Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Greed/Rape Syndrome

In response to this article:

Mexican Illegal immigration is a not so obvious example of the greed/rape syndrome perpetrated by the super rich of both Mexico and the United States.
This whole immigration nightmare is set up for the rich of both countries to profit at the expense of US taxpayers and the Mexican poor.  

You have to dig in order to see what is really going on.  You have to be willing to admit that our politicians are using us and lying to us.  Please educate yourselves.  Read this article by Professor James Petras:

On one hand we have the politicians who want to deport them all, and on the other we have those who want to legalize them all.  Speaking as a retired border patrol agent, I have observed and experienced this debate and political pendulum swing back and forth for decades.  This scam has been insidiously designed to produce little real change. 

The corrupt, cartel run Mexican government and the corrupt, corporate run US governments are co- conspirators in this crime of greed and rape.  The super rich “deciders” who run both governments profit by not only abusing their own citizens, but profit by abusing the citizens of each other’s countries too.     

How is this do you say?  Who sells drugs, needs drugs, prohibits drugs, and profits from that set up?  Who sells weapons, needs weapons, and legalizes weapons to profit from that set up?  Who pushes an endless war on drugs, and who profits from that war’s failure?   Who needs a sub-class of laborers, who needs to work to survive, who fails to provide for their own, and who profits from that set up?  Who needs to blame and stereotype a group, propagandizes that stereotyped group, and then profits from that set up?  If this last question has you stymied, please read this:     

The super rich from both sides of the isle and border are raping us.  They count on us being so busy from their other profit making mortgage and economic crises to not be able see through the fog.   They count on us not having the time or energy to investigate their politicians’ lies, rhetoric, and propaganda.

Here is one example of how we could unite with the victims of Mexico, and stop this insanity.  This protest would call for citizens from both countries to wake up, see the real enemies, and then trust each other in a bi national project of peace.  

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