Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Mexican Godzilla - Made In The USA

In response: 

Here they go again, stealing US taxpayer's money to enrich the 1% who run the US border security industrial complex with more agents, more fencing, more drones, and MORE MONEY!

The Mexican Godzilla - Made by Washington, and paid for by our tax-dollars! 

To add insult to injury they are making yet another class of immigration laborers who take good American jobs beyond agricultural work.

These profiteers will do anything but address the root cause of this never ending problem: hungry people abused by their home country 1% elite.

Do you actually think that (for example) the Mexican undocumented would come or stay here if that corrupt 1% run narco-government of theirs would provide for its own?

Our corrupt 1% corporate-run government is in cahoots with the Mexican 1% profiteers. They abuse the Mexican undocumented while US taxpayers pay the price of lost jobs, overcrowded schools, and overcrowded emergency rooms.

Remember: Reagan's Amnesty of the 1980's and Clinton's NAFTA of the 1990's were supposed to put an end to illegal immigration? Billions of dollars later and decades of increased illegal immigration, and these gang of 8 fools think we are going to buy their latest and greatest?

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