Monday, February 10, 2014

Washington's "War On Drugs" Approach To "Illegal Immigration"

Washington's "War On Drugs" Approach To "Illegal Immigration"
In response:

Do you see any similarities between Washington's approach to illegal drugs and illegal immigration?

I dare say their is an obviously insidious connection to the Mexican NAFTA and NARCO elite.  See how VP Biden raves about our economic future with Mexico, promises to take 11.2 million or so "out of the shadows" while saying nothing about the ongoing US backed Mexican Drug War that has sacrificed some 120,000 souls since 2006?

And see how Washington coddles its Mexican drug war president puppet at Harvard:

As far as Washington's "war on drugs" - ongoing for 40+ years, costing over one trillion dollars, profiting from millions jailed, crony Wall Street banks laundering cartel profits, billions of taxpayers' dollars going to their crony drug enforcement industrial complex, and the problem is never solved.

Washington's cronies profit from NAFTA created, profit/labor driven illegal immigration and reform.
Washington's bankster-cronies profit from laundering cartel profits.

Meanwhile - what to we squabble about?  Whose fault it is and how by God it will change with new faces of the kleptocracy installed - I mean elected in 2016?

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