Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Washington Immigration Reform Pimps Prostituting The Undocumented and US Taxpaying Whores

Washington Immigration Reform Pimps Prostituting The Undocumented and US Taxpaying Whores

This government slime that perpetuates this insidious cycle of profitized illegal immigration for labor and profitized immigration reform for taxpayers' monies needs to be exposed for the vulgar, putrid death causing scum that it is.

These profiteering government pimps use NAFTA, CAFTA, and the TPP to create foreign country poverty that pushes the undocumented into the US. The undocumenteds' home-country conspiring pimps also reap the benefits of billions in remittance dollars that are continually pumped back into each of their US puppet kleptocracies.

With this despicable trap set the undocumented come and keep coming. These laborers are abused and coerced into peonage by the corporate and government pimp-elite of both the US and their own home-countries' rich.
The undocumented are then turned into real whores by being offered and accepting immigration reform bribery that does not expose the real treachery they themselves sell-out to. Why are they and their reform activists silent about the horrific poverty that will continue to push their own people into the US? How about the 8,000 border deaths that have occurred since NAFTA's inception?

Americans who push for this insidious immigration reform are being pimped out as taxpaying whores as well. They refuse to educate themselves about Washington's true role in perpetuating this system of profitized illegal immigration.

They instead blame the undocumented. They believe Washington's "border security" propaganda as if any walls in the history of the World have ever been able to stop hungry people.

Some American's die from this scam too. There are hardened foreign criminals who sneak through the border as part of this system of profit-driven illegal immigration.

Yes. The truth is that some Americans will die in this insidious process too.

Meanwhile Washington Immigration Reform Pimps will privately chalk those dead up as "costs of doing business" or they will use those deaths to parley into more "border security" boodle.        


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