Friday, July 8, 2011

They Profit As We Pay and Suffer

The US and Mexican elite profit from our failed immigration and drug policies just as they profit from US mortgage and health care system failures. They profit as we suffer and pay more. Please read what Professor James Petras says about the insidious plot of the elite concerning immigration, drugs, and greed:

Many American voters are uninformed and almost brainwashed by immigration propaganda. They are too busy and worried to educate themselves. And what are they busy doing? Trying to feed their families or keep their homes because of the other scams that this elite has raped them (us) by.

In response to the CNN article "It's Time for Immigration Reform"

We could join together with the Mexican undocumented and pull off a protest that would bring the current immigration system to its knees. We could peacefully force Washington to stop the war on drugs. We could peacefully force them to fix immigration. We could force Washington to peacefully force that corrupt cartel run Mexican government to provide for its own people. The undocumented would go home and stay home if they could make a decent living wage working safely in their own country. But the elite on both sides of the border do not want that. There is too much profit and political millage to be made keeping the immigration and drug policies failing as they are and have been doing for over 40 years. Read below what is really going on:

Are you ready to bring these knuckleheads to their senses?

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