Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sanction Mexico Until They Take Care Of Their Own

in response:

From above: "We want to make sure we get immigration reform right this time".

If we are going to finally get it right, we will have to drastically change the way we address the cause of Mexican illegal immigration into the US.

The reason that they come is because their home-country elite control the Mexico's vast wealth. That elite will not provide equivalent opportunities for pay and services so the Mexican poor come north.

Yet does Washington ever criticize the Mexican government for the part it plays in pushing their undocumented here?

No. These co-conspirators trade 1.25 billon dollars a day in cross border trade. Mexico is our second largest supplier of oil, and the US invests more money in Mexico than any other country.

Yet check out how former President Felipe Calderon blames Mexican drug violence on the government:

Washington won't take a real stand to fix illegal immigration because there is too much money in maintaining the decades-long status quo.

We could sanction the Mexican elite until they take care of their own. But that will mean that US taxpayers will have to stand up to the US 1% and their crony politicians too who have both profited off of this decades-long failed immigration status quo

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