Sunday, April 14, 2013

Immigration Reform Deja Vu 2013?

 As a Retired US Border Patrol/ICE Agent, I totally support immigration reform. 

With that said, I am highly skeptical and mistrustful of what our politicians will do about immigration reform in 2013.  I don't believe what they say because their predecessors have lied to us before.  I don't believe what they say because they do not reveal their true motives of greed and profit which lurk behind their rhetoric of immigration reform.    

They preached to us in the mid 1980's that Reagan's amnesty would finally put an end to illegal immigration.  They promised us in the mid 1990's that the economic benefits of NAFTA would do the same.  

Were they simply wrong or did they actually lie?

Sadly, I believe they lied.  They lied just as they have lied about the our War in Iraq, our failed medical care system, our catastrophic recession of 2008, our insidious forty year-long drug war which includes the atrocities committed in Central  America in the 1980's and Calderon's (or now Pena Nieto's) senseless Mexican Drug War that rages on today.

Who pays and has paid the price of these Amnesty and NAFTA lies?  Mexican corn farmers and small business owners wiped out by NAFTA an Wal-Mart have obviously paid the price.  And the truth is American taxpayers are paying and have paid too. 

Generally Americans are compassionate about suffering people, yet many are rightfully very angry about the illegal immigration of the past twenty years.  Amnesty and NAFTA promised these taxpayers an end, but the exact opposite happened.  Illegal immigration became much worse as it increased from 3.9 million in 1993 to  some 11 or 12 million that it is today. 

Yes, American taxpayers have the right to be very angry. They are the ones who have to deal with over-crowded hospital emergency rooms and their kids being sent to over-crowded school rooms.  Some experience their jobs being lost or undercut by companies who hire undocumented workers working under the table.  They wonder why the problem never stops.  And many unfortunately incorrectly blame the undocumented as the cause of this problem. 

American taxpayers are as just as much pawns in the 1%'s elites' immigration      scheme as the undocumented are.  Unfortunately, many American voters believe the 1%'s hype and this "gang of 8".  They believe that the undocumented are the cause of this immigration mess, when in fact the undocumented are only a  symptom of a much more treacherous problem .  

Last year's political magicians pulled off the Deferred Action program instead giving real immigration reform to the Dream Act Kids.  As a result, these kids have no legal status in the US and their future is uncertain. 

Deferred Action is an immigration status similar to TPS (Temporary Protective Status).   For example, I know of a young man who works at the Ridgway Market.  He fled El Salvador  eighteen years ago.  El Salvador suffered a civil war resulting from the US led Cold War, US trained death squads, US backed regime changes, and the drug war that continues today.   All of this translates to me as the US and El Salvadoran 1% conspiring together to put politics and profit above human life.  

This young man was granted TPS eighteen years ago.  His status is in indefinite limbo  because he still has not been granted permanent residency or citizenship.   

To me TPS and deferred action are other obvious examples of our politicians taking advantage of pandering for votes through illusionary immigration promises.  It has been eighteen years or longer for some Central Americans -  how long will it be for the Deferred Action Kids?        

To reiterate:   I am very skeptical of our government's intentions about immigration reform.  I am also very mistrustful of our government's relationships with the 1% elite of the foreign countries who push their undocumented here. 

Take the US and Mexican 1% elite for example.  They both reap profit from cheap labor, remittances sent home, privatized prisons, border security,  bi-national trade, illicit drug earnings and illicit money laundering. 

Mexico is our number 3 trading partner and our second  largest source of oil.  1.25 billion dollars a day is exchanged between the US and Mexico on a daily basis.  The US invests more money in Mexico than any other country. 

The bi-national 1% enjoy a very profitable economic ties, but how does that apply to the rest of us?  Can we not see that they profit at the our own expense?    

Nowhere is the conspiracy of the US and Mexican 1% more outrageously demonstrated than the case of Drug War President Calderon and Harvard University. 

Late last year Harvard rewarded Calderon with the First Angelopoulos Global Leaders award.  Calderon now has a year's fellowship in the US.  He is speaking at US universities for $100,000 per lecture.   Why do all of these universities refuse to  acknowledge Calderon's 100,00 drug war dead?.  Does it have anything to do with the lucrative trade between the two countries' 1% elite?

The truth is that the 1% in either country do not care about what their citizens need or want.  They will stand by and profit (as in the case of Mexico) as their own citizens are forced to flee al Norte in order to feed their families.  They will stand by and watch as their own citizens are jailed in US immigration prisons and die as they cross the border.    As for the US 1% , they profit as US citizens lose jobs and see the quality of the lives diminished.      

Most insidious of all is the bi-national 1% elite standing by and profiting as tens of thousands of Mexican citizens and some US citizens are slaughtered because of Calderon's (and now Pena Nieto's) senseless US backed war on drugs.   

If the US government does not now address the issue of the 11 or 12 million undocumented people here in the US, I say those undocumented should go to ICE and put themselves into immigration proceedings.     

Peacefully gum up the system.  Overload ICE and the Immigration courts.  Force our politicians to take a stand. 

We are all part of their game until we stop playing it.



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