Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Washington Depends Upon America's Acceptance Of Washington's Illegal Immigration Paradigm

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Washington Depends Upon America's Acceptance Of Washington's Illegal Immigration Paradigm

Washington's illegal immigration paradigm is designed to keep Americans fighting so that Washington does not have to fix the problem.  And as long as Americans keep fighting about the illegal immigration ruse that Washington touts as real said political immigration profiteers will never have to fix this mess that they not only created  - but capitalize upon too. 

Why would Washington (or better yet the elite who run Washington) not want to fix the problem? 

For starters can you think of any other problems that Washington never  fixes and why?  Health care?  Wars?  Poverty?  Self-inflicted recessions?  Climate change?  Dependence upon oil?  Our 40+ year long war on drugs?  The prices of food and gasoline?  You know, fill in the blank.

There is also profit in the "problem" of illegal immigration.  Corporate profit from hiring undocumented laborers.   Political profit from fighting this never-ending, self-inflicted (NAFTA/CAFTA/TPP) nightmare.  Billions upon billions of US tax dollars pumped into Washington's  cronies' "designed to be ineffective" border and interior security complexes.  Billions in remittances pumped back into Washington's corrupt, cartel-run "democratic" trading partners' economies.

Do you wonder why billions of US dollars made off of millions of undocumented laborers, billions in remittances, 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border Mexican NAFTA trade, Latin American poverty, US supported Latin American drug wars and billions in border security boodle are never discussed within Washington's illegal immigration paradigm?

So keep on fighting about illegal immigration and blaming the Democrats, Republicans, Obama, Bush, Clinton, border security, illegal drugs, deportations, amnesties ad infinitum.

Your acceptance of their paradigm is their program of reaping billions in profit from your ignorance.


A Vicious Zionist Cancer Thriving Upon Palestinian Blood And American Tax Dollars

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A Vicious Zionist Cancer Thriving Upon Palestinian Blood And American Tax Dollars

A vicious, racist, oppressive, murderous, self-inflicted cancer that that thrives on the blood of  Palestinians and  American tax dollars.  American politicians choose to support or remain silent about this insanity or risk the probability of not getting elected in the United States.

30 billion in US tax dollar aid for aide to Israel that supports this injustice.  Both the US and Israel manufacture weapons of war that are sold worldwide. 

Guess who Washington contracted with to build our US-Mexican border wall?

I am ashamed of our government who has supported almost 70 years of Israel's genocide of Palestinians.

Listen to Miko Peled's story.  Mr. Peled is the son of an Israeli general and a former Israeli soldier.



Monday, July 28, 2014

Israel's Netanyahu Is A Sick, Racist Terrorist And Americans Won't Tolerate His Palestinian Genocide

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Israel's Netanyahu Is A Sick, Racist Terrorist And Americans Won't Tolerate His Palestinian Genocide

Readers please take the time to listen to Miko Peled's story.


Washington Has Crafted The Uninformed American Response To America's llegal Immigration Merry-Go-Round

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Washington Has Crafted The Uninformed American Response To America's Illegal Immigration Merry-Go-Round

Although this illegal immigration merry-go-round has been going on for over a hundred and fifty years, Washington did not institutionalize it and its flipside "immigration reform" until Reagan's 1986 Amnesty and Clinton's 1994 NAFTA.

Washington's illegal immigration arguments are the same as they have always been:  mass deportations, mass legalization and all points in between.

As a retired US Border Patrol/ICE agent, the subject of illegal immigration is one that is near and dear to my heart.  After 26 years on the job and another 9 of self-study in retirement, I finally understand what this insane merry-go-round is all about. 

I dare say that if Americans do not figure out Washington's insidious scam for themselves they will keep arguing Washington's spoon-fed solutions with zero chances of illegal immigration ever being resolved.

I finally said to myself - and I say to you - it's all about the money stupid. 

Just read VP Joe Biden's 2013 speech to the Mexican NAFTA economic elite.  By the way, I strongly suggest that you forget what party Biden belongs to when reading his message.  If you really believe that his message is not part of this "kleptocracy parading as a democracy", then you are just as much part of the problem as he is, or they are.

Now please read how our US Department of State describes "our" economic relations with Mexico.

I strongly urge readers to put their time and energies into educating themselves about the economic and drug war profits that drive illegal immigration - especially Latin American illegal immigration.

Political and financial greed are the cancers that drive not only illegal immigration but the oppression of all undocumented and US taxpayers involved too. 

Until "We The People" understand what Washington is doing, we are left with Washington's illegal immigration rhetoric driving us.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

The "Valid (Illegal Immigration) Claims" That Washington Refuses To Address

The "Valid (Illegal Immigration) Claims" That Washington Refuses To Address

From the article:  "President Barack Obama told Central American leaders on Friday that his administration had compassion for the influx of children crossing the U.S. border but said those without valid claims to stay would be sent home".

I was taught in school that "but" negates anything used before its use in written or spoken words.

"Those without valid claims to stay would be sent home".

Of course thousands of undocumented children righteously should claim that US drug war and foreign economic policies created in conjunction with said undocumented home-country elite have taken away any and all chances of them ever having decent home lives or fair chances at a basic levels of prosperity.

And who creates or changes laws that morph "valid claims" to fit Washigton's and the undocumenteds' home county elite's labor-driven, remittance-driven, reform-driven and "border security boodle" driven illegal immigration policies of greed?

This illegal immigration game is rigged in favor of those who profit from it the most.  Said profit is more important to all concerned "powers to be" than the lives of their own citizens.

People are waking up to the truth of Washington's outrageous immigration injustices.  Injustices to not only US taxpayers but the undocumented too.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Washington Has Sold America's Soul To Its Corrupt NAFTA Trading Partner/ Child Trafficing Organization To The South

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Washington Has Sold America's Soul To Its Corrupt NAFTA Trading Partner/ Child Trafficking Organization To The South       

If this unaccompanied children at the border mess was not so shamefully sad it would be comical.

Let me see if I have this right.  In 2008 Congress passed the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act designed to help undocumented children who are victims of human trafficking (other than from Mexico and Canada - as if children are not trafficked from those two places - especially Mexico?).  Go figure. 

Then 57,000 Central American kids show up at our border and Washington is considering changing the law?  Please tell me how 57,000 kids can be smuggled through Mexico from October 2013 until now and not be considered to be trafficked?

What Washington won't admit is their number two source of oil and number two NAFTA trading partner is hopelessly corrupt and  turns it eyes (and who knows how much profit) as 57,000 Central American kids somehow waltz through Mexico with no one stopping them. 

Yep.  The Washington NAFTA elite who share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border NAFTA trade with Mexico somehow overlook which cartel run, corrupt country these kids were trafficked through?

Yep.  Washington has sold America's soul to its corrupt NAFTA trading partner to the south.

How Hispanic Rights Organizations Are No Different Than Washington Immigration Hypocrites

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How Hispanic Rights Organizations Are No Different Than Washington Immigration Hypocrites

NCLR or "La Raza" threatens election pay-back if Washington Republicans do not pass comprehensive immigration reform.  Yet where in La Raza's arguments do they stand up for the millions more undocumented who will undoubtedly follow the present 11.2 million US undocumented that La Raza advocates for now?

Where does La Raza stand up for the thousands more undocumented who will undoubtedly die as they cross the border following in the footsteps of the 11.2 million US undocumented present in the US now?

Any and all Hispanic rights groups who want immigration reform that does not address the root causes of illegal immigration are just as hypocritical as the Washington immigration profiteers who said Hispanic groups threaten to kick out of office.

Has anyone from La Raza gone through the fine print of the Senate's already passed S.744 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act to see how it sells out not only the undocumented but US taxpayers' too?

Apparently not.  Therefore La Raza will sell out for immigration reform that does not address Washington's NAFTA, CAFTA and ongoing drug wars that are the root causes of illegal immigration today.  They will sell out to immigration reform that doubles the size of the US Border Patrol and increases Arizona's border incarcerations and prosecutions of the undocumented to come.  They will sell out to Washington's bribery of  today's undocumented:  13 years of labor peonage as a sub-class of Registered Provisional Immigrants who have no path to US citizenship.

Worst of all they know that Washington's Comprehensive Immigration Reform as written will draw millions more undocumented to the US and cause thousands more border deaths in the process.

Why doesn't La Raza advocate for those people who now suffer from NAFTA, CAFTA and US drug war violence and poverty in their home-countries?

La Raza is just as hypocritical as Washington immigration politicians are as neither addresses the root causes of illegal immigration. 

At this point I wonder if both groups are dependent upon continuing illegal immigration.              

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Washington Purposely Diverts America's Illegal Immigration Debate To Smoke Screen, Non-Solutions

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Washington Purposely Diverts America's Illegal Immigration Debate To Smoke Screen, Non-Solutions

Read Americans' posts as they respond to immigration articles:   E-Verify, secure the border, jail and deport them all, let them all in, jail employers, fine employers, build more fences, put the military on the border, blame the Republicans, blame Obama and the Democrats, blame Mexico ad infinitum.

I have heard these arguments or similar all during the 26 years that I worked as a US Border Patrol/ICE agent and during the 9 years in retirement that I have continued to study immigration and the 2006 Mexican drug war.

Like rabid dogs chasing their tails, Washington's spoon-feeds this circular, decades' long debate to Americans as illegal immigration drags on and on.  And as long as Americans continue to eat up Washington's force-fed illegal immigration "junk food" they become addicted to not thinking for themselves. 

Stop for one moment!  Think - is there one policy in Washington that ultimately does not revert back to some form of financial greed?  Health care?  Jobs?  War?  The Great Recession of 2008?  Citizens' United?  The price of gas?  Food?  Homes?  College?

Why on earth would illegal immigration be any different? 

Not to say that most folks don't see the political influence that immigration matters carry. 

Yet how many Americans understand Washington's foreign trade policies that produce disparities in wealth and poverty in the undocumenteds' home counties which in turn produce illegal immigration to the US?

Read how our own US Department of State describes the 1.25 billion dollars a day in NAFTA cross border trade with Mexico.

Has that wealth helped stop illegal immigration or one million US jobs being moved out of America?

Anyone who thinks that US corporations do not capitalize upon free trade agreements, illegal immigration and undocumented labor is naïve.   Think of the billions of dollars pumped down Washington's cronies' border security "black hole".  Think of the ongoing US war on drugs that has cost US taxpayers one trillion dollars and jailed over one million people in the last 40 years.

How many DHS, DEA and private contractor jobs are dependent upon illegal immigration and illegal drugs?  How many military and private contractor jobs are dependent upon all facets of wars or the threat of wars?

You got to get this folks.  Washington's insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration producing profit/political driven immigration reform are big money makers for someone in this country. 

Meanwhile - US taxpayers as well as the undocumented continue to suffer the costs and consequences of self-inflicted illegal immigration.



Elizabeth Warren's Limited Understanding Of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Cost Her My Vote

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Elizabeth Warren's Limited Understanding Of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Cost Her My Vote

“One of the ways we can save Social Security is to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Bring more workers and bring more people out of the shadow economy and into the fully paid economy where everything is above the table.”

Pandering to her Latino audience or simply naïve? 

"Comprehensive" immigration reform that does not address NAFTA and CAFTA related disparities in wealth, poverty and the on going US backed drug wars in the undocumenteds' home countries will cause millions more undocumented to come to America and cause thousands more border deaths. 

Anyone who understands Washington's insidious system of profit/labor -driven illegal immigration resulting in profit-driven immigration reform knows that the millions of undocumented "brought out of the shadows" will be replaced by millions more brought into the shadows.

If Ms. Warren does not express a more comprehensive understanding of illegal immigration she unfortunately has just lost my vote.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Questions For All People Concerned With Illegal Immigration

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Questions For All People Concerned With Illegal Immigration

First of all I didn't just fall off of the turnip tuck concerning illegal immigration.  I worked as a US Border Patrol/ICE agent for 26 years and I have studied this topic and the Mexican drug war for another 9 years in retirement.

I remember a couple of questions I had as young agent:  Why are we chasing people around like animals in the night when at least some of these same people are coming to pick our fruits and vegetables?   The second:  If our government really wants us to stop these people from coming in, why don't they give us the resources to effectively do our job?

Fast-forward to today and this is what I believe.  There are at least seven main reasons that illegal immigration continues to be a problem in the US today.  All have to do with economics and political gain.

Seven Reasons Why Illegal Immigration Continues To Be A Problem In The US Today

One:  Poverty created by the US and undocumenteds' home country elite 
Two:  A continual demand for undocumented labor in the US 
Three:  By-product of  US foreign trade policies (NAFTA/CAFTA) 
Four:  Billions of dollars in remittances sent back to the undocumenteds' home countries' economies  Five:  Ineffective interior and border security requiring billions in profit for US "border security"
Six:  Immigration politics molding an American mindset that does not address the root causes of, or  Washington's actual motivations for, illegal immigration
Seven:  US Foreign political and drug war policies that exacerbate violence and the other 6 reasons

I think we have to educate ourselves and not be willing to readily accept Washington's excuses for failed immigration.  We have to be willing to explore Washington's underlying economic motivations for continuing this decades-long, failed illegal immigration status quo.

The underlying causes of illegal immigration are not unlike Washington's underlying reasons for failed health care, poverty, failed wars, and failing systems of education, job growth, housing, and you know, fill in the blank.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Washington's Spoon-Fed Immigration Arguments Twist America's Understanding of Illegal Immigration

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Washington's Spoon-Fed Immigration Arguments Twist America's Understanding of Illegal Immigration

I speak as someone who worked for 26 years as a US Border Patrol/ICE Agent and studied immigration and drug war issues for 9 years in retirement.

I speak as someone who naïvely believed Washington's illegal immigration rhetoric. I believed it until I personally experienced Washington's immigration policies first-hand and then educated myself to the truth.

The cause of illegal immigration is poverty.  The US and undocumenteds' home-country NAFTA/CAFTA elite have created trade policies that favor the rich and widen disparities in wealth in all countries involved.

Poor Mexican or Central Americans are faced with working at home for US owned factories for maybe 10 bucks a day or working for drug cartels that rule their towns and neighborhoods.  Otherwise, the third option is to flee to America where they can work for 10 bucks an hour and send extra money home to their families as remittances.

If you are not familiar with NAFTA, CAFTA and the reality of remittances you will never understand US illegal immigration.

I say large US corporations running the agriculture, construction, hotel-motel, fast food, and meat processing industries in the US not only depend upon but profit from undocumented laborers.  Below is a link to story about a typical ICE audit of Crunch Pak apple processing plant in the state of Washington.

According to the article, some 90% of 900 workers were undocumented.  ICE agents did the audit and sent the company a list of hundreds of  "discrepancies" (fake social security numbers, stolen social security numbers, fake ID's, etc.).  Did ICE "raid" this company?  On paper only, and the undocumented who were working there disappeared to repeat the same scenario.

I say that this is ICE's typical way of trying to appease all involved.  Does it look like ICE is doing its job?   Yes.  Sort of.  The theory is that the undocumented employees will return to their home countries because their jobs were lost.  The reality?  Some may go home but most will stay in the US.

I say that lobbyists who work for the large corporations who use undocumented laborers will never allow their "bought and paid for" Washington politicians to pass mandatory E-Verify or let ICE or the US Border Patrol effectively enforce illegal immigration.

Washington will not kill the Mexican goose that lays those golden, labor and drug laden eggs. 

Yet what is Washington's rhetoric (and therefore the public's thinking) about illegal immigration?  The parameters they set are "Amnesty" (Immigration Reform) on the left and "Seal The Border" on the right.

As far as the "sealing the border" slogan (reminds me of Washington's War On Drugs) read how "our" Department of State raves about our relations with Mexico.  Read about how we (actually the NAFTA bi-national elite) share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with "our" 2nd largest source of oil - Mexico.

Next read VP Biden's illustrious 2013 speech to the Mexican economic elite.  Read about the bright future the two countries have and how the US will bring undocumented people "out of the shadows".

And here are a couple of eye-opening articles that sum of the real reasons for NAFTA and the US backed drug war in Mexico.

Back to Washington's spoon-fed illegal immigration rhetoric:  "Amnesty" on the left, "Seal The Border" on the right. 

I have witnessed Americans argue for decades about both sides and all point between the two, predetermined, purposely defined immigration parameters that Washington sets.  I have come to the conclusion that the two parameters and all points between have nothing to do with the actual cause of illegal immigration (self-inflicted poverty). 

Many Americans vehemently argue Washington's default topics and never realize the actual insidious nature of Washington's systemic illegal immigration scam:  profit-driven illegal immigration for labor requiring millions of undocumented illegally entering the US who eventually require billions more tax payer dollars poured into ineffective border security reform boodle. 

Until Americans wake up to the reality of this mind-boggling rip-off, millions more undocumented will poor into the US and thousands more human beings will die in the process.

Finally, here is an article that will stretch your belief system about immigration reform.  After what I have experience and learned, I trust the ideas that it's author puts forward more than I trust Washington immigration rhetoric.   In fact, it makes Washington's immigration rhetoric and polices finally make sense.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

RI Peaceful Ignorance America

In Response:

RI Peaceful Ignorance America

This decades-long immigration mess is about billions in profits from self-inflicted poverty, illegal labor, remittances sent home, political power, feigned drug wars, trade policies that favor the rich and border security boodle.

Have you the courage to even consider Washington corruption as a huge contributing factor to this self-inflicted mess?

Immigration Profiteers Simultaneously Prey Upon Undocumented Children And Kind-Hearted Americans

In Response:

Immigration Profiteers Simultaneously Prey Upon Undocumented Children And Kind-Hearted Americans

Thousands of undocumented children showing up on our southern border is a symptom of much larger, calculated, insidious economic system that simultaneously preys upon undocumented people for labor, remittances and kind-hearted Americans for their compassion and tax dollars.

Americans - no matter which side of the immigration fence they stand on - need to educate themselves about Washigton's NAFTA and CAFTA "free trade" agreements and our 40+  year old American "war on drugs" in order to fully understand the conspiracy of foreign and US immigration profiteers who self-inflict poverty upon the undocumenteds' home countries which results in self-inflicted illegal immigration to the US.

Here are two articles (of many) addressing NAFTA concerns :

And please check out this article addressing Mexico's US backed 2006 drug war:

Does anyone out there not see that immigration enforcement (as ineffective as it is designed to be) is not a huge money maker for Washington's "border security" cronies?  The Senate has passed S.744 "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" which calls for doubling the size of the US Border Patrol and an initial tax payer "reform" price tag of 46.3 billion dollars.  See sections 1102 and 6 of the 1,200 page, pork-filled novel:

Finally, for a global view concerning US immigration reform, please read this article by William I. Robinson, professor of global studies at USC Santa Barbara.  Please don't let the Aljazeera news source scare you off.  None of the 4 corporate owned US news giants would dare touch this aspect of  American illegal immigration and immigration reform.

Use your common sense folks.  Is immigration yet another example of how the rich in America (and the their foreign country colluding cronies) use people to remain rich? 

Illegal immigration "fires" are started in the undocumenteds' home countries - fueled by Washington's NAFTA, CAFTA, and drug war policies.  Trying to control those "fires" at the border will never be effective.  

Washington Kleptocrats cause illegal immigration and then set the parameters of "our" illegal immigration debate.

The majority Americans don't have a clue that said parameters have nothing to do with the actual causes of - or remedies to - illegal immigration.

RI Peaceful Ignorance America

This mess is about billions in profits from self-inflicted poverty, illegal labor, remittances sent home, political power, feigned drug wars, and trade policies that favor the rich and border security boodle.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Washington's Ad Infinitum, Self-inflicted, Illegal Immigration Crisis Du Jour

In response:

Washington's Ad Infinitum, Self-inflicted, Illegal Immigration Crisis Du Jour

Meanwhile - these political immigration profiteers want to blame the 2008 William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act? 

Congressional liars will do anything but admit that their own trade policies of NAFTA, CAFTA, and Washington's 40+ year long drug war are the actual causes of US illegal immigration.

I would love to hear why Washington politicians did not include Mexico in their 2008 William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act?  As if the reasons for this Act do not apply in Mexico?  (sorry for the diversion - subject of another article).  

Could it be that our economy is now so dependent upon Mexico's and other Latin American countries' that there is no undoing this illegal immigration/immigration reform cycle? 

Take into account VP Biden's recent speech to the Mexican economic elite.  Is this a bunch of rhetoric or the truth?  Biden promises to bring 11.2 million undocumented out of the shadows.  What message does that send to Latin America?

Take a peek at our own US Department of State's description of our "relations" with Mexico.

1.25 billion dollars a day in NAFTA cross border trade.  Mexico is our 2nd largest source of oil.  As far as investments in Mexico - US investors invest the most.  How about Wal-Mart being the number one retail store in not only the US, but Mexico too?

All of the bantering and confusion about illegal immigration is designed to camouflage the fact that the US and Latin American economic elite are business partners who put their own greed and profit motives about the interests of their own (and each other's) citizens' lives.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform That Does Not Address The Root Causes Of Illegal Immigration Is In Fact Dead

In response:

Comprehensive Immigration Reform That Does Not Address The Root Causes Of Illegal Immigration Is In Fact Dead

Sounds to me like Atkinson wants comprehensive immigration reform passed in order to gain more clients. 

Slanted cost projections from the CBO do not take into account the costs of future border crises - like the current Central American children's' surge - that immigration reform will surely bring.  Who takes into account American job loses that "comprehensive immigration reform" and the next surge of millions of undocumented will - without a doubt - bring?  How about the border crossing deaths that will continue?

Anyone who has truly studied the border, illegal immigration and illegal drugs knows that no amount of "border security" will stop hungry, motivated people from getting into the country or breaking the law.   

Mr. Atkinson writes "Immigration reform, by combining a path to citizenship with a crackdown on illegal hiring, will reward honest businesses and address the problem of cost cutting that leads to poor quality and dangerous conditions".

Anyone who is knowledgeable about  DHS or ICE interior immigration enforcement knows that "big business" will not allow mandatory E-verify to pass.  Mr. Atkinson would not be pitching comprehensive immigration reform if he did not know the value of undocumented labor.  Anyone who knows the truth about corporate business in America knows the big agriculture, hotel-motel, food processing and construction industries run on undocumented labor.

Again - anyone who is knowledgeable about immigration enforcement knows that ICE is about as effective at worksite enforcement as DEA is about enforcing illegal drug laws or Washington is about enforcing Wall Street Banking laws.

Mr. Atkinson's comprehensive immigration reform pitch is comparable to that of  Amazon's Mark Zuckerberg's H1-b fiasco.  Both pretend to stand up for the human rights of the undocumented when in fact their goals are to use the plight of the undocumented for their own selfish interests. 

Meanwhile if passed, US taxpayers will suffer the costs and consequences of another failed immigration reform scam.  Billions of  tax dollars poured into ineffective crony "border security" industries, millions of more undocumented pouring into the country, over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, job losses and unfair demographic changes to many American towns.

The true causes of the majority of US illegal immigration is Washington's own NAFTA and CAFTA trade policies.  Here again the US and undocumenteds' home country elite parley illegal immigration into remittances, cheap labor and billions of dollars in border security boodle.

I am happy to say that most Americans are becoming aware of  Washington's insidious system of greed driven, profit-driven illegal immigration which causes greed-driven, profit-driven "comprehensive immigration reform".  With that said Mr. Atkinson I think "comprehensive immigration reform" that does not address the root causes of illegal immigration is in fact dead.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pope Francis Misses A Golden Opportunity To Attack The Root Causes Of Illegal Immigration

In response:

Pope Francis Misses A Golden Opportunity To Attack The Root Causes Of Illegal Immigration

In earlier speeches Pope Francis railed against global poverty and the global elite's control of wealth.

 This would have been a great time to reiterate those topics Pope Francis. Washington's NAFTA, CAFTA and "drug war" connections with the undocumenteds' home country elite are the primary reasons for illegal immigration to the US and US border crises like this one.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Reacting To The "Exceptional Circumstances" Of Illegal Immigration Rather Than Its Root Causes

In response:

Reacting To The "Exceptional Circumstances" Of Illegal Immigration Rather Than Its Root Causes

You political immigration profiteers are all alike.  You are nothing but shills for the corporate US and foreign NAFTA and CAFTA elite who create the economic conditions that exacerbate illegal immigration to the US.

This current border crisis is the result of your greed for labor, remittances, drug profits, drug war expenditures, trade that favors the rich and billions upon billions of "border security" tax dollars that prove to be ineffective at stopping illegal immigration. 

Start the illegal immigration "fires" for profit while simultaneously pretending to put out the illegal immigration "fires" - for more profit.



Friday, July 11, 2014

The Real Reasons Washington's Self-Made Illegal Immigration Nightmare Continues

In response:

The Real Reasons Washington's Self-Made Illegal Immigration Nightmare Continues

First of all, thank you to Leisy J. Abrego for the in-depth, truthful treatment of this current crisis on the US/Mexican border.  Unlike Washington politicians, Ms. Abrego speaks from her own experience and the actual factors that have created this recent surge of the tens of thousands of unaccompanied Central-American minors who have recently arrived on the US/Mexican border.

Take this information and apply it to Mexico (NAFTA and Calderon's US backed Mexican Drug War) and we have the same reasons that Washington has created the entire US illegal immigration mess that our country faces today.

Combine the profitable Mexican/Central American drug wars, the billions of US corporate dollars made off of NAFTA/CAFTA trade/investments, cheap US undocumented labor, home-country remittances and the unparalleled US "border security" boodle and you have the real reasons that Washington's self-made, self enriching, decades-long illegal immigration nightmare not only continues but wont be truthfully addressed nor actually stopped by Washington.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

America's "Seal The Border" Mentality - More Of The Same Ignorance

In response:

America's "Seal The Border" Mentality - More Of The Same Ignorance

"Seal The Border?" Close Mexico's and Latin America's "escape valve" north?

Are you folks serious?

Mexico's economy would collapse and so would ours. Their economy depends upon remittances going south and ours depends upon laborers coming north. Not to mention all of the dark monies from illegal drugs going both ways.

Read how your own government praises its economic love affair with Mexico.

Washington will never kill the Mexican goose that lays those golden labor and drug filled eggs.

Washington Politicians Never Discuss Washington's Complicity In Creating Border Nightmares

In response:

Washington Politicians Never Discuss Washington's Complicity In Creating Border Nightmares

From the articles: 

"The problem here is not a major disagreement around the actions that could be helpful in dealing with the problem," Obama said.

Au contraire Mr. President.  The problem is that Washington's immigration profiteers never discuss their masters' NAFTA, CAFTA and drug war profit policies that create the conditions (poverty, disparity in wealth, violence) that cause these border crises.

Only a fool would believe that corporate profits from foreign investments, foreign trade, undocumented US labor, billions in immigration reform boodle, billions in immigration and drug enforcement boodle and the dark monies obtained by clandestine US government and global banking operations are not what are actually driving this ongoing illegal immigration nightmare.

Washington creates these immigration crises and then argues for decades about how to resolve them.  Meanwhile those who own this kleptocracy parading as a democracy capitalize upon all of the underlying scams that Washington politicians never discuss.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Washington Simultaneously Creates - And Then Pretends To "Fix" - Illegal Immigration - For Profit

In Response:

Washington Simultaneously Creates - And Then Pretends To "Fix" - Illegal Immigration - For Profit

This is what I have figured out after working for the US Border Patrol and ICE for 26 years and then studying illegal immigration and Mexico's drug war for another 9 years in retirement.

Washington's cronies have the "illegal immigration" markets cornered:

Create trade policies (NAFTA/CAFTA) that favor the bi-national elite

Create foreign political regimes that favor the different sets of bi-national elites

Create illegal immigration that exchanges undocumented labor for foreign remittances

Create border crises that will require billions of US tax dollars in crony "border security" boodle

Create propaganda that hides the true motives of illegal immigration and immigration reform

Talk about the "perro" chasing its tail and making billions in the process.

RIP America, with love Washington.

The majority of Americans rant and rave about the symptoms of illegal immigration while not realizing that Washington sets the parameters of this debate.

This entire mess is based upon multi-national political corruption. Corruption that capitalizes upon cheap labor, remittances, drug profits and billions in border security boodle.

Brought to you by all the governments involved who disregard the lives of their own citizens, the sweat and tears of the undocumented and billions upon billions of US tax dollars.

We have indeed met the enemy Pogo.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kids On The Border - One Link In Washington's Profit Driven Illegal Immigration Chain

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Kids On The Border - One Link In Washington's Profit Driven Illegal Immigration Chain

These kids showing up at the border need to been seen as a link in the chain of Washington's insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration and profit-driven immigration reform.

Here are the other links in the chain: 

Undocumented Labor:  despite laws prohibiting it, Washington's corporate cronies in the agricultural, hotel-motel, construction, and food processing industries hire undocumented workers. 

Remittances:  billions in remittances are sent back to Washington's crony profiteers who run the undocumenteds' home countries.

NAFTA/CAFTA trade policies enrich US investors and the undocumenteds' home country elite while exacerbating home-country poverty which pushes people here. 

Border Security Industrial Complex:  Billions of US tax dollars are pumped into Washington's cronies'  deep, dark, "designed-to-be-ineffective" border security industries.  These industries are the flip side of  Washington's 40 year long war on drugs.

Drug War Death and Violence:  Mexico alone has suffered over 130,000 "drug war" deaths since Calderon's US backed 2006 war on drugs was started and drags on.

Illegal Drug Profits:  US corporate industries reap the profits of jailed drug offenders and laundering cartel profits.

NAFTA/CAFTA Interdependent Economies:  If the US actually "sealed the border" Mexico's economy would collapse causing US investors to lose billions of  investment dollars.  For example WalMart is Mexico's number one retail store, "BIG US CORN" makes billions in corn dumped in Mexico and Mexico is our 2nd largest source of oil. 

Face the facts folks:  the bi-national elite sees illegal immigration as a huge money maker that reaps billions in US tax dollar profits.

Despite what Washington touts there is no motivation for Washington to fix this insidious illegal immigration chain that benefits the bi-national elite at the expense of US taxpayers.      

Washington immigration reform profiteers have made their immigration bed. Now Americans have to sleep in it.     

Monday, July 7, 2014

Conniving Washington Immigration/NAFTA/CAFTA Profiteers Use The Children For Greed

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 Conniving Washington Immigration/NAFTA/CAFTA Profiteers Use Children For Greed

You conniving Washington immigration/NAFTA/CAFTA profiteers create this mess and then dump all of the costs and consequences on US taxpayers?

When are you going to do right by US children and their parents by negotiating with your corrupt foreign trading partners until they agree to provide for their own citizens?

You conniving immigration profiteers use the children of your greedy scheme to shame Americans into absorbing the costs again?

Shameless economic greed and oppression disguised as a democracy.

Illegal Immigration and Illegal Drugs - 40 Years Of Profitable Failure (and counting)

Illegal Immigration and Illegal Drugs - 40 Years Of Profitable Failure (and counting)

Corrupt Washington profiteers make oh so much more money from the continuing status quo than they ever would solving these problems.

Washington's Insidious Immigration Reform Scam - Profitized Abuse Of Human Beings

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Washington's Insidious Immigration Reform Scam - Profitized Abuse Of Human Beings

By all rights Washington's immigration "reform" that does not address the root cause of illegal immigration should be dead. 

In fact I am glad it is dead.  It gives me hope that more Americans are becoming aware of this decades-old abusive scam of not only themselves but the undocumented too.

This Washington mess is about a continuous supply of labor, crony remittances and billions of US  tax dollars glad-handed over as border security boodle.

Focusing upon the subject of illegal immigration Washington has set and defined the parameters of their politicians' and the  public's heated immigration reform debate.  Basically that debate is to let the undocumented in or kick them out, right?

Common sense dictates that the reason undocumented people come here is because of their home-country poverty.  Many studies have proven that Washington's own elite has created foreign policies of NAFTA, CAFTA and a 40 year-long drug war that actually exacerbate poverty and illegal immigration to the US. 

Washington "self-inflicts" illegal immigration upon US taxpayers.  God only knows that  US politicians do not suffer the costs and consequences of over-crowded hospital emergency room and unfair demographic changes to their home towns.

Don't buy Washington's hype that DHS has undocumented workers in US corporations' workplaces (agriculture, hotel-motel, food processing, construction etc.) on the run.

As with Wall Street banksters, Washington politicians will not bite the hands that feeds them and puts them in office.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Greedy, Immoral Washington Creates Illegal Immigration And Dumps Its Responsibilities On We The People

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A Greedy, Immoral Washington Creates Illegal Immigration And Dumps Its Responsibilities On We The People

If you are not aware that Washington's own trade policies - NAFTA, CAFTA, and its "War on Drugs" - have exacerbated illegal immigration to the levels that it is today - please Google those topics to get the "real scoop".  

Google "Operation Streamline" to learn how Arizona and the Corrections Corporation of America have turned jailing the undocumented into a billion dollar privatized business.

Google "Felipe Calderon, Harvard, 100,000 Drug War Dead" to learn how the US backed drug war in Mexico has slaughtered ten of thousands of innocent citizens.

Google Mexico/US trade to learn how the bi-national elite have created the largest disparity in wealth (in both countries) on record.

Google the "US War On Drugs" to learn how Washington has parleyed this 40 year fiasco into billions of dollars for its crony drug enforcement industrial complex.

Here is the deal folks:  if you are not aware of the insidious underlying causes of illegal immigration and illegal drugs, you are only left with the version that Washington paints for you.  

In Washington's "paint by numbers" immigration picture 95% of the connecting dots have been purposely left out.

Finally, no one pushing for "comprehensive" immigration reform gives one hoot about the millions more to come or the billions more US tax dollars flushed down Washington's crony border security black hole. Not to mention the hundreds if not thousands more undocumented who will die crossing the border in the years to come.


Friday, July 4, 2014

Asleep At The Wheel Of The Immigration Reform Bus Before Being Thrown Beneath It

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Asleep At The Wheel Of The Immigration Reform Bus Before Being Thrown Beneath It

Washington illegal immigration profiteers want all of the benefits of Mexican NAFTA and Central American CAFTA trade which have exacerbated illegal immigration to the levels of today. They also want the billions upon billions of US tax dollars poured into their cronies' "border security" deep, dark pockets.

We The People are being hoodwinked by Washington's old immigration bate and switch routine.

Anyone who has not figured out that Washington's cronies not only want the cheap labor, remittances sent home and billions in border security boodle was simply asleep at the wheel of the immigration reform bus before they were thrown beneath it.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Undocumented Kids Won't Go To Immigration Courts For Almost Two Years

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Undocumented Kids Won't Go To Immigration Courts For Almost Two Years

Do you know that all of the immigration cases of the undocumented kids Washington is dumping upon American communities won't even be seen in immigration court for about two years?

Washington again shoots America in the foot and dumps all of the illegal immigration costs and consequences upon the taxpayers. Meanwhile the cause of this mess, the elite's NAFTA and CAFTA investors remain unchallenged and unaffected.


Reform: The Great American Hoodwink

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Reform:  The Great American Hoodwink

Obama says Wall Street still needs more reform. As does immigration. As does the health care system. As does the Veterans Administration. As does DHS.   As does the military.  As does our political system.

 As does (fill in the blank).

"Reform" is a Washington double-speak euphemism.

It gives voters the impression that Washington not only cares about what is wrong but actually intends to do something about it.

Show me one example of something Washington is trying to reform that does not involve billions of taxpayers dollars and has been lingering for decades. 

Like vampires need blood, Washington uses reform to suck the life out of taxpayers. 

All done for their elite, kleptocratic masters. 

All done in the name of democracy.



Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pogo We Have Met The True Immigration Reform Enemy

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Pogo We Have Met The True Immigration Reform Enemy

Washington politicians continue to throw Americans under their immigration reform buses.

And they use penniless women and children to do it.

NAFTA and CAFTA trade policies simultaneously guarantee that Washington' crony US corporate investors will plunder the undocumenteds' home countries for riches while exacerbating labor-driven US illegal immigration too.

All of course are hidden under the guise of a humanitarian crisis that these same Washington profiteers not only help create but one that they laughingly see as a necessary cost of doing their greedy business also.

Of course the undocumented pay the price as American taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of Washington's insidious, decades-old system of abuse.

This mess is economically driven.  Driven to benefit the economic elite.

Better yet, greed driven. The proverbial "have's versus the "have not's". What most people don't get is that our own government and the undocumenteds' home governments are behind this - and have been for many decades. Foreign elite export their poor to the US in exchange for billions of dollars in remittances sent back home. The US elite use the laborers (despite our laws) and send the medical, educational, and "border security" bills to the US taxpayers. That is the truth that needs to be exposed.