Monday, April 22, 2013

Bi-National Greed Pushes and Pulls (The Undocumented) Here

In response

Sorry Mr. Ward, it is not fear. It is simple awareness that we can no longer trust our government's motives any more. Maybe we never could.

They lied to us about Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA putting a stop to illegal immigration. Other recent examples like the lies of the War in Iraq, the Drug War, and the Great recession of 2008 help put the icing on the cake.

Three questions: Would the undocumented from say Mexico come or stay here if that corrupt government of theirs provided equivalent wages and services?

Has not Clinton's NAFTA and the US backed Mexican War on Drugs actually increased the number of undocumented in the US?

Why doesn't the Gang of 8 question the Mexican 1%'s roll in their undocumented's coming here?

The bi-national 1% (Mexico/US) profit off of this never ending nightmare, and everyone knows who is paying the price.

Now this Gang of 8 wants billions more to do the impossible. You can not stop hungry people from sneaking into our country.

By the way, how come not one stinking US politician will address the fact that the Mexican elite refuses to provide equivalent wages and services for their own citizens in Mexico?

Until the realities that lurk beneath that fact are uncovered, US illegal immigration will never be solved.
And if we want to stop hungry people sneaking into our country we will have address to the bi-national greed that pushes and pulls them here.

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