Monday, April 22, 2013

The 1%'s Border Security Industrial Complex (BSIC)

The global 1% create economic conditions in their home-countries that coerce their undocumented into ignoring US laws and sneaking into our country.

The home-country 1% profit off of their undocumented leaving and having American taxpayer's footing their medical and education expenses here. They also benefit from the remittances pumped back into their home economies.

The US 1% profit from undocumented labor while simultaneously profiting from their Border Security Industrial Complex (BSIC) that they insist must perpetually expand in order to effectively keep the undocumented from sneaking into our country.

Does this remind you of the 1%'s forty-year long, trillion dollar drug war that they just can't seem to ever win?

Reagan's Amnesty of the mid-1980's, Clinton's NAFTA of the mid-1990's and the Gang of 8's immigration bill of today reveal the 1%'s devious game. Despite their pro "secure the border" propaganda, there is and always has been simply too much profit made in keeping the undocumented coming to the US for them to really ever end the problem. The 1% continues to perpetually profit off of the undocumented's labor while simultaneously amassing huge corporate profits from taxpayers funding the 1%'s BSIC.

Their BSIC needs the undocumented coming to the US just as their military industrial complex needs wars to justify their "profit above people" existences.

The Gang of 8 wants you to forget the lies of Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA
in order to insidiously pull the wool over your eyes again.

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