Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Magazine: The War Next Door

see article:,9171,1651508,00.html

In reference to “The War Next Door” mil gracias (thank you 1000 times) for bringing attention to Mexico’s Drug War and specifically the horror taking place in Ciudad Juarez.   As a former US Border Patrol Agent and current migrant’s rights activist, I find it deeply disturbing that on May 10, 2011 President Obama spoke about immigration reform from Chamizal National Park in El Paso while neglecting to mention the tragedy taking place directly across from where he spoke.
The evidence of Washington’s failed drug and immigration reform is the 10,000 pound narco killing gorilla raging on our southern border. 
Yet Washington supports this failed drug war by sending our tax dollars to Mexico to continue this battle.  I purpose that every undocumented Mexican living within the U.S. protest this insane drug war by filing for mass asylum.  Simultaneously, all Mexicans living in Mexico who live in fear because of this narco violence should do the same.  Maybe several million Mexican asylum seekers and worldwide media attention would bring these two governments to their senses.     

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