Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Lies of Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA Morph into the Gang of 8

In Response:

American citizens and taxpayers wake up! We have heard this "border security will stop illegal immigration" hype for decades. Do you not remember Reagan's Amnesty in the 1980's and Clinton's NAFTA in the 1990's? This 2013 gang of 8 is pulling your chain too!

As long as the Mexican elite refuses to provide wages and services equal to that of the US their undocumented people will never stop coming.

Mexico has the resources to provide for their own, and we (meaning the common people in the US) have been suffering the consequences of Mexico's rich abusing their poor for decades!

Of course the US elite has profited from Mexico's poor too. It is just our middle class who has suffered the loss of jobs and over-crowded emergency and school rooms.

I say Mexico because they are our closest Latin American neighbor which "provides" over 50% of the undocumented present in the US. Plug in any other Latin American country too.

Do you think the kids of this gang of 8 will ever have to stand in line at hospital emergency rooms or compete with undocumented workers for a job flipping burgers?

You want a true fix? Sanction Mexico economically like we sanction Iran. Force the Mexican elite to provide for their own citizens and over 50% of our troubles with the undocumented in the US will disappear. Otherwise, drag this mess out for another decade or two. Drag it out just like the lies of Amnesty and NAFTA.

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