Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mass Asylum and Worldwide Attention: Let's Shame Them Into Doing What's Right

When are the people of Mexico and the US going to get mad enough to put an end to this nightmare? 
The entire US / Mexican immigration and drug enforcement programs are designed to fail.  The elite on both side of the border profit from his failure.  Meanwhile, the US middle class pays through taxes and many innocent Mexicans pay with their lives.
40,000 dead in Mexico since 2006.  How many more have to die before something is done about this? 
We could peacefully align with the 12 million or so undocumented in this country and bring both these "governments" to their knees.
Mass asylum and worldwide attention.  Let's shame them into doing what is right.  
We are just as guilty as they are by remaining silent and/or doing nothing.

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  1. Agreed but how to get it done? It will take mass organizing and sadly many are afraid to come forward.