Monday, April 15, 2013

1986 Amnesty Fraud: Washinton Didn't Care

In response


 As Criminal INS Investigator working during Reagan's Amnesty in the 1980's, I can say that all INS Special Agents were appalled at the amount of fraud committed by unscrupulous individuals and groups who illegally took advantage of Amnesty.

Nearly 3 million people obtained permanent residency through Amnesty. Depending upon who you talk to, the amount of overall fraud in the two sub-programs (agricultural workers and 5 year residents) was put at 25% to 50% or higher

I know that the INS Western Regional office in Laguna Niguel CA was extremely understaffed and totally buried by the amount of fraud cases they had.

Despite the fact that INS Special Agents, Western Regional Offices, and our Washington DC offices knew of the fraud, we were never given the resources to investigate all of the cases and many were rubber stamped through for legalization.

It was more important to the Reagan administration that Amnesty looked "successful" than it was to tell the truth about the rampant fraud.

Fast forward to today and crooks are going to have a field day dummying up utility receipts, rental contracts, work records, schools records, etc. to "prove" they or their customers lived in the US prior to this 12/31/11 cutoff date.

The real question: will DHS and ICE allocate the proper amount of investigators to handle the load? I doubt it.

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