Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Washington's Hypocritical Immigration Politicians' (WHIP's) Message To The Undocumented and American Citizens

Washington's Hypocritical Immigration Politicians'  (WHIP's) Message To The Undocumented and American Citizens

Hey undocumented come harvest our foods, make our beds and build our homes if you can get over the border without getting caught.  WHIP's corporations want to keep yours statuses illegal  otherwise WHIP's corporations would have to pay you more or hire US citizens, ¿comprenden?

You know the NAFTA that WHIP's Slick Willie passed in 1994 helped create even greater poverty in your home countries so that we that the WHIP's rich here and there would be assured that you folks would keep on coming. 

And to the Americans who list those 1 million WHIP's NAFTA jobs exported since 1994:  "but you get to buy WHIP's corporations cheaper electronics and clothing assembled in Mexico, no?

Of course the home country NAFTA WHIP's elite in Mexico enjoy that 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and the billions in remittances you the undocumented send back to their economy each year.  Meanwhile the disparity in wealth and poverty that WHIP's created continues to increase in both countries thereby assuring the illegal immigration status quo. 

WHIP's know that the average Americans have to suffer and absorb the costs and consequences of WHIP's insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration and immigration reform.  Americans see the effects in hospital emergency rooms, schools, losses of jobs, and unjust demographic changes to their home towns.  But that's OK.  As long as American's believe our WHIP's  "border security" lies WHIP's will just keep ripping them off for more border security boodle. 

But don't give up hope!  WHIP's will somehow pass immigration reform that brings 11.2 million of you the undocumented "out of the shadows" so that millions more can fill their void.   You the present undocumented will be sentenced to 13 more years of  WHIP's labor for a chance at US citizenship.  You the Average Americans will be charged 46.3 billion WHIP's dollars for "border security" that works about as well for illegal immigration as it does for WHIP's illegal drugs.

WHIP's will pacify you all  until this WHIP's insidious, profit-driven illegal immigration and WHIP's reform raises its ugly head in a couple of decades where the number of WHIP's undocumented, WHIP's years in labor peonage, and WHIP's costs to US taxpayers will be guaranteed to be quadrupled or more.

PS  One can substitute the word "Pimp's" for "Politician's"in WHIP's as one sees fit.

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