Monday, April 29, 2013

As Of Yet - Immigration Reform Has Changed Little

In response:

As of yet - no comments posted. It never ceases to amaze me how readers will post hundreds of comments about the undocumented in the US, yet ignore shocking stories about Mexico's journalists.

Americans view Mexico's problems as Mexico's and not theirs.

Many Americans and their politicians see no connection between these horrific examples of impunity and lawlessness in Mexico and the reasons that undocumented Mexicans sneak into the US. They also see no connection between the failed US backed Mexican drug war and the increased amount of Mexican asylum applications to the US.

Many Americans see no connection between Clinton's NAFTA and the resulting escalation of Mexican poverty which led to the largest influx of Mexican undocumented into the US ever.

Many Americans see no connection between the current Gang of 8's proposed immigration bill and Reagan's Amnesty/Clinton's NAFTA which both promised to reform the system in such a manner as to put an end to illegal immigration to the US.

Many Americans see no connection between the bi-national 1%'s greed and illegal immigration. And many Americans will complain when they realize that "immigration reform" changes little.

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