Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bring The Greed Factor Out of The Shadows

in response:

There are heart-breaking human tragedies and injustices on all sides of this debate. Besides family separation some undocumented people horrifically die crossing the border.

It is also true that some undocumented criminals have murdered innocent US citizens while in the US.

We frequently discus the human interest side of the undocumented having to sneak into the US, but we fail to discuss the root cause of these tragedies and injustices.

The root cause of the undocumented is the greed of the few and disparity in their wealth in their home-countries. It is the gap between the "haves and have not's", or the 1%'s control of wealth over the 99%.

Just to be clear, this includes the greed of the US few who not only abuse the undocumented, but abuse US citizens too.

Mexico is our closest southern neighbor with the largest amount of undocumented people in the US. The vast majority of Mexican undocumented are good, hard working, honest people who come for a better life.

Why do they have to leave their home country? Would they leave or return home if they had equivalent wages and services at home?

The Mexican few get billions in remittances pumped back into Mexico. The US few get cheap labor and huge amounts of the tax payers' dollars pumped into their privatized immigration prisons and border security industrial complex.

I say no more illusionary immigration bills passed until the bi-national greed factor is brought out of the shadows.

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