Monday, July 18, 2011

At The Hands of the Filthy Rich Elite

Response to this article:

Nearly 40,000 drug war dead in Mexico and this fence gives the people of San Diego the illusion of security?  This is like putting blocks under their deck chairs on the sunny south western side of the Titanic.
The same elite who are behind the crises that face America today are behind this Mexican crisis too.  Read this article by Professor James Petras and dare to consider that he may be speaking the truth:
We bicker amongst each other while our impotent government pretends to care about us.  Meanwhile, those who are really in control are getting richer at the expense of the honest, good people on both sides of the border.
That fence is a barrier to isolate people and create an illusionary state of hopelessness and/or comfort.   It hides extreme poverty and death on one side.  It hides the possibility of prosperity on the other.   All of which are the done by the design of the elite who will kill to maintain their profitable status quo.
I played the game as a US border patrol agent.  No amount of rhetoric or political propaganda can hide the truth that people are dying and suffering at the hands of the filthy rich elite who run both governments. 
 When are the good people on both sides of the border going to put their feet down and stop this insanity?   

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