Thursday, July 28, 2011

eeee! Educate, Expose, Embarrass and Enlighten!

In response to  Truthout Article:

America Held Hostage to Two-Party Failure: Government of, by and for the Corporations

One plus one equals one.  One group (the super rich) creating the mirage of two parties, three or four which in reality is only one.

It is like a horse race with all horses at the gate owned and operated by the same stable.  A sure bet for them, and a sure loss for us.

I apply this logic to the failed US/Mexico immigration and drug war scams.   These money makers are run by a bi national elite with the same mirage.   It is not two countries or two governments, just one elite raping the good people on both sides of the border.  I would bet that it applies globally too. 

I am for a mass Mexican asylum project that would so clog up their machinery that the two governments would have to do what is right.  

It is similar to what others are saying.
Educate, Expose, Embarrass and Enlighten.

Hear, See, Speak No Evil

In response to "Life on the Line" New York Times Magazine

This is realistic portrayal of the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez area from which President Obama delivered a speech on May 10, 2011.
His speech was designed to create hope for the undocumented living in the US. Meanwhile, he said not one word about the hopeless and the failed US backed drug war existing less than one half a mile do south from where he spoke.
Wasn't the death of 40,000 people (one hundred of which were US citizens of which two were US agents)significant enough for him to mention?
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
Ciudad Juarez is another horrific example of how the elite from the US (and in this case Mexico) use political propaganda to brainwash American voters and ignore the actual results of their greed.

I urge you to read this article by Professor James Petras. It reveals the insidious plot behind the elite's propaganda. This is the means by which they not only rape the Mexican poor, but the US taxpayers too.
The elite who push prohibition of drugs and increased border immigration enforcement is the same elite who have caused our economic, housing and debt ceiling crises of today.
They profit by our ignorance.
I have a peaceful plan that would bring them to their senses, or at least their knees.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Stand Up For What Is Right

in response to this article:

You know what is wrong with this country?  We have lost the courage to come together and stand up for what is right. 
What about an article outlining what the people are going to do about immigration reform?
Dear President Obama,
Failed US NAFTA, immigration, and drug enforcement policies have created the narco/economic crises in Mexico that have left close to 40,000 people killed since 2006.   
The US government continues to ignore these issues.  Therefore, we support mass asylum for undocumented Mexicans living within the US, and mass exodus and asylum for all of those Mexicans who have been persecuted as a result of NAFTA and the US backed war on drugs.
When the millions of Mexican undocumented living within the US and the hundreds of thousands of Mexicans persecuted by the drug war all started systematically applying for US asylum,  US immigration as we know it would implode.
This protest would peacefully bring Washington into the world’s spot light.  Then Washington would have to overlook corporate interests in Mexico and deal with the corrupt, cartel run Mexican government.   
Here is the deal folks:  the overwhelming majority of the Mexican undocumented would leave the US or not come to the US if the Mexican government provided them a decent living wage and a safe place to live in. 
What really makes the difference between San Diego and Tijuana, and imaginary line? 
Protest!  Make Washington make Mexico clean up its act.  It will be then and only then when  Mexicans  will stay at home or go home.  If you knew them you would realize just how much they love their country.  They would much prefer being at home working with their families.
It will be then and only then would US Taxpayers have more jobs and less congestion in our hospitals and schools.
But American voters need to wake up.  The super rich on both sides of the border rape the Mexican poor at the US taxpayer’s expense.  Then their paid propaganda turns the undocumented into the enemy and a never ending cycle of delusion and reelection.
Please read these articles.  They shed light on the cause of illegal immigration, who profits, and who suffers.
We have been bamboozled again by our politicians.  This is no different than Wall Street bail outs, joblessness, failed health care, and housing crises all cause by them.
Are you ready to act? 



Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Greed/Rape Syndrome

In response to this article:

Mexican Illegal immigration is a not so obvious example of the greed/rape syndrome perpetrated by the super rich of both Mexico and the United States.
This whole immigration nightmare is set up for the rich of both countries to profit at the expense of US taxpayers and the Mexican poor.  

You have to dig in order to see what is really going on.  You have to be willing to admit that our politicians are using us and lying to us.  Please educate yourselves.  Read this article by Professor James Petras:

On one hand we have the politicians who want to deport them all, and on the other we have those who want to legalize them all.  Speaking as a retired border patrol agent, I have observed and experienced this debate and political pendulum swing back and forth for decades.  This scam has been insidiously designed to produce little real change. 

The corrupt, cartel run Mexican government and the corrupt, corporate run US governments are co- conspirators in this crime of greed and rape.  The super rich “deciders” who run both governments profit by not only abusing their own citizens, but profit by abusing the citizens of each other’s countries too.     

How is this do you say?  Who sells drugs, needs drugs, prohibits drugs, and profits from that set up?  Who sells weapons, needs weapons, and legalizes weapons to profit from that set up?  Who pushes an endless war on drugs, and who profits from that war’s failure?   Who needs a sub-class of laborers, who needs to work to survive, who fails to provide for their own, and who profits from that set up?  Who needs to blame and stereotype a group, propagandizes that stereotyped group, and then profits from that set up?  If this last question has you stymied, please read this:     

The super rich from both sides of the isle and border are raping us.  They count on us being so busy from their other profit making mortgage and economic crises to not be able see through the fog.   They count on us not having the time or energy to investigate their politicians’ lies, rhetoric, and propaganda.

Here is one example of how we could unite with the victims of Mexico, and stop this insanity.  This protest would call for citizens from both countries to wake up, see the real enemies, and then trust each other in a bi national project of peace.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cycle of Insanity

Response to article below: 

What a horrific cycle of insanity this is!   Washington funds the failed war on drugs which has left close to 40,000 people dead in Mexico.  US corporations profit from NAFTA which ruins small corn farmers and small businesses in Mexico and ultimately pushes people North.  The US military industrial complex profits from our tax dollars by arming the Mexican military.  Weapons manufactures in the US profit by indirectly arming cartel thugs.  Read Professor James Petras if you dare: 
US banks have profited from laundering cartel profits.  Political careers (John McCain, Rick Perry) are made by propagandizing this fiasco and demonizing the undocumented.  American voters who are already slammed by the abuses of the super rich do not have the time or energy to see that they are being raped by the same elite who rape the Mexican poor.    
The elite from both sides of the border profit from the failed status quo of both the drug and immigration “wars”.   Finally, campaigning from El Paso on May 10, President Obama insultingly speaks of immigration reform and economic prosperity while standing and literally facing the destruction of Ciudad Juarez.     
Immigration and supreme court rulings ensure that this cycle of insanity and injustice will proliferate.      
The only thing left is a peaceful revolution that will shock both governments to their senses.  This can be done with bi-national grass roots organization.
Are there any famous and trusted journalists, public figures, or musicians out there who are willing to take this on? 
We are all in the same stinking boat with the rest of them if we sit there  and nothing.    

Monday, July 18, 2011

At The Hands of the Filthy Rich Elite

Response to this article:

Nearly 40,000 drug war dead in Mexico and this fence gives the people of San Diego the illusion of security?  This is like putting blocks under their deck chairs on the sunny south western side of the Titanic.
The same elite who are behind the crises that face America today are behind this Mexican crisis too.  Read this article by Professor James Petras and dare to consider that he may be speaking the truth:
We bicker amongst each other while our impotent government pretends to care about us.  Meanwhile, those who are really in control are getting richer at the expense of the honest, good people on both sides of the border.
That fence is a barrier to isolate people and create an illusionary state of hopelessness and/or comfort.   It hides extreme poverty and death on one side.  It hides the possibility of prosperity on the other.   All of which are the done by the design of the elite who will kill to maintain their profitable status quo.
I played the game as a US border patrol agent.  No amount of rhetoric or political propaganda can hide the truth that people are dying and suffering at the hands of the filthy rich elite who run both governments. 
 When are the good people on both sides of the border going to put their feet down and stop this insanity?   

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mass Asylum and Worldwide Attention: Let's Shame Them Into Doing What's Right

When are the people of Mexico and the US going to get mad enough to put an end to this nightmare? 
The entire US / Mexican immigration and drug enforcement programs are designed to fail.  The elite on both side of the border profit from his failure.  Meanwhile, the US middle class pays through taxes and many innocent Mexicans pay with their lives.
40,000 dead in Mexico since 2006.  How many more have to die before something is done about this? 
We could peacefully align with the 12 million or so undocumented in this country and bring both these "governments" to their knees.
Mass asylum and worldwide attention.  Let's shame them into doing what is right.  
We are just as guilty as they are by remaining silent and/or doing nothing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Comment: US Starts Flights Carrying Migrants to Mexico's Interior

U.S. taxpayers are being raped by the same elite who rape the Mexican undocumented. These same taxpayers are so busy in their lives (due to other crises caused by these elite) that they do not have time to figure out what is really going on. Read Professor James Petras and consider this if you dare

The elite hire politicians who promote increased immigration and drug enforcement as “solutions” to these problems. Look at what good ‘old John McCain and his CCA cronies have been up to:(

These people, their politicians, and the drug enforcement / military industrial complex are getting rich at our expense. For a good 40 years they have pitched their enforcement lies to the American public. Over 40,000 people have been killed in Mexico as a result of the U.S. backed drug war there.

Oh sure, the game changes and tides shift. We see more militarization, drones, and money pumped into this fiasco. Yet the truth is that drugs are just as available has they have ever been, and despite all of this stepped up immigration enforcement, there are more undocumented in the U.S. than there has ever been. We are being raped and lied to by design. The elite profits at our expense, and we are so misinformed that we blame the illegal aliens. They are a symptom, not the cause. And the problem will never be solved by blaming the symptom and being blind to the cause.

Are you sick of it yet? We could align with the undocumented victims and peacefully bring this scam to an end. Warning: you will have to start thinking for yourselves and get beyond the elite’s propaganda.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Magazine Letter to the Editor,9171,2081924,00.html

Over the Borderline
Tim Padgett's article on drug-cartel violence was a well-written, sobering look at what's going on in Mexico ["Day of the Dead," July 11]. But the text merely touched on the claim of the cover line, "Why Mexico's drug violence is America's problem too." The role of U.S. weapons trafficking and drug use should have been addressed more thoroughly.
Derek Dyer, SAN DIEGO

The U.S.-backed war on drugs in Mexico is creating the conditions for a mass Mexican exodus to the U.S. As a retired U.S. Border Patrol agent, I support mass asylum as a means to protest failed wars on drugs and immigration. The elite on both sides of the border profit from this nightmare, and it is all at the expense of U.S. taxpayers and the Mexican poor.
John Randolph, RIDGWAY, COLO.

Time Magazine: The War Next Door

see article:,9171,1651508,00.html

In reference to “The War Next Door” mil gracias (thank you 1000 times) for bringing attention to Mexico’s Drug War and specifically the horror taking place in Ciudad Juarez.   As a former US Border Patrol Agent and current migrant’s rights activist, I find it deeply disturbing that on May 10, 2011 President Obama spoke about immigration reform from Chamizal National Park in El Paso while neglecting to mention the tragedy taking place directly across from where he spoke.
The evidence of Washington’s failed drug and immigration reform is the 10,000 pound narco killing gorilla raging on our southern border. 
Yet Washington supports this failed drug war by sending our tax dollars to Mexico to continue this battle.  I purpose that every undocumented Mexican living within the U.S. protest this insane drug war by filing for mass asylum.  Simultaneously, all Mexicans living in Mexico who live in fear because of this narco violence should do the same.  Maybe several million Mexican asylum seekers and worldwide media attention would bring these two governments to their senses.