Thursday, July 28, 2011

eeee! Educate, Expose, Embarrass and Enlighten!

In response to  Truthout Article:

America Held Hostage to Two-Party Failure: Government of, by and for the Corporations

One plus one equals one.  One group (the super rich) creating the mirage of two parties, three or four which in reality is only one.

It is like a horse race with all horses at the gate owned and operated by the same stable.  A sure bet for them, and a sure loss for us.

I apply this logic to the failed US/Mexico immigration and drug war scams.   These money makers are run by a bi national elite with the same mirage.   It is not two countries or two governments, just one elite raping the good people on both sides of the border.  I would bet that it applies globally too. 

I am for a mass Mexican asylum project that would so clog up their machinery that the two governments would have to do what is right.  

It is similar to what others are saying.
Educate, Expose, Embarrass and Enlighten.

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