Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Washington's Immigration Reform: Pure And Unadulterated Corruption

In response:

Washington's Immigration Reform:  Pure And Unadulterated Corruption

Boehner plays the blame game in order to keep Americans dumbed down about illegal immigration. 
Washington's system of profit driven illegal immigration and profit driven immigration reform is pure and unadulterated corruption.  Bi-national political profiteers coerce human beings into leaving their homes and families and migrating for work in order to put food on their tables.

The rest is political smoke and mirrors meant to keep their insidious, decades old system in place.

Two links to Washington's immigration propaganda about "our" economic ties with Mexico reveal  the information tip of the iceberg floating directly in front of the USS immigration reform Titanic:

Washington gets away with this because we let them.  So please get informed, start calling these liars on their game or stop moaning.


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