Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thrown Under the (Immigration Bill) Bus Again

In response:

American voters who are old enough to remember Reagan's Amnesty of the mid-1980's should be highly suspicious of this Gang of 8 asking for billions more for border security.

Do not the cronies of the Gang of 8 reap profits from this expanded border security industrial complex? AND they want to stick the Department of Defense (Drones R Us) on the border to cash in too?

Do you actually think that border security is what's on their mind when 1.25 billion dollars a day is exchanged in cross border trade with Mexico? Do you think they have any interest in Mexican oil? Have the majority of you visited a busy US port like San Diego or El Paso and witnessed the tens of thousands of cars and people who cross north on a daily basis?

The true cause of undocumented immigration is home-country poverty and their disparity of wealth. Does that ring any bells with you?

Do these Senators ever discuss how their programs life NAFTA have actually increased illegal immigration and Mexican poverty since 1994?

This decades long immigration merry-go-round has always been about the multinational elite conspiring with the US elite to cash in on undocumented labor while sending the bill to US taxpayers.

Until these leaders of ours tell the truth about their own greedy interests in immigration reform, we will be thrown under the (immigration bill) bus over and over again.



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