Thursday, April 11, 2013

Same line of BS, different decade

In response:

This is what happens when the 1% run government of one country and the 1% run government of another conspire together to use and abuse common citizens (the 99%) of both countries for profit.

The Mexican 1% exports their poor not only to avoid providing for them, but also to have their remittances pumped back into the 1% owned economy. On the other side the US 1% gain cheap labor, political propaganda, and profits from privatized prisons and border security corporations while pretending to want a fix for the problem.

Meanwhile, who beside the undocumented pay the price for this decades-long charade? It surely is not John McCain's grandchildren who will have to compete with undocumented workers for dishwashing jobs, long emergency room lines, over-crowded classrooms or over-crowded street corners.

Now this "gang of eight" will promise again what Reagan's amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA failed to do? Do you know that the largest influx of undocumented came after both of these programs failed to stop illegal immigration as promised?

Same line of BS, different decade. I used to work for the Border Patrol, and I now know it is not about stopping people from coming in. It was about making you the taxpayers believe that stopping hungry people was (or still is) the intent of those who make our laws and profit at their perpetual failures.

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