Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA: The End to Illegal Immigration?

So here we go again.  Washington is getting ready to tackle illegal immigration.

Don't forget the rhetoric of Reagan's Amnesty in the mid 1980's and Clinton's NAFTA in the mid 1990's.  Both promised the end of illegal immigration.  Reagan's Amnesty contained provisions for increased border and interior enforcement which ultimately failed.  Clinton's NAFTA promised border maquiladora factories that would employ the Mexican undocumented in Mexico rather than here in the US. 

The results:  the number of US undocumented increased from some 5 million before amnesty/NAFTA to the 11-12 million that it is today.  These programs, especially NAFTA, brought on the largest influx of undocumented in US history.

These liars will never secure the Mexican border in such a manner that it will impede the daily 1.25 billion dollars in bi-national cross border trade that they profit from now.

Illegal immigration is the flip side of illegal drugs. 
That filthy corrupt bi-national coin has been flipping for over 40 years. 

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