Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bare (BEAR) With Me!

In response to this NPR article:

Our tax dollars via the Merida Initiative are being used to help arm the Mexican Government with the war on drugs.  The US Military Industrial Complex, its lobbyists, and elected representatives profit or benefit from the failed war on drugs and illegal immigration.  US gun manufactures profit by helping arm the Mexican cartels.  US banks profit by laundering cartel drug profits.  Nearly 40,000 people have been killed in the US backed war on drugs in Mexico since 2006.  Please read the insidious reality that our government is involved in:
Cartel drug profits as well as remittances from the undocumented within the US help keep Mexico financially afloat.  The US still needs Mexican oil.  Both countries’ economies rely upon trade with each other.  US agricultural corporations and other industries rely upon cheap Mexican labor.  NAFTA has raped small Mexican corn farmers and other small businesses (Wal-Mart is the number one retail store in Mexico).   How many US (Federal, State, and Local) drug, immigration, police, prison, contract prison, and court agencies’ budgets and payrolls are dependent upon taxpayer funding for these continuing enterprises?
Check out this article:       
Huge profits are being made at the taxpayers’ expense, yet many voters cannot see beyond the political enforcement propaganda, hype and rhetoric.  
Is this not similar to the mortgage, job, and health care crises?   
Here is a plan to peacefully break at least one of their scams.

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