Sunday, February 23, 2014

DHS and US Border Patrol AUO Fraud - What Is The Truth?

DHS and US Border Patrol AUO Fraud  -  What Is The Truth?

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From my personal experience (USBP AUO Fraud):  We worked AUO when we did;we lied about it when we didn't, and we lied about it more than we worked it.  A combination, if you will, of two popular slogans today:  Don't ask, don't tell, and Just Do It and you will get your 25% overtime pay.

I wonder why this Senate Committee never asked Ron Vitiello, Deputy Chief U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or US Customs and Border Patrol Agent/National Border Patrol Council  Brandon Judd if as trainees they might have been indoctrinated into penciling in AUO overtime hours?  While the committee is at it they should ask the same of the Chief of the Border Patrol, Michael J. Fisher and all of the Chief Patrol Agents across the southwest border. 

They all started out as a trainees and rose through the system.  From my experience, it was  customary for US Border Patrol trainees to be told that penciling in AUO was OK or standard operating procedures.     


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