Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Washington Ignores The Simple Reason That Undocumented People Come Here

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Why Washington Ignores The Simple Reason That Undocumented People Come Here  

It seems to have gotten pretty difficult for not only Washington's politicians but immigration advocates to remember why undocumented people cross our border.

Consider their typical immigration reform rhetoric (in no order of importance):

"Bring People Out Of The Shadows"
"Border Security First"
"Seal The Border"
"Stop The Deportations"
"Family Unification"
"Equality For All"
"Deport Them All"
"Citizenship For All"
"Don't Deport My Mom"
"No Amnesty"
"Invading Criminals"

Do you yourselves (no matter where you stand on the issue) not find it easy to "fill in the blank"? 

Last summer I was talking with a young lady about illegal immigration.  She beamed as she told me all about her Grandfather and how smart he was.   When speaking of people crossing our border, she told me that her Grandfather said "They come here because they are hungry".

The profound simplicity and truthfulness of that statement still shakes me today.  You know why?  That was the exact feeling/thought that I had when as I arrested and deported people in San Diego as a US Border Patrol Agent.

Please tell me why this simple truth - the reason undocumented people come here - is left out of Washington's and our own illegal immigration reform discussions?

I know why Washington ignores this truth.  Bottom line:  Washington does not want undocumented people to stop coming here.  Dig deep enough and you will see that Washington's lobbyists' selfishly want the cheap labor and the billions in border security contracts that are guaranteed by the undocumenteds' continual journeys north.  In the case of Mexico, Washington's corrupt Mexican counterparts want the billions in remittances and economic trade to keep coming from the US too.

Their bi-national corruption i.e. condoning and creating the conditions that push the undocumented here is something I truly undocumented.

I am perplexed as to why immigration reform activists ignore the reason that the undocumented come here.  Are they brainwashed into selfishly wanting only their greedy slice of the immigration reform pie as Washington does too?  What about their friends and families at home?  Are they suffering from US NAFTA or CAFTA related poverty?  What about the next wave of millions of undocumented people who will be stuffed "into the shadows" as this current 11.2 million were? 

What about those future undocumented who will die trying to cross the border because shamefully     no one protests the real reason that they are coerced and coaxed into coming here to begin with? 



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