.  The 1% who run Washington as well as their home-country 1% conspirators all profit off of this undocumented laborers' merry-go-round.   For example, the Mexican 1% will continue to export their poor in exchange for billions pumped back into their country via remittances.  The US 1% will continue to lure a fresh supply of laborers while profiting from future immigration political platforms and their border security industrial complex which insatiably needs more to never to stop the problem.      



  1. Look what the Gang of 8's cohorts are doing in El Salvador.