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Immigration Reform: All Of The Profit Is In The Fight Not In The Fix

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Immigration Reform:  All Of The Profit Is In The Fight Not In The Fix  

I think most Americans support legalization of the undocumented with the understanding that said legalization or "reform" includes border security that would effectively stop illegal immigration and  the need for further reforms.

Washington's schizophrenic approach to illegal immigration drives American's crazy.  Record deportations coupled with attempts to legalize 11.2 million people and the Senate's S.744 asking for 46.3 billion more in border security tax dollars make any one with common sense wonder what Washington's true immigration intentions are.

I say if you dig deep enough and think for yourselves you will discover that illegal immigration is like any other profitable yet ineffective Washington industry including but not limited to failed health care, a 40+ year long failed drug war, illegal military wars, preventable great recessions, etc.. 

The truth is that US corporations and Washington politicians simultaneously profit from undocumented labor and the government border security reform contracts that pay billions to attempt to control illegal immigration. 

And just like their 40+ year long war on drugs, Washington has no intention of killing the goose that lays those golden labor or drug laden eggs.  Or put in another way, all of the profit is in decades-long fight - not in a sensible fix. 


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DHS and US Border Patrol AUO Fraud - What Is The Truth?

DHS and US Border Patrol AUO Fraud  -  What Is The Truth?

See this link:

From my personal experience (USBP AUO Fraud):  We worked AUO when we did;we lied about it when we didn't, and we lied about it more than we worked it.  A combination, if you will, of two popular slogans today:  Don't ask, don't tell, and Just Do It and you will get your 25% overtime pay.

I wonder why this Senate Committee never asked Ron Vitiello, Deputy Chief U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or US Customs and Border Patrol Agent/National Border Patrol Council  Brandon Judd if as trainees they might have been indoctrinated into penciling in AUO overtime hours?  While the committee is at it they should ask the same of the Chief of the Border Patrol, Michael J. Fisher and all of the Chief Patrol Agents across the southwest border. 

They all started out as a trainees and rose through the system.  From my experience, it was  customary for US Border Patrol trainees to be told that penciling in AUO was OK or standard operating procedures.     


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Rock Bottom Trickle Down Effect - Another Border Shooting

This is the "rock bottom" trickle down effect of two corrupt governments' insidious system of profit/labor/remittance driven illegal immigration requiring profit driven immigration reform.

Profits From Bi-National Trade And Drugs Are More Important Than The Lives Of Their Own Citizens

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Profits From Bi-National Trade And Drugs Are More Important Than The Lives Of Their Own Citizens

I have a few questions and comments for you guys. 

Did NAFTA increase Mexican illegal immigration to the US?

With all of the wealth and resources that Mexico and the US have (1.25 billion a day in cross border trade) why is it necessary for the Mexican undocumented to have to keep coming north to feed their families?

If the US and Mexico are such great democratic nations and trading partners, why is it necessary to  keep putting more agents, fences and drones on the border that make the two countries look like they are more at war with each other then friendly neighbors? 

President Obama why do you seldom if ever mention the ongoing Mexican drug war that has slaughtered some 120,000 people since 2006?

Would the Mexican economy collapse if our border was sealed in such a way that illegal drugs and illegal immigration were effectively stopped?  We are talking many billions of dollars annually going south from illegal drug profits and remittances. 

Do either of you really expect the Mexican undocumented to stop going north when Vice President Joe Biden recently promised the Mexican economic elite to "bring the undocumented out of the shadows"?

Your combined NAFTA has resulted in 8 thousand border crossing deaths, and your combined drug war has resulted in over 120,000 deaths.  Do you guys really care about human life or the lives of your citizens?


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another Band Aide Type Immigration Reform Fix Won't Cut The Mustard

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Immigration reform activists need middle-class America on their side.  That could happen if said activists included protesting to Washington about Washington's trade policies (NAFTA) which have not only created poverty but a disparity in wealth in the undocumenteds' home countries that will continue to ensure their illegal immigration to the US.

Americans want a fix to illegal immigration.  Fixing illegal immigration will fix deportations. 

Simply doing another band aide type immigration reform fix (legalizing 11.2 million in exchange for 46.3 billion in border security boodle) will no longer cut the mustard.   

We The People will not accept another immigration reform which not only ignores the root cause of illegal immigration (the undocumenteds' home country poverty) but perpetuates it too.

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What Is The Actuality Of Washington Ever Effectively Stopping Illegal Immigration?

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What Is The Actuality Of Washington Ever Effectively Stopping Illegal Immigration?

To the vast majority of Americans "Immigration Reform" means the effective stopping of illegal immigration.

The problem with those Americans is that they blindly trust that Washington wants to, will and actually can stop illegal immigration.

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I have heard the same solutions to illegal immigration for almost 35 years: "secure the border", "fine the employers",  "mandatory employment verification AKA E-Verify", "deport them all", etc.

I spend many hours in retirement reading comments stemming from illegal immigration and immigration reform articles.  Over and over again concerned writers offer solutions similar to the above.  Obvious solutions that if applied would work.

Yet the possibility that our own government does not want to effectively solve or stop illegal immigration never seems to dawn upon these posters.  And that is where "We The People" drop the illegal immigration ball and throw ourselves under Washington's immigration reform bus.

"We The People" need to wake up.  Illegal immigration is about profit from cheap labor.  Immigration reform is about billions in profit for Washington's border security cronies.  The rest is a bunch of emotional propaganda that is designed to keep "We The People" from seeing the truth.

I ask that you read what is said in these following articles.  I ask that you consider how these articles apply to illegal immigration and the reality of Washington ever effectively stopping it:   

The first is our own US Department of State glorifying our economic "relations" with Mexico.  At least read the part that describes the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border (NAFTA) trade,  Mexico being our second largest source of oil, and our third largest trading partner:

Now please read these two articles pertaining to Washington's NAFTA and how NAFTA has actually exacerbated US illegal immigration:

Now read the recent words of VP Joe Biden's September 20, 2013 speech to the Mexican economic elite.  Read how he praises our combined economic futures.  Read how he promises to bring all of the US undocumented "out of the shadows".  Notice how Biden fails to address the fact that 8,000 undocumented have died crossing the border since NAFTA's inception, and that 120,000 people have died since the inception of the US backed Mexican drug war that started in 2006 and continues today:

Finally what should be the coup de grâce to the US and Mexican Governments' corruption is glorified at our own Harvard University:

Illegal immigration is about profit and corruption.  Until that corruption is exposed any of Washington's attempts to "reform" immigration should be shot down.


McCain's Insidious Abuse Of The Undocumented For Taxpayers' S.744 Border Security Billions

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McCain's Insidious Abuse Of The Undocumented For Taxpayers' S.744 Border Security Billions

On one hand McCain wants to legalize 11.2 million undocumented, and on the other he wants to jail more of them in Arizona.  He literally has the undocumented and taxpayers comin' and goin'. 

If McCain has his way his beloved Arizona Tucson Sector and US Border Patrol will received an extra 200 million taxpayers' dollars for  continued and expanded "Operation Streamline" border prosecutions and an extra 200 million dollars for Arizona FEMA's and the US Border Patrol's  "Operation Stonegarden" shenanigans. 

Read about these two taxpayers' rip offs: 

1)  Operation Streamline:

2)  Operation Stonegarden:

This extra 400 million dollars for McCain's Arizona is in addition to the other 46.3 billion "reform" tax dollars that McCain and his "Gang of 8" are asking for in the Senate's already passed  S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act
Just scroll down to Section 6 "Comprehensive Reform Funding" (a)(2)(A) to see the initial $46.3 billion tax payer price tag.

And for extra corrupt Arizona pork, 200 million for Arizona Prosecutions (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(i) referenced in 1104(a)(1)

200 million more for Arizona's and FEMA "Operation Stonegarden" (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(ii) referenced in Section 1104(b) 

This is exactly why on December 3, 2013  House Speaker Boehner announced the hiring of  McCain's top tier immigration policy aide Rebecca Tallent:

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A Typical American Exceptionalist's Demand For Border Security As The "Fix" To Illegal Immigration

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A Typical American Exceptionalist's Demand For Border Security As The "Fix" To Illegal Immigration

Please read the above link and then "Black Saint's" response to the article below:

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    Migrating to America legally is, and should be, a thorough procedure meant to protect the interests of American citizens. It involves more than simply jumping a fence and heading north in pursuit of free health care, education, food stamps, and other handouts paid for by broke U.S. citizens and a Bankrupt nation!
    Legal immigration means enduring rigorous hurdles like background checks to detect a criminal background or possible ties to terrorists; medical examinations to detect diseases still prevalent in third-world nations, but long since eradicated here; proof of financial solvency so as to prevent newcomers from becoming a burden on U.S. taxpayers, and testing for knowledge of American history and English skills.
    Those who have jumped a fence into America in order to avoid our immigration checks are not immigrants. Rather, they are invading criminals, with no claim whatsoever to the welcome mat extended to legal immigrants.
    Such people do not deserve recognition, sanction or amnesty by the United States, and should be rounded up and deported as soon as possible, alone with the corrupt politicians that support this invasion.
    In truth, illegal aliens have invaded our nation, leaving America vulnerable to undetected crime, terrorism, disease, and financial devastation at the hands of people with no legal or moral justification for being here.


    Here is my response to Blank Saint: 

    Sounds so patriotic and all American and does not mean squat to the Washington immigration opportunists who have institutionalized their insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration in exchange for reform that brings their cronies billions in border security boodle.

    These type of posters (who are many) just can't seem to get past their rubber-stamped brainwashing to see what is really taking place.  And yes Pogo we have met the enemy.

    Which Part Of Washington's Immigration Reform Can "We The People" Trust?

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    Which Part Of Washington's Immigration Reform Can "We The People" Trust?

    The "Gang of 8" created the Senate's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.  If immigration reform is ever passed it surely will contain many of the same elements of the Senate's S.744.  Take a gander if you dare:
    Who out there has the time and expertise to read and understand Washington's pages and pages of confusing government immigration gobbledygook?

    I selected a few sections that to me reveal the true character of Washington's approach to illegal immigration.

    Section 6 "Comprehensive Reform Funding" (a)(2)(A) : initial $46.3 billion tax payer price tag for "comprehensive immigration reform's" "border security".  Can  "We The People" possibly trust that all of these billions more of our tax dollars will finally and effectively stop illegal immigration?  Has any wall in the history of the world ever stopped hungry, motived people?

    Section 2101 Registration and Adjustment of Registered Provisional Immigrants.  This is merely bribery for 11.2 million undocumented people for having the fortitude to play Washington's insidious NAFTA/CAFTA, profit/labor driven illegal immigration and reform for "border security billions" game.

    Read it.  Thirteen more years of labor peonage for a provisional (subject to change) chance at US citizenship.  How can "We The People" trust that S.744 will not draw millions more undocumented people to the US for not only this reform but for the next reform that will surely happen?

    Tell me - since NAFTA was passed in 1994 - why  does Washington turns a "bind eye" to the 8,000 undocumented who have died playing their "border hunger games"?  And how about the US backed, 120,000 dead Mexican Drug War?  Why should "We The People" trust your silence about these continuing atrocities Washington? 

    Read S.744. Section 1102:   Doubling the size of the US Border Patrol.  "We The People"can't trust that 19,000 more agents will do anything but continue the USBP's historic, systemic and cultural abuse of AUO overtime which rips "We The People" off for millions annually. Check out this ABC San Diego report that reveal the truth of US Border Patrol overtime fraud.  Doubling the size of the US Border Patrol only doubles the size of the fraud.
    And for what should be the coup de grâce of Washington's reform, "We The People" must read about the extra corrupt, John McCain Arizona pork of 200 million for Arizona Prosecutions (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(i) referenced in 1104(a)(1) and 200 million more for Arizona's and FEMA "Operation Stonegarden" (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(ii) referenced in Section 1104(b)       

    "We The People" need to do our homework about Arizona's Operation Streamline and Operation Stonegarden.  These are both horrendous examples of Washington's institutionalization of profit/labor driven illegal immigration and profit-driven, tax payer funded border security boodle.

    "We The People" can't trust any of their immigration reform sections until Washington fesses up to the truths of their own self-inflicted illegal immigration policies and all related immigration corruption.



    Saturday, February 15, 2014



    My Story Of Lying About Overtime As A US Border Patrol Agent

    Back then in the Border Patrol we called it UOT (Uncontrollable Overtime).  That was in the early 1980's when  I was a 27 year old trainee US Border Patrol Agent in El Cajon California.  The official  term is Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime for the US Border Patrol.  It is officially Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) for ICE special agents.  The article below indicates that AUO  is still an abuse issue today.

    Here is a link to copies of the 1984 memo that I wrote and the USBP response:

    I say new USBP agents are subtly coerced into lying about their AUO.  Once they pass their 4 month academy they are on probation for a full year.  As probationary trainees they are continuously evaluated by the journeymen agents who complete their C&E's (Conduct And Evaluation Reports).

    The journeyman agents help trainees fill out their INS forms I-50's (or Lie 50's as we jokingly called them).  Agents and trainees used the I-50's to document the work that they had completed during the two week time or pay period.  Agents and trainees also logged their AUO hours on the I-50 and time sheets in order to collect their overtime pay.

    I don't remember the specific conversations I had with journeyman agents who I rode with.  I do know that our I-50's had to match as we were partners during the specific two week time periods.  I do know that we marked down an average of 2 hours a day AUO even though we seldom worked that many hours.  We had to average 2 hours a day (or 20 hours a two week pay period) in order to receive our full 25% AUO overtime pay. 

    I do know that we all lied about the time that we worked.  I am not saying that there were not times that we got so busy that we did actually work the two hours or more AUO.  We did.  Yet the actual working of the two hours (or more) was the exception, not the rule.  As a rough estimation I would say that we worked somewhere between one forth or one third of our actual overtime.  The rest was "penciled" in. 

    Our justifications:  "Don't worry about it.  It's OK to fudge a little.  There will be times that you work more than your 20 hours per pay period and you won't get paid for it".

    I specifically remember working one 4PM to 12 AM shift.  We were finished and all sitting around the office tables just waiting to leave.  At 12:02 the supervisor said " Well it's 2 minutes after 12, there's our overtime, let's get out of here!"  And we all did - just as we more often than not - did.

    On a typical 8 hour dayshift in Northern San Diego County (7AM - 3PM) we by noon had filled up our vans with undocumented people and were heading back to the station to do their paperwork.  We "processed" the people we caught and all went home at 2:00 or 2:30.  We all made sure that we carried (lied) about the right number of overtime hours to be paid our 25% overtime.

    I also worked as an INS and DHS ICE Special Agent.  Although DHS uses the LEAP system, the abuse is the same or worse.  I know one current ICE agent who recently told me that 2/3's of his or her office not only lies about overtime, they also lie about the their 8 hour workdays.  ICE agents are assigned Government vehicles and investigative case work.  They can say they are doing casework or surveillance and roll in and out of their offices at will.  

    The Math

    For example a USBP agent making $50,000 a year base pay who "worked" an average of 20 hours per pay period for the entire 26 pay periods of that year would make an extra 25% as AUO.  In this case, 25% of $50,000 is  $12,500 AUO for that year.  In reality that agent's take home pay was $62,500 not  $50,000.

    This adds up in either AUO or LEAP system especially when based upon agents who are GS-12's, 13's or 14's  with years of time in grade.  Their base pays could be up in the $80,000 to $100,000 ranges. 

    Yes, an agent whose base pay is $100,000 and lies about his or her overtime cheats the tax payers out of $25,000 a year.  To add insult to injury, AUO and LEAP are calculated into the agents' "high three" years for retirement calculation purposes (at least under the old CSRS retirement system).  Agents could lie about their overtime during their working years and receive a much higher retirement pay for lying about their overtime. 

    Can I without a doubt say that all Border Patrol Agents lie and have lied about their AUO?  No.

    I can say, as I did in my 1984 Memo asking for systemic change:  "If one person is lying isn't it possible that all agents are lying?"

    I say from my experience working as a USBP and ICE agent, lying about overtime was and is a systemic problem and commonly done.  The upper USBP management who swept my case under the rug did so because they were products of the same system.  The OPR (Office of Professional Responsibility ) investigators who "investigated" my case and swept it under the rug because they were products of the same system too.   

    How much taxpayer money is involved in this fraud?  There are roughly 19,000 USBP agents with an average base pay of $42,000 per year.  If one third of them (6,333) lie about their over time the total is $42,000 X 25% = $10,500.  $10,500 X 6,333 agents = $66,496,500 per year in fraud. 

    Yes that is a very safe estimate of 66 million dollars.   

    As far as ICE or HSI special agents, there are 6,700 nationwide.  Let's use the GS-12 step 1 figure of $70,000 base pay per year, times 25% = $17,500.  Let's use the very safe estimate of 1/3 of the ICE agents lying = 2,233 agents X $17,500 = $39,083,332 per year in fraud.

    Combined USBP and ICE fraud =  $66,496,500 + $39,083,332 =  $105, 579, 830 a year.

    Yes.  A very safe estimate of one hundred million a year.

    Now multiply  $105, 579, 830 times 30 (the number of years ago that I exposed this): 

    Yes, a very safe estimate of over 3 billion dollars.

    The 8.7 million that the US Office of Special Council refers to is the tip of the iceberg.

    This overtime abuse with the USBP would be pretty easy to prove.  Most USBP agents drive their own cars to their stations.  My guess is that most if not all stations now have parking that is gate controlled and under video surveillance.  Wouldn't those gate systems and video surveillance cameras reveal the actual times agents are coming to and going home from work?  Do you think the times that many agents leave their parking lots correspond with the times many mark down on their timesheets?

    Unfortunately, I don't.

    And even if they are leaving on time, wouldn't the stations' video surveillance systems reveal if the agents are out in the field working or playing video games at their desks?

    This abuse is a microcosm of the government corruption taking place in Washington.

    The system needs to be managed to prevent this abuse.  As I said back in 1984 simple time clocks would be one solution.  And with today's video surveillance systems and a system of fair overtime pay this corruption would once and for all be laid to rest.  

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    Washington Self-Inflicts Illegal Immigration And Reform Wounds On America

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    Washington Self-Inflicts Illegal Immigration And Reform Wounds On America

    The title of this "The Hill Newsletter" article is "Obama: Immigration reform will get done by end of presidency".

    The actual quote in the article says:

    “I believe it will get done before my presidency is over,” Obama president said. “I’d like to get it done this year.”

    Who the hell proofed this?  How does "I believe it will get done"  and "I'd like it to get done" become Obama saying it "Will get done"?

    And which part of immigration reform does Obama believe or would Obama like to get done?

    46.3 billion taxpayers' dollars for border security boodle?

    13 years of RPI labor peonage for 11.2 million undocumented future citizens?

    200 extra million dollars for McCain's "Operation Streamline" expansion?

    200 million extra million dollars for FEMA's "Operaton Stonegarden"?

    The doubling in size of the US Border Patrol?

    More H1-b high tech foreign worker visas for the Mark Zuckerberg's of America?

    And still, nothing said about Washington's self-inflicted illegal immigration wounds brought about by their own self-serving NAFTA/CAFTA trade policies.

    Have any of the Washington politicians pushing immigration reform ever had to stand in line in an over-crowded hospital emergency room filled with undocumented people?  Lost a job to NAFTA or an undocumented person?   Had their kids go to public schools where 1/4 to 1/2 of the class is filled with undocumented kids not fluent in English?  Had their home-town demographics unjustly and unfairly bombarded by so many undocumted that their home town now resembles a border town?

    Reform the mess you clowns have already made before "reforming" it again and making it worse again. 


    Wednesday, February 12, 2014

    Fremont Neb: A Microcosm Of Washington's Self-Infliced Illegal Immigration Mess

    In response:

    Fremont Neb:  A Microcosm Of Washington's Self-Inflicted Illegal Immigration Mess

    Another small American town is forced to absorb what appears to be an influx of undocumented people.  Fremont leaders will be labeled racists for having the courage to not only address this issue but to act upon it too.

    From the article:  The number of Hispanics jumped from 165 in 1990 to 1,085 in 2000 and 3,149 in 2010, mostly because of jobs at the nearby Hormel and Fremont Beef plants.    

    This increase in the Hispanic population of Fremont is a microcosm of what happened in the US nationwide after the passage of Clinton's 1994 NAFTA and George W. Bush's CAFTA in 2005.

    Reagan's 1986 Amnesty legalized close to 3 million undocumented.  Clinton's 1994 NAFTA exacerbates poverty in Mexico as did the 2005 passage of CAFTA in Central America by the George W. Bush administration.

    Today Washington is trying to "reform" its own self-inflicted, free trade agreement produced results of increased illegal immigration and our current 11.2 million US undocumented.

    Yep.  The US and the undocumenteds' home countries "free trade" elite prosper while US citizens, like those in Fremont Nebraska, are left having to deal with the consequences of Washington's self-inflicted, profit driven, poverty producing illegal immigration and immigration "reform".

    I wonder how many millionaire Washington politicians have to compete with the undocumented by waiting in line in over-crowded hospital emergency rooms?  Or lose their jobs to the undocumented?  Or send their kids to schools where over one half of the students can't speak English?  Or watch as their home-town demographics are unjustly and unfairly changed ?

    Nope.  These Washington Immigration Reform Profiteers (WIRP's) live way above all that.

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014

    The Mexican NAFTA/Cartel Elite Must Have An Economic/Dark Money Stranglehold On Washington

    In response:

    The Mexican NAFTA/Cartel Elite Must Have An Economic/Dark Money Stranglehold On Washington

    Where is Washington's outrage about these horrendous discoveries?     Are you not even a bit curious as to why the White House and our politicians' remain eerily silent about the ongoing Mexican drug war that has claimed 120,000 people lives since 2006? 

    Read VP Biden's September 20, 2013 speech made to the Mexican economic elite.   You will not find one word about Mexican drug war atrocities.

    Or check out President Obama's 2011 El Paso Texas speech made as President Obama stood directly across from Ciudad Juarez, ground zero for the Mexican drug war murders, disappearances, and dislocation of tens of thousands of Mexico's common citizens.

    Do you find it suspicious that in 2006 Mexican President Felipe Calderon the notoriously corrupt Mexican military to go to war with rival Mexican drug cartels?  Would you not question the sanity of such a decision knowing that the US has been fighting its ongoing "war on drugs" for over forty years with no substantial or positive results?

    Do you have any idea of how the US elite has rewarded ex-Mexican president Calderon for his "achievements" during his 2006 - 2012 presidency?

    I think the Mexican NAFTA/economic elite must have some kind of economic and/or dark money stranglehold on Washington.  Washington ignores this horrendous drug war and will not admit that its own NAFTA caused more undocumented people to flood across our border than any other time in recorded history. 

    Do we underestimate the Mexican political and dark money influence of Cartel money laundering, legitimate trade, US investments, Mexican oil and Mexican illegal immigration?

    Washington's Hypocritical Immigration Politicians' (WHIP's) Message To The Undocumented and American Citizens

    Washington's Hypocritical Immigration Politicians'  (WHIP's) Message To The Undocumented and American Citizens

    Hey undocumented come harvest our foods, make our beds and build our homes if you can get over the border without getting caught.  WHIP's corporations want to keep yours statuses illegal  otherwise WHIP's corporations would have to pay you more or hire US citizens, ¿comprenden?

    You know the NAFTA that WHIP's Slick Willie passed in 1994 helped create even greater poverty in your home countries so that we that the WHIP's rich here and there would be assured that you folks would keep on coming. 

    And to the Americans who list those 1 million WHIP's NAFTA jobs exported since 1994:  "but you get to buy WHIP's corporations cheaper electronics and clothing assembled in Mexico, no?

    Of course the home country NAFTA WHIP's elite in Mexico enjoy that 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and the billions in remittances you the undocumented send back to their economy each year.  Meanwhile the disparity in wealth and poverty that WHIP's created continues to increase in both countries thereby assuring the illegal immigration status quo. 

    WHIP's know that the average Americans have to suffer and absorb the costs and consequences of WHIP's insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration and immigration reform.  Americans see the effects in hospital emergency rooms, schools, losses of jobs, and unjust demographic changes to their home towns.  But that's OK.  As long as American's believe our WHIP's  "border security" lies WHIP's will just keep ripping them off for more border security boodle. 

    But don't give up hope!  WHIP's will somehow pass immigration reform that brings 11.2 million of you the undocumented "out of the shadows" so that millions more can fill their void.   You the present undocumented will be sentenced to 13 more years of  WHIP's labor for a chance at US citizenship.  You the Average Americans will be charged 46.3 billion WHIP's dollars for "border security" that works about as well for illegal immigration as it does for WHIP's illegal drugs.

    WHIP's will pacify you all  until this WHIP's insidious, profit-driven illegal immigration and WHIP's reform raises its ugly head in a couple of decades where the number of WHIP's undocumented, WHIP's years in labor peonage, and WHIP's costs to US taxpayers will be guaranteed to be quadrupled or more.

    PS  One can substitute the word "Pimp's" for "Politician's"in WHIP's as one sees fit.

    Monday, February 10, 2014

    Washington's "War On Drugs" Approach To "Illegal Immigration"

    Washington's "War On Drugs" Approach To "Illegal Immigration"
    In response:

    Do you see any similarities between Washington's approach to illegal drugs and illegal immigration?

    I dare say their is an obviously insidious connection to the Mexican NAFTA and NARCO elite.  See how VP Biden raves about our economic future with Mexico, promises to take 11.2 million or so "out of the shadows" while saying nothing about the ongoing US backed Mexican Drug War that has sacrificed some 120,000 souls since 2006?

    And see how Washington coddles its Mexican drug war president puppet at Harvard:

    As far as Washington's "war on drugs" - ongoing for 40+ years, costing over one trillion dollars, profiting from millions jailed, crony Wall Street banks laundering cartel profits, billions of taxpayers' dollars going to their crony drug enforcement industrial complex, and the problem is never solved.

    Washington's cronies profit from NAFTA created, profit/labor driven illegal immigration and reform.
    Washington's bankster-cronies profit from laundering cartel profits.

    Meanwhile - what to we squabble about?  Whose fault it is and how by God it will change with new faces of the kleptocracy installed - I mean elected in 2016?

    The Exposure of Washington's Insidious System Of Profit/labor Driven Illegal Immigration And Reform

    In response:

    The Exposure of Washington's Insidious System Of Profit/labor Driven Mexican Illegal Immigration And Reform

    Washington's system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration and reform is not only insidious, it is insane.  How many more undocumented will die crossing the border as they attempt to jump on this decades-long reform train?  How many more years will Washington use NAFTA, CAFTA and the TPP to exacerbate poverty and illegal immigration to the US while US taxpayers foot the bills?  How many more billons of US tax dollars will be pumped down into Washington's "border security" black hole?  How  any more years of record-breaking, family-separating deportations will shamefully take place before Washington admits their profit-driven, illegal immigration truth?   How many more years will Americans will lose jobs to the undocumented?  How many more years will Americans have to stand in over-crowded hospital emergency rooms and suffer the effects of over-burdened social services?  How many more years will Americans have to stand by and watch as their home down demographics are unjustly converted to that of a border town?

    This horror story starts with Washington's NAFTA economic policies that exacerbate poverty in Mexico resulting in Mexican illegal immigration to the US.

    (Please feel free to substitute CAFTA for NAFTA and any other Latin American country that applies for Mexico).

    The bi-national (US/Mexico) NAFTA elite enjoy 1.25 billion dollars a day in trade while swapping billions in remittances sent back to the Mexican economy in exchange for millions of Mexican undocumented laborers living in the US.

    At present America's undocumented cup is overflowing at some 11.2 million.  So now the time is ripe for Washington's "immigration reform" phase of their cyclic system of shame.  On June 27, 2013 the Senate passed  S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act also known as the Gang of 8's Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

    For hard taxpayer reform cost facts read Section 6 "Comprehensive Reform Funding" (a)(2)(A) to see the initial $46.3 billion tax payer price tag.

    Section 2101 covers the Registration and Adjustment of  Registered Provisional Immigrants which insidiously translates to Washington bribing 11.2 million undocumented with 13 years of labor peonage in exchange for a provisional (subject to change) chance at US citizenship.

    For the most insidious insight into what Washington's "Immigration Reform" is really about check out the 200 million for Arizona Prosecutions (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(i) referenced in 1104(a)(1).  As Section 1104(a) (1) (A) reads "to increase the number of border crossing prosecutions in the Tucson Sector of the Southwest border region to up to 210 prosecutions per day through increasing funding available.."

    Are you still with me?  On one hand Washington wants to give legal status to 11.2 million undocumented while increasing the amount of Tucson Arizona prosecutions of the undocumented to 210 a day?  And doubling the size of the ineffective US Border Patrol under Section 1102?  

    Do you know that it costs US taxpayers $125 a day per undocumented prison inmate?  Do you know that John McCain's buddies at the Corrections Corporation of America have bed space for some 33,000 prisoners?  Do the math.

    And God only knows why under "Operation Stonegarden" (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(ii) referenced in Section 1104(b) an extra 200 million more was slated to go to FEMA.

    Do you understand why the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, the AFL-CIO and the US Chamber of Commerce are all pushing for "immigration reform"?   Cheap labor and dues possibly?

    Immigration reform is all about raping the undocumented for labor and US taxpayers for border security boodle.



    Sunday, February 9, 2014

    Congress Has Dug Itself Into A Deep, Dark Immigration Hole

    In response:

    The fact that Senator Chuck Schumer would suggest Washington's quick approval and delayed enactment of immigration reform until 2017 displays how deep and dark the immigration hole is that these profiteers have dug themselves (and America) into.

    On one hand their own NAFTA and CAFTA economic policies have created and exacerbated the undocumenteds' home county poverty that has helped push 11.7 million undocumented people into the US today. 

    On the other how can these liars look us in the face when the Mexican and US NAFTA elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade?

    By the way, don't let the Mexican and US NAFTA elite's economic rhetoric fool you.  The current economic conditions in Mexico mean nothing to US taxpayers until Mexico's undocumented stop coming here or go home because of the prosperity there draws or keeps them at home.

    The bi-national elite will continue to rape the good citizens of both countries with and by the unheard of disparity in wealth they have created and are creating. 

    And if anyone thinks that more agents and drones will effectively stop poverty or  illegal immigration - they are only fooling unto themselves.

    Yes, Washington is exposed as it attempts to rape 11.2 million undocumented for 13 years of labor peonage and possible US citizenship in exchange for 46.3 billion taxpayers' dollars in "border security" contract boodle.

    Just scroll down to Section 2101 for Registered Provisional Immigrant details and Section 6 "Comprehensive Reform Funding" (a)(2)(A) to see the initial $46.3 billion tax payer price tag and Section . 

    Washington has been digging their insidious profit-driven illegal immigration hole for years.  Now  their greed has exposed itself has they have hit rock immigration chicanery bottom.

    Saturday, February 8, 2014

    I Ask Again: How Wide Spread Is US Border Patrol Overtime Abuse?

    In response:

    I Ask Again:  How Wide Spread Is US Border Patrol Overtime Abuse?

    I remember joining the US Border Patrol at age 27.  I naively believed that since our Government was behind border enforcement that it must be right, right?

    Then reality hits.  I experienced that the vast majority of the people coming north were simply honest, poorer people looking for a better life.  I also knew that some of them were people who we had just  arrested picking US tomatoes or strawberries in Carlsbad, CA.

    Then I saw a young Mexican man fall to his death while playing this game.  I lost two agent friends while we played this game too.  Needless to say, I began to painfully question what my work was all about.

    I was so mad that I tried to get my Chula Vista Chief Patrol Agent Gene Wood to fire me.  I turned myself in for lying about, "padding" or "penciling in " overtime hours worked.   

    This was long before any governmental whistleblower protections.  I was afraid to go to the press because I did not want my co-workers to suffer.  They were suckered, coerced and bribed into this same hypocrisy that I was (swear to uphold the law but lying about overtime is OK). 

    I was just at the point were I didn't care what they did to me.  I naively hoped my exposure of the AUO lying would change the system.   My case was swept under the rug.  I eventually went into INS investigations which was much more suitable for me.

    Today there are similar overtime abuse cases pending.

    My case started in 1984.  From my experience I would say that lying about AUO overtime in the US Border Patrol is cultural, systemic and system wide. 

    So some basic eye-opening, infuriating math.  Let's say one third of the 19,000 current agents lie about overtime.  Let's say their average pay grades are GS-9's and that take home $50,000 a year.  They would make 25% of that $50,000 as overtime ($12,500) by lying.  If roughly one third of the 19,000 agents lied that would be 6,333 agents times $12,500 or $79,162,500 tax payers' dollars ripped off per year.  If that figure was constant for ten years the gouge jumps up to $791,625,000. 

    And ICE?  Harder to prove but from my experience the game is the same.

    As my 1984 memo asked, what if everyone is doing it?   We are talking billions of dollars.

    By the way, I recently sent my case to the US Office of Special Council OSC File No. DI-14-0361 which that office officially closed on 1/30/2014  "Because I do not have first-hand knowledge whether AUO abuse has continued at El Cajon Station".   


    Friday, February 7, 2014

    Why Does President Clinton and Harvard Support Mexico's "120,000 Drug War Dead" President Calderon?

    In response:

    Why Does President Clinton and Harvard Support Mexico's "120,000 Drug War Dead" President Calderon?

    Mr. Paul please expose Clinton and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for selecting and supporting ex Mexican "120,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon as Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Public Leader Fellow.

    Clinton's NAFTA and Washington's US backed Mexican Drug War are shinning examples of how Clinton sold out America to the Mexican NAFTA/Drug Cartel diablo.

    Forget Immigration Reform Until Washington's Unilateral Immigration Corruption Is Brought "Out Of The Shadows"

    In response:

    Forget Immigration Reform Until Washington's Unilateral Immigration Corruption Is Brought "Out Of The Shadows"

    The reason immigration reform is furiously being doubted and is suspiciously on hold is because finally enough Americans now understand Washington's dubious cyclic use of profit/labor-driven illegal immigration in order to justify their "reform" raping US taxpayers out of  billions in border security boodle.

    Nowhere is this corruption more evident than in the Senate's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act passed on June 27, 2013.

    For starters scroll down to Section 6 "Comprehensive Reform Funding" (a)(2)(A) to see the initial $46.3 billion tax payer price tag.

    And for extra-corrupt corruption see  "Gang of 8" leader Senator John McCain's Arizona pork (200 million for Tucson Arizona Prosecutions (Operation Streamline) under  S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(i) referenced in 1104(a)(1) AND 200 million more for Arizona's and FEMA "Operation Stonegarden" (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(ii) referenced in Section 1104(b). 

    Atta boy John give 11.2 million undocumented 13 years of labor RPI peonage under S.744 Section 2101 just as long as you can continue to run thousands of other undocumented through your beefed up Arizona Federal courts (right into your crony CCA prisons) at the rate of 210 people a day per the taxpayers' cost of $125.00 per undocumented person -  per day.     

    For 20 years now Washington's own NAFTA and CAFTA have exacerbated poverty in the undocumenteds' home countries guaranteeing their  necessary illegal immigration piece to their insidious profit-driven scam.

    This corruption is the single most important aspect to immigration reform that must be brought "out of the shadows" before any politician or immigration advocate will draw one any "immigration reform" respect or attention.

    Thursday, February 6, 2014

    Washington Blames While Their Immigration Reform Status Quo Purposely Remains The Same

    In response:

    Washington Blames While Their Immigration Reform Status Quo Purposely Remains The Same

    Here it again in black and white.  Leaders of both political parties say they want to fix "our broken immigration system" while they simultaneously blame each other for dropping the reform ball.

    How convenient.  Their net planned effect?  Nada, zero, status quo - steady as she goes.

    They must be so surprised that the Senate's slimy S.744 didn't simply get rubber stamped through.  Americans have had it and I hope immigration advocates have had it too.  Both groups are being used and abused and more and more people are waking up to Washington's insidious immigration games.

    Now reform politician are running around like rats on a sinking ship because they know that Americans know that their profitized system of illegal immigration (for cheap labor) and immigration reform (for border security billions) have both been exposed for the scams that they are. 

    How many more border crossing deaths will happen while these liars play this game?  How many more families will be torn apart?  How many more billions of dollars will be poured down their "border security" cronies' black hole?  How many more Americans will lose jobs to the undocumented or foreign H1-b high tech workers?  How many more undocumented people worldwide will be sucked into Washigton's insidious game as millions of those undocumented  undoubtedly will continue to take the reform bate and risk jumping the border or overstaying their temporary visas?

    Hey Washington - your immigration reform chickens and lies are coming home to roost.

    Why Washington Ignores The Simple Reason That Undocumented People Come Here

    In response:

    Why Washington Ignores The Simple Reason That Undocumented People Come Here  

    It seems to have gotten pretty difficult for not only Washington's politicians but immigration advocates to remember why undocumented people cross our border.

    Consider their typical immigration reform rhetoric (in no order of importance):

    "Bring People Out Of The Shadows"
    "Border Security First"
    "Seal The Border"
    "Stop The Deportations"
    "Family Unification"
    "Equality For All"
    "Deport Them All"
    "Citizenship For All"
    "Don't Deport My Mom"
    "No Amnesty"
    "Invading Criminals"

    Do you yourselves (no matter where you stand on the issue) not find it easy to "fill in the blank"? 

    Last summer I was talking with a young lady about illegal immigration.  She beamed as she told me all about her Grandfather and how smart he was.   When speaking of people crossing our border, she told me that her Grandfather said "They come here because they are hungry".

    The profound simplicity and truthfulness of that statement still shakes me today.  You know why?  That was the exact feeling/thought that I had when as I arrested and deported people in San Diego as a US Border Patrol Agent.

    Please tell me why this simple truth - the reason undocumented people come here - is left out of Washington's and our own illegal immigration reform discussions?

    I know why Washington ignores this truth.  Bottom line:  Washington does not want undocumented people to stop coming here.  Dig deep enough and you will see that Washington's lobbyists' selfishly want the cheap labor and the billions in border security contracts that are guaranteed by the undocumenteds' continual journeys north.  In the case of Mexico, Washington's corrupt Mexican counterparts want the billions in remittances and economic trade to keep coming from the US too.

    Their bi-national corruption i.e. condoning and creating the conditions that push the undocumented here is something I truly undocumented.

    I am perplexed as to why immigration reform activists ignore the reason that the undocumented come here.  Are they brainwashed into selfishly wanting only their greedy slice of the immigration reform pie as Washington does too?  What about their friends and families at home?  Are they suffering from US NAFTA or CAFTA related poverty?  What about the next wave of millions of undocumented people who will be stuffed "into the shadows" as this current 11.2 million were? 

    What about those future undocumented who will die trying to cross the border because shamefully     no one protests the real reason that they are coerced and coaxed into coming here to begin with? 



    Wednesday, February 5, 2014

    The Immigration Reform Of Symptoms (And Not The Cause) Of Illegal Immigration Is Dead Wrong

    In response:

    The Immigration Reform Of Symptoms (And Not The Cause) Of Illegal Immigration Is Dead Wrong

    As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE Agent, I had 26 years of visceral experience of Washington's immigration enforcement policies.  I also bring another 9 years of self-education to this topic.

    Today I describe Washington's system of enforcement of immigration laws as insidiously corrupt and profit/labor driven.  I describe Washington's attempts at immigration "reform" as insidiously corrupt and profit driven for the pilfering of billions of US taxpayers' tax dollars for Washington's crony "border security" industrial complex.

    What is most disturbing to me is not only the failure of Washington but also of immigration reform advocates to address poverty as the root cause of illegal immigration. 

    Washington reacts to illegal immigration with political propaganda, enforcement agendas and lobbyist-driven solutions to the symptoms of illegal immigration (primarily 11.2 million undocumented present in the US).

    As with the example of the article above immigration reform advocates demand solutions to the immoral symptoms of illegal immigration (as in the prevention of a permanent subclass of human beings).          

    I say both groups are selfishly misdirected.  Focusing upon fixing the horrific symptoms of illegal immigration without addressing poverty as their root cause compounds the injustices of the entire, profit-driven, reform driven system.

    Washington's NAFTA and CAFTA trading policies have exacerbated the undocumenteds' home country poverty and US illegal immigration to the unprecedented levels that they are today.

    Until these insidious practices are included and addressed within immigration reform legislation we will simply be repeating the past.

    And The blood of the next wave of undocumented who suffer border deaths will be on both groups hands.    

    Tuesday, February 4, 2014

    The Reason Washigton's Immigration System Is Hopelessly Broken Is Because Washington Is Hopelessly Corrupt

    In response:

    The Reason Washigton's Immigration System Is Hopelessly Broken Is Because Washington Is Hopelessly Corrupt

    Washington's insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration resulting in border deaths will - without a doubt - keep happening in 2014. 

    These Washington immigration reform politicians have no moral compasses.  People die because of their greed yet they continue to point their fingers at each other or anyone else yet they will not take any responsibility for the illegal immigration nightmare they themselves have created.  

    Washigton's immigration system is not helplessly broken, it is helplessly corrupt;  until that fact is "brought out of the shadows" effective immigration reform is impossible.    

    Washington's Immigration Reform: Pure And Unadulterated Corruption

    In response:

    Washington's Immigration Reform:  Pure And Unadulterated Corruption

    Boehner plays the blame game in order to keep Americans dumbed down about illegal immigration. 
    Washington's system of profit driven illegal immigration and profit driven immigration reform is pure and unadulterated corruption.  Bi-national political profiteers coerce human beings into leaving their homes and families and migrating for work in order to put food on their tables.

    The rest is political smoke and mirrors meant to keep their insidious, decades old system in place.

    Two links to Washington's immigration propaganda about "our" economic ties with Mexico reveal  the information tip of the iceberg floating directly in front of the USS immigration reform Titanic:

    Washington gets away with this because we let them.  So please get informed, start calling these liars on their game or stop moaning.


    Do You Want Real Immigration Reform? It Won't Come From Leaders In Washington Or Leaders In Our States

    In response:

    Do You Want Real Immigration Reform?  It Won't Come From Leaders In Washington Or Leaders In Our States

    Huffington Post's "lead in" to the above article their Latino News Page reads "Not Waiting For Washington - New Program Launches To Give Scholarships To Dreamers".
    I would like to see the millions of undocumented, millions of Americans, millions of Mexicans and millions of supporters take this immigration nightmare into their own hands and do a peaceful bi-national border shut down.  

    Do any of you honestly believe that either of these two (US/Mexico) supposed "democratic" governments want to see their profitized system of illegal immigration resolved? 

    They conspire to profit off of poverty driven illegal immigration and its succeeding immigration reform that costs US taxpayers ever increasing billions of dollars. 

    Where is the outrage because of the largest wave of undocumented occurring after Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA?  Where is the outrage of the deaths of undocumented human beings who try and have tried to cross the our southern border?  Where is the outrage against the ongoing US backed Mexican drug war that has claimed over 120,000 lives?

    If you do not see any Mexican connection between Washington's ongoing system of profitized illegal immigration and its forty+ year failed war on drugs is part of the problem, not part of any real solution.

    Washington Immigration Reform Pimps Prostituting The Undocumented and US Taxpaying Whores

    Washington Immigration Reform Pimps Prostituting The Undocumented and US Taxpaying Whores

    This government slime that perpetuates this insidious cycle of profitized illegal immigration for labor and profitized immigration reform for taxpayers' monies needs to be exposed for the vulgar, putrid death causing scum that it is.

    These profiteering government pimps use NAFTA, CAFTA, and the TPP to create foreign country poverty that pushes the undocumented into the US. The undocumenteds' home-country conspiring pimps also reap the benefits of billions in remittance dollars that are continually pumped back into each of their US puppet kleptocracies.

    With this despicable trap set the undocumented come and keep coming. These laborers are abused and coerced into peonage by the corporate and government pimp-elite of both the US and their own home-countries' rich.
    The undocumented are then turned into real whores by being offered and accepting immigration reform bribery that does not expose the real treachery they themselves sell-out to. Why are they and their reform activists silent about the horrific poverty that will continue to push their own people into the US? How about the 8,000 border deaths that have occurred since NAFTA's inception?

    Americans who push for this insidious immigration reform are being pimped out as taxpaying whores as well. They refuse to educate themselves about Washington's true role in perpetuating this system of profitized illegal immigration.

    They instead blame the undocumented. They believe Washington's "border security" propaganda as if any walls in the history of the World have ever been able to stop hungry people.

    Some American's die from this scam too. There are hardened foreign criminals who sneak through the border as part of this system of profit-driven illegal immigration.

    Yes. The truth is that some Americans will die in this insidious process too.

    Meanwhile Washington Immigration Reform Pimps will privately chalk those dead up as "costs of doing business" or they will use those deaths to parley into more "border security" boodle.