Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Profits From Bi-National Trade And Drugs Are More Important Than The Lives Of Their Own Citizens

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Profits From Bi-National Trade And Drugs Are More Important Than The Lives Of Their Own Citizens

I have a few questions and comments for you guys. 

Did NAFTA increase Mexican illegal immigration to the US?

With all of the wealth and resources that Mexico and the US have (1.25 billion a day in cross border trade) why is it necessary for the Mexican undocumented to have to keep coming north to feed their families?

If the US and Mexico are such great democratic nations and trading partners, why is it necessary to  keep putting more agents, fences and drones on the border that make the two countries look like they are more at war with each other then friendly neighbors? 

President Obama why do you seldom if ever mention the ongoing Mexican drug war that has slaughtered some 120,000 people since 2006?

Would the Mexican economy collapse if our border was sealed in such a way that illegal drugs and illegal immigration were effectively stopped?  We are talking many billions of dollars annually going south from illegal drug profits and remittances. 

Do either of you really expect the Mexican undocumented to stop going north when Vice President Joe Biden recently promised the Mexican economic elite to "bring the undocumented out of the shadows"?

Your combined NAFTA has resulted in 8 thousand border crossing deaths, and your combined drug war has resulted in over 120,000 deaths.  Do you guys really care about human life or the lives of your citizens?


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