Tuesday, July 5, 2011

American Voters Can't Get the Big Picture

Why is it that many American voters can't get the big picture here?

Read this if you dare. Professor Petras reveals what is behind the designed failure of the US immigration and drug war industries.

Why do these politicians never expose the connection of greed between Washington and the Mexican government? That same connection that rapes US taxpayers in exchange for cheap Mexican labor? That same connection that rapes Mexican citizens in exchange for remittances sent home? The same connection that uses our tax dollars to arm the Mexican government's failed war on drugs? That same connection profits from arming the cartels too? That same connection that profits from Mexican oil and trade? That same connection that ruined many common Mexican small businesses and corn growers via NAFTA? That same connection that lets US banks launder cartel profits? That same connection that brainwashes American voters into believing that the Mexican undocumented are enemy?

American voters are fools. The Mexican undocumented would not come or stay here if their own corrupt cartel run government (and its US cronies) were stopped. 

Mass asylum them.  Shut it down.

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