Monday, February 17, 2014

What Is The Actuality Of Washington Ever Effectively Stopping Illegal Immigration?

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What Is The Actuality Of Washington Ever Effectively Stopping Illegal Immigration?

To the vast majority of Americans "Immigration Reform" means the effective stopping of illegal immigration.

The problem with those Americans is that they blindly trust that Washington wants to, will and actually can stop illegal immigration.

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I have heard the same solutions to illegal immigration for almost 35 years: "secure the border", "fine the employers",  "mandatory employment verification AKA E-Verify", "deport them all", etc.

I spend many hours in retirement reading comments stemming from illegal immigration and immigration reform articles.  Over and over again concerned writers offer solutions similar to the above.  Obvious solutions that if applied would work.

Yet the possibility that our own government does not want to effectively solve or stop illegal immigration never seems to dawn upon these posters.  And that is where "We The People" drop the illegal immigration ball and throw ourselves under Washington's immigration reform bus.

"We The People" need to wake up.  Illegal immigration is about profit from cheap labor.  Immigration reform is about billions in profit for Washington's border security cronies.  The rest is a bunch of emotional propaganda that is designed to keep "We The People" from seeing the truth.

I ask that you read what is said in these following articles.  I ask that you consider how these articles apply to illegal immigration and the reality of Washington ever effectively stopping it:   

The first is our own US Department of State glorifying our economic "relations" with Mexico.  At least read the part that describes the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border (NAFTA) trade,  Mexico being our second largest source of oil, and our third largest trading partner:

Now please read these two articles pertaining to Washington's NAFTA and how NAFTA has actually exacerbated US illegal immigration:

Now read the recent words of VP Joe Biden's September 20, 2013 speech to the Mexican economic elite.  Read how he praises our combined economic futures.  Read how he promises to bring all of the US undocumented "out of the shadows".  Notice how Biden fails to address the fact that 8,000 undocumented have died crossing the border since NAFTA's inception, and that 120,000 people have died since the inception of the US backed Mexican drug war that started in 2006 and continues today:

Finally what should be the coup de grâce to the US and Mexican Governments' corruption is glorified at our own Harvard University:

Illegal immigration is about profit and corruption.  Until that corruption is exposed any of Washington's attempts to "reform" immigration should be shot down.


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