Monday, April 22, 2013

Sold Short Again By US Immigration Bills

In response:

I am not suspicious of immigrants whether they are documented or not. I am suspicious of our politicians and the undocumented's home-country politicians who use the undocumented and/or legal immigration to profit at the expense of US taxpayers.

I know from my own experience that my home town of San Jacinto, CA is unrecognizable from the town that I grew up in during the 1960's. I would make an educated guess as a retired US Border Patrol Agent that the majority of the Latinos living there are undocumented.

The above scenario is common across the US today especially after the passage of NAFTA.
No one can expect American's to not be angry because of the helplessness that they feel when they literally see the faces of their hometowns changed.

I do not support American anger at the undocumented. That anger comes from not understanding the problem beyond these Americans' street corners and hospital emergency rooms.

The undocumented are a symptom of a much more insidious problem: the greed of the US and their home-country elite.

Until that problem is addressed, we will continue to be sold short by bills like this Gang of 8's and its predecessors (Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA).

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