Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Greedy, Immoral Washington Creates Illegal Immigration And Dumps Its Responsibilities On We The People

In response:

A Greedy, Immoral Washington Creates Illegal Immigration And Dumps Its Responsibilities On We The People

If you are not aware that Washington's own trade policies - NAFTA, CAFTA, and its "War on Drugs" - have exacerbated illegal immigration to the levels that it is today - please Google those topics to get the "real scoop".  

Google "Operation Streamline" to learn how Arizona and the Corrections Corporation of America have turned jailing the undocumented into a billion dollar privatized business.

Google "Felipe Calderon, Harvard, 100,000 Drug War Dead" to learn how the US backed drug war in Mexico has slaughtered ten of thousands of innocent citizens.

Google Mexico/US trade to learn how the bi-national elite have created the largest disparity in wealth (in both countries) on record.

Google the "US War On Drugs" to learn how Washington has parleyed this 40 year fiasco into billions of dollars for its crony drug enforcement industrial complex.

Here is the deal folks:  if you are not aware of the insidious underlying causes of illegal immigration and illegal drugs, you are only left with the version that Washington paints for you.  

In Washington's "paint by numbers" immigration picture 95% of the connecting dots have been purposely left out.

Finally, no one pushing for "comprehensive" immigration reform gives one hoot about the millions more to come or the billions more US tax dollars flushed down Washington's crony border security black hole. Not to mention the hundreds if not thousands more undocumented who will die crossing the border in the years to come.


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