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The Exposure of Washington's Insidious System Of Profit/labor Driven Illegal Immigration And Reform

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The Exposure of Washington's Insidious System Of Profit/labor Driven Mexican Illegal Immigration And Reform

Washington's system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration and reform is not only insidious, it is insane.  How many more undocumented will die crossing the border as they attempt to jump on this decades-long reform train?  How many more years will Washington use NAFTA, CAFTA and the TPP to exacerbate poverty and illegal immigration to the US while US taxpayers foot the bills?  How many more billons of US tax dollars will be pumped down into Washington's "border security" black hole?  How  any more years of record-breaking, family-separating deportations will shamefully take place before Washington admits their profit-driven, illegal immigration truth?   How many more years will Americans will lose jobs to the undocumented?  How many more years will Americans have to stand in over-crowded hospital emergency rooms and suffer the effects of over-burdened social services?  How many more years will Americans have to stand by and watch as their home down demographics are unjustly converted to that of a border town?

This horror story starts with Washington's NAFTA economic policies that exacerbate poverty in Mexico resulting in Mexican illegal immigration to the US.

(Please feel free to substitute CAFTA for NAFTA and any other Latin American country that applies for Mexico).

The bi-national (US/Mexico) NAFTA elite enjoy 1.25 billion dollars a day in trade while swapping billions in remittances sent back to the Mexican economy in exchange for millions of Mexican undocumented laborers living in the US.

At present America's undocumented cup is overflowing at some 11.2 million.  So now the time is ripe for Washington's "immigration reform" phase of their cyclic system of shame.  On June 27, 2013 the Senate passed  S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act also known as the Gang of 8's Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

For hard taxpayer reform cost facts read Section 6 "Comprehensive Reform Funding" (a)(2)(A) to see the initial $46.3 billion tax payer price tag.

Section 2101 covers the Registration and Adjustment of  Registered Provisional Immigrants which insidiously translates to Washington bribing 11.2 million undocumented with 13 years of labor peonage in exchange for a provisional (subject to change) chance at US citizenship.

For the most insidious insight into what Washington's "Immigration Reform" is really about check out the 200 million for Arizona Prosecutions (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(i) referenced in 1104(a)(1).  As Section 1104(a) (1) (A) reads "to increase the number of border crossing prosecutions in the Tucson Sector of the Southwest border region to up to 210 prosecutions per day through increasing funding available.."

Are you still with me?  On one hand Washington wants to give legal status to 11.2 million undocumented while increasing the amount of Tucson Arizona prosecutions of the undocumented to 210 a day?  And doubling the size of the ineffective US Border Patrol under Section 1102?  

Do you know that it costs US taxpayers $125 a day per undocumented prison inmate?  Do you know that John McCain's buddies at the Corrections Corporation of America have bed space for some 33,000 prisoners?  Do the math.

And God only knows why under "Operation Stonegarden" (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(ii) referenced in Section 1104(b) an extra 200 million more was slated to go to FEMA.

Do you understand why the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, the AFL-CIO and the US Chamber of Commerce are all pushing for "immigration reform"?   Cheap labor and dues possibly?

Immigration reform is all about raping the undocumented for labor and US taxpayers for border security boodle.



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