Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Mexican NAFTA/Cartel Elite Must Have An Economic/Dark Money Stranglehold On Washington

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The Mexican NAFTA/Cartel Elite Must Have An Economic/Dark Money Stranglehold On Washington

Where is Washington's outrage about these horrendous discoveries?     Are you not even a bit curious as to why the White House and our politicians' remain eerily silent about the ongoing Mexican drug war that has claimed 120,000 people lives since 2006? 

Read VP Biden's September 20, 2013 speech made to the Mexican economic elite.   You will not find one word about Mexican drug war atrocities.

Or check out President Obama's 2011 El Paso Texas speech made as President Obama stood directly across from Ciudad Juarez, ground zero for the Mexican drug war murders, disappearances, and dislocation of tens of thousands of Mexico's common citizens.

Do you find it suspicious that in 2006 Mexican President Felipe Calderon the notoriously corrupt Mexican military to go to war with rival Mexican drug cartels?  Would you not question the sanity of such a decision knowing that the US has been fighting its ongoing "war on drugs" for over forty years with no substantial or positive results?

Do you have any idea of how the US elite has rewarded ex-Mexican president Calderon for his "achievements" during his 2006 - 2012 presidency?

I think the Mexican NAFTA/economic elite must have some kind of economic and/or dark money stranglehold on Washington.  Washington ignores this horrendous drug war and will not admit that its own NAFTA caused more undocumented people to flood across our border than any other time in recorded history. 

Do we underestimate the Mexican political and dark money influence of Cartel money laundering, legitimate trade, US investments, Mexican oil and Mexican illegal immigration?

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