Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Fix the Illegal Drug/Migrant Problems

Over the years of my work as an immigration agent I was often asked how I would fix the U.S. illegal migration problem.
I never did have an answer.  People assumed that because I did this work that I should know how to fix the problem.  The truth is that I never really understood the problem until now, some thirty five years after I started working with U.S. immigration.    
It is now my opinion that illegal immigration is caused by the greed of the elite from both sides of the border.    
These elite control the economic and political policies of each respective country.  Both groups conspire together to profit at   the expense of each country’s common, decent people.
Both groups profit from U.S./Mexican trade and NAFTA programs.  Both profit from the all aspects of the illegal drug industry.  Both profit from using Mexican migrants as a sub-class of legal and illegal laborers.
As I stated, I have worked in and studied immigration for thirty five years.  I have little faith that under normal conditions the elite on either side of the border will ever allow changes that would benefit the common people of either country. 
Profit to the elite is of the upmost importance.  Profit to them is even more important than human life.  This truth is clearly evident as we see the results of the failed U.S. backed drug war in Mexico.  Nearly 40,000 Mexican people have been murdered since Calderon started this war in 2006.
These two governments have to be peacefully brought to their senses.  I find it ironic that the very conditions of war that the two governments have created are a means by which their hypocrisy can be exposed, protested and stopped.  
U.S. asylum laws provide for the protection of persecuted people from all over the world.  That includes Mexican citizens who are being persecuted from our bi-national failed war on drugs.
I suggest a massive wave of Mexican asylum applicants that include not only the undocumented from within the U.S. but those who need to flee narco-violence in Mexico too.  It should also include all of the Mexican undocumented who are caught illegally crossing at the border who are fleeing cartel violence in Mexico. 
This is obviously a huge risk for all who qualify and choose to participate.  It will call for peaceful organization at a level that has never been previously seen in either country.  Massive numbers of asylum applications will overload the US immigration system.  It will bring worldwide media attention that will embarrass and shame both Washington and Los Pinos. 
It will be most difficult for those participating Mexican nationals as they let go of the known for the unknown.  There are no guarantees that their efforts will bring success.  Yet isn’t that what they do and have done as they cross and have crossed the border in hopes of a better life?
We all have to support this huge risk of trying something radically and peacefully different.  Both governments have miserably failed their good citizens with these insane drug and immigration policies.  They have to be bought to their senses. 
Massive asylum has the power of stopping the war on drugs and creating an immigration system that benefits the good people and workers of both nations.  
Yes, we can!   

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