Monday, April 22, 2013

How Estupido Are We, or Do You Have Amnes(ty)ia?

In response:
Why do US taxpayers have to suffer the consequences of failed immigration enforcement?   It is common knowledge that the Mexican and US elite both profit off of people sneaking into the US.   Undocumented remittances sent back south and undocumented labor headed north both fatten the pockets of the bi-national elite.

Then the politicians of these profiteers come along and give us some version of  amnesty or this Gang of 8's regurgitation thereof.  They profit from the undocumented mess that they themselves create and US taxpayers have to suffer the consequences (overcrowded emergency rooms,  educational costs and loss of jobs to the undocumented).  Then these "leaders" of ours turn around and screw those US taxpayers even more by pushing through new legislation that awards their cronies  more border security money.  This is all done with a insincere promise to finally fix illegal immigration this time. 

How estupido are we?

I say no more deals for the bi-national profiteers or the other pawns in this game (the undocumented).  Not one red cent more until these bi-national political scammers come up with a plan that will work for the benefit of US citizen taxpayers first.

For instance, economically sanction Mexico until they clean up their act and take care of their own undocumented citizens with equivalent wages and services.   That in itself will fix or disappear over one half of our problems with the undocumented in the US.   

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